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Muster Right Here© - Sep 10, 2021
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

I just figured out why unclejoebama-stalin-bite-me couldnt save all that war material from the Taliban. Its because quid-pro-quo-joe-bite-me SOLD US OUT!!!!!!!! AND you know what that spells? Ill give you a hint: aid & comfort to an enemy of the U.S. in time of war. TREASON!!!!

Just think about it. Im a demolition specialist. Give me the ammunition he abandoned to them and there would not be a useable vehicle or aircraft left. In fact I could fix it so they would be unwrapping their Christmas presents one second and greeting their 72 virgins the next second with no transition, just BOOM!!!!!

They taught us well, at the engineer school. I believe I mentioned that a general visited our class, where we were burying anti-personnel mines. He walked up to me and asked where mine was, so I told him, Sir, you are standing on it. Got a good grade on that class. So, dont try to give me any bull-hockey about HAVING to abandon that stuff.

He SOLD IT!!!! The whole cabal had to be in on it, from caca mala harris, to nancy polutsi, to maxine (stagnant) waters and all o the rest of the top echelon of the demoncrap party. We need a mass execution of a mass treasonous conspiracy. WHEW!!!! Had to get that out!!!!

Un-COVER!!!! Individual, silent, prayer or contemplation.
In Jesus Name I pray HOOOAAAHHH!!! COVER!!! SEATS!!!

By the way, I my last class I mentioned that if the terrorist should encounter me, while Im armed, it would, possibly, be a short-cut to his 72 virgins. But, just as there are hundreds, if not thousands who could match me with the demo work, Im nobody special with a weapon. There were several guys in my basic training cycle who scored as well as I, or better. One even fired a perfect score and was invited to be an instructor. All I know is, at 74, I may not be Olympic quality but still deadly, when it counts, as Id imagine many of my former buddies are.

Now, to a more recent BULL-etin.

Apparently, the chief of police, in the district of criminals (wash, d.c.) is either a leftist toady or a brain-dead illiterate, who COULDNT read More Guns, Less Crime by Prof. John Lott, or the essays by Prof. Gary Kleck (a LIBERAL prof. of criminology) who set out to write against guns, found out his premise was wrong and had the courage to write the truth. The chief says armed people make us less safe. Tell you what, bozo, Ive been armed most of my adult life and the people around me feel a helluvalot safer because of it and Ive taught some of THEM (including my mother) to be armed TOO!

If you folks in d.c. value your lives and your ability to protect them, shovel out that cesspool sludge and find someone who has your interests at heart, not sucking up to the left. The people he might harm were worth the time to write that, even though he wasnt.

Just heard something disturbing re: the recall.

Be sure your Yes vote cant be seen thru the holes in the envelope. Some cesspool sludge might throw it away. Be careful, when you put your ballot in, that those holes are not over your Yes. Nuff said. Ooops! Just heard something that casts doubt on the security of the mailed-in ballots, as in a basket of ballots, left unsecured, at a Post Office. Much as it pains me to say it, it would be more secure to deposit it, personally, at the polling place.

Sgt. Mack sez: If you need a block & tackle (if you dont know what it is, you probably dont need it, but it is a set of rope and pulleys that allow you to lift more weight than you could [probably] lift on your own). I found a set on ebay for $25, with a total of 8 pulleys, 4 top & 4 bottom. They had more units & it works well. Suggestion: get some traction gloves as the nylon rope is slick or consider re-reaving it w/hemp, etc & I picked up a couple more pulleys to give me more lift.

Talk about thinking outside the box!!!!

On the way off the hill, today, the little Corporal shook me up!!! Everyone (including mwa) has been bemoaning the fact that, should we impeach joe-bamabite-me, caca-mala hair-a$$ becomes pres. NO!!! saith my brilliant spouse, impeach them all, in their present positions, so that they never get a chance to screw up the presidency!!!! Talk about Out of the mouths of babes! (&everyone who sees her acknowledges that she IS quite a babe and must have married down, to get me.) But none of my super-knowledgeable friends (or the editor, or I) had solved the dilemma.

Enter the Lil Corporal and WHAM!!! Problem solved!!!

AND it is a simple, elegant solution, with a minimum of fuss or muss, impeach the where they sit or stand!!! Especially with the current debacle that HAS to have been a collective decision, as in decided by the cabal, cause joebama cant decide to defecate or go blind, without someone to unzip his pants. So there you have it!!! Conspiracy to commit treason!!! As I said, in the opening, HANG EM ALL!!! & I will, reluctantly, volunteer to pull the lever (OH, CAN I, PLEEAASE???)!!!!

Gotta cut this short, to get the election info out so ...

ON YOUR FEET !!! UN-COVER!!! Thank You Father for the inspiration You send us, from whatever source. Well try to use it wisely. In all things I thank You and Praise You and, especially I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice Of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray HOOOAAAHHH!!!! COVER!!! Dis- MISSED!!!

Sgt Mack leaving the air and closing station. HOOAAHHH!!!

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