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Print | If Zimmerman had NOT been armed, would HE be alive?
Muster Right Here© - Aug 30 2013
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

Almost EVERY time there is a tragedy, some pompous bucket of cesspool sludge has to come out and pontificate about how the person they wish to vilify (George Zimmerman) was in the wrong. They, also, use the incident to make unwarranted and (usually, deliberately) erroneous assumptions that "support" their agenda, such as disarming the American public.

The more important question is: "If Zimmerman had NOT been armed, would HE be alive?" The jury didn't seem to think so and, given the evidence, I don't think so, either. We both concluded, as did the original investigators, that Zimmerman's action was the reasonable response, of a reasonable person.

Stay tuned. More to come.

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.)

COVER!!! Take SEATS!!!

The ability to take an event, twist its significance, ignore the logical conclusions and use it to mislead and indoctrinate the public is the result of long dedication to (usually) one of two religions and their attendant hard-core doctrines.

The two are islam and socialism. Both tend to attract highly neurotic or psychotic adherents to their most radical elements.

Both tend to be so absorbed by their hatred of freedom and people who don't share their beliefs that they will expend fortunes and lives to achieve their goals of world domination.

Make no mistake. The leftists and the islamists BOTH have world domination as their goal, which would be interesting if we could just withdraw and let them kill each other.

Unfortunately, we have to live in this world, until the 2nd Coming.

We, therefore, have to heed George Washington's advice that the surest way to have peace is to be prepared for war, not just in the theoretical sense, but in the actual send-out-the-troops-to-get-the-bad-guys sense.

Unfortunately (also) even if we were sufficiently prepared that no sane person would challenge us, we have to be prepared for the insane (like "so damn insane") and (especially) we need to be alert for the insane muslims or socialists who may worm themselves into the highest reaches of our government, as in "...enemies...domestic."

Speaking of government and being prepared for war, I just read "Steel My Soldiers' Hearts", by Col. David Hackworth.

Whether you have served in the military or not, I encourage everyone to read it.

Col. Hackworth has captured the essence of one of the worst problems in our military and one that has accounted for ENTIRELY too many of our troop casualties.

We have entirely too many incompetent or deranged people (?) in command.

There are, also, too many whose main ambition is to get their "ticket punched", on the way up the "ladder" and to reciprocate to their "good old boy network" buddies.

I have heard and read about officers offering to trade recommendations for medals, "You write mine & I'll write yours.", while the "grunts" who did the fighting and dying are lucky if they can get proper uniforms, equipment and supplies to help them to survive.

Granted, this may be a comparative minority of officers, but (if you are one of the unlucky victims of their tenure in command) it is one too many.

Maybe if we had a computer scenario trainer that could give new combat leaders the ability to react to situations, in real time, they would learn how to handle combat, before being thrust into life-or-death situation, with troops depending on them.

We, also, need some form of psychological testing (administered periodically) so that those who are most likely to snap are identified and removed from positions of responsibility.

This might, also, be applied to people who want to run for public office.

Speaking of leftist cesspool sludge, I am pleased to note that the latest movie "starring" the b***h of hanoi-jane-I'm-not-fonda(her) (The Butler) seems to be slumping at the box office. HOOAAHHH!!!

On behalf of most veterans and MANY currently serving soldiers I thank the movie going public for their discernment and support.

Whomever had the bright idea to cast one of the worst examples of anti-American filth (ever) as the wife of one of our better presidents should be tarred & feathered and run out of America.

I would suggest that anyone who wants to see this movie wait until you can find it at a library or a yard sale. That is what we plan to do.

Speaking of leftist cesspool sludge and this one flying false colors as a republican (actually a rino, republican in name only) chris christy, one of the biggest liars to ever disgrace the state of new jerksey signed into law a bill that seems to prohibit gender confused children from taking therapy to clarify their situation.

Now, I don't support FORCED therapy, anymore than I support forced operations, designed to extricate the heads of lib/lefties from wherever they are, where they are breathing methane instead of oxygen.

If they want to continue this unhealthy habit, against the advice of more intelligent people, I say we just need to pray for them and that their errors do not infect the rest of us.

Now, as to the latest bleatings of the left, re: voter i.d., "Discriiiiiminatorrrry", I've had to prove my identity (for a variety of reasons) most of my life. There are only 2 reasons for the cesspool sludge to object to this: 1) Among the leaders of the movement, the motivation is simply to enable them to steal more elections, through the vehicles of horizontal dim-o-cr-asses (dead people) under-aged dim-o-cr-asses (kids) and the ever popular (among the dim-o-cr-asses) undocumented dim-o-cr-asses (illegal aliens) and 2) Among the (largely) unwashed masses of the dim-o-cr-asses, it is simply the herd mentality of those who have been breathing methane so long that, "Scotty, beam me up. There is no intelligent life here."

The epitome of the requirement to be "I.D.'d" was during the height of the Vietnam draft, when tens of thousands of us (U.S.) young men had to present identification at a place where we were compelled (and had no desire) to be, so that we could be abused by a bunch of loud-mouthed D.I.s, while we were dressed in funny-looking clothes and they conditioned us to be eligible to go out and risk getting our BUTTS shot off.

Granted, the left did a lot of protesting about the war, but (always some kind of a but in there) I NEVER heard them saying we shouldn't be required to show I.D. for the privilege of being targets.

The idea that voter I.D.s discriminate against the poor and minorities is not only absurd but is an insult to the intelligence of both groups. They are saying that both groups are to STOOPID to acquire a picture I.D., when our entire culture operates on them.

Not only does daily living require one, but for the truly disadvantaged there is a LOT of help out there and (while it may seem harsh to say it & very politically incorrect) if your intelligence level is so low that you can't cope with the acquisition of an I.D., a bunch of your brothers and sisters ALREADY gave us the o(WHATTA)bummer regime and I don't think we need any more of you voting AT ALL!!!

I'm VERY SORRY that you are in that shape, but why should the rest of us SUFFER FOR IT???!!!

O.K. Got a lot to do, holding the denizens of washington, the district of criminals' and sacraMENTAL, the district of criminals, left coast's, feet to the fire, over their myriad transgressions against "WE, THE PEOPLE...", (their employers) so got to log some "rack time".

Reveille comes mighty early, at my age, so.......

ON your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, thank You for the Wise Counselor You provided, to help us get through the trials of this life. We ask You to assist us in identifying and BRINGING to trial those who are attempting to overthrow (by covert and illegal means) the system that You inspired.

We acknowledge our inadequacy and seek Your mercy. We ask for a revival all around the world, so that everyone will know that You are in charge. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I Pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt. Mack, leaving the air and closing station.

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