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Muster Right Here© - Sep 02 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

At EASE!!! Just a few things b-4 we leave Summer, for Fall. First, some pencil-neck at H.Q. has decided that I need to try an ice-breaking joke b-4 some of my classes. Bad enough I gotta try to educate & alert you yayhoos & now I gotta entertain you, too!

O.K. Pay attention, 'cause I don't want any one to miss the punchline. I hate explaining jokes. This, by the way, is original & I give full license for use, with proper attribution & you WILL LAUGH!!!

barack hussein o(what-a)bummer, joe (i'm so stupid i use the "F" word in front of a live mic, or did i do that on purpose to demonstrate my non-existent man-hood? i'm so stupid i don't even know) biden and (her assumed, but not merited majesty) nancy (don't step in the pile of) pelosi all died and went to Heaven.

GET UP OFF THE FLOOR!!! COMPOSE YOURSELVES!!! Guffaws, belly laughs, etc. are permitted, but cleaning the floor with your uniforms, unless I drop you or we are under fire, IS NOT!!! DO YOU HEAR ME??!!!!

Now to serious business. I heard part of the debate (?) between barbara (house banking scandal, elitist overlord) bouncer and Carly Fiorina, in which la bouncer accused Ms.Fiorina of "exporting jobs. What I didn't hear was Ms.Fiorina hit back with the fact that la bouncer & her leftist cronies, by over-taxing & over-regulating businesses, in an effort to "change" America into a socialist state, have DRIVEN businesses to export jobs. It is happening from the leftcoast state of mexifornia, to other states &, nation-wide, to other countries.

One of my MAJOR gripes, with Conservatives, in dealing with libs, is just that kind of forbearance, or civility or just plain WEAKNESS, that allows the public to hear un-answered digs, from the left.

Pres. Bush (the second) God Bless him, allowed lots of this type of attack & came off looking weak, despite being (in my humble opinion) a better man & President than anything dimocrassic. Back when the party was Democrats, they had JFK &, then, went to the "dark side", Star Wars reference, not racial.

The leftists are too immersed in their "Atlas Shrugged" (by Ayn Rand, required reading for my Troops) philosophy, wherein businesses have an OBLIGATION (to the greater good) to give people good (not too difficult) jobs & pay them what they feel they need to have a good life (regardless of ability, production output or any other measure of merit) thereby running businesses into the ground & ruining our economy & our country.

Wake up, libs, breath oxygen, instead of methane!!! Businesses are in business to make MONEY, not just to provide jobs!

I don't know if Ms.Fiorina will be much better than la boxer, but sometimes NOT better the devil you know. We need some of that "change", but this time for the better. I'm ready.

Next point. I, recently, heard something that scared the he77 out of me & y'all can see that I'm far too ugly to scare easily. What if mr. o(whata)bummer waits until just b-4 the election & then authorizes the bombing of Iran's nuke site. he'd, then be able to say,"I DID THAT!!! YEA, BABY, I'M THE MAN!!! I'M A BAD MAMAJAMA & REAL PRESIDENTIAL!!!"

In the background, I hear the chorus singing, "He's the ONE, He's the ONE, the ONE they call the 7TH SON!!!" All of the sycophants would be screaming, "The ANOINTED ONE, the CHOSEN!!!" & (just like evita peyron) no one would have noticed that he, simply seduced a country.

In so doing, he might persuade the weak-minded & weak-willed to leave his leftist cronies in congress & solidify his power base to degrade the country past what can be saved, by other than extraordinary means. God forbid it!!! I can't really get my mind around the horror of it, but neither can I fully accept what has already been done, to change this "...Nation UNDER GOD..." to an obamanation before God.

Think about it, all of you Troops who claim any affiliation with God. He is patient & loving, but push Him just THAT MUCH too far & it's pillar of salt time, for the lucky ones.

I've been telling you your mission, for months. Get anyone who has "..eyes to see..." & "...ears to hear..." & line them up to shovel the cesspool sludge out of washington, the district of criminals, or Armegeddon could start REAL SOON!!! (& RIGHT HERE!!!)

Section leaders, move them out, after dismissal. May God bless y'all & all of our guardians, wherever their beat, post or assignment. May they have a quiet tour or shift & go home with their mission accomplished & God Bless America!!!! HOOAHHH!!!

Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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