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Muster Right Here© - Aug 26 2012
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack New Gun Grab from o(WHATTA)bummer regime :
Chick-fil-A and Wendy's :
Election Bottom Line

Stand at EASE!!!

Well, Troops, it's getting so that I can't DO anything, HEAR anything or SEE anything, without a violation of the 3 monkeys philosophy. There is so MUCH evil out there & it's encroaching, more & more on our daily lives that it makes you want to find a cave & pull it in on you.

Sorry about that. You can't do it. We have to stay here & fight the good fight until the Boss comes back. So, here goes.

Un- COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.)

In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

COVER!!! Take SEATS!!!

Now, let us examine the latest attempt to vilify legitimate gun owners and their property. I STILL have a difficult time understanding how these cesspool sludge can rationalize their positions on this issue, unless they actually KNOW better & are just spouting this Bravo Sierra because it fits their agenda of trying to disarm us, U.S. in preparation for the big socialist revolution, in which they will proclaim this country to be a "progressive workers state" and try to haul all the dissenters off to the gulags.

I don't care WHAT the cesspool sludge say about the "evil of guns", I have (and have HAD) several (FOR YEARS) and have NEVER been afraid that ANY of them was going to jump up and harm ANY INNOCENT!!! Now, if you want to talk about someone who enters my "sphere of influence" and tries to harm anyone therein, that's an entirely different story. My firearms have had the same training I have & I would suggest that the intruder have his medical and life insurance paid up & that he be "prayed up" (as much as a sociopathic, maladjusted, misaligned misanthrope is likely to pray) because between my firearms and me, we don't have ANY sense of humor about criminals, nor any consideration for the WHY of them being bad guys.

As the Quaker farmer told the intruder, "Friend, I'd not harm thee for the world, but thee is standing where I intend to shoot." Betcha $100 bucks that ANYWHERE the guy stood, the farmer was going to shoot.

The massacre in Colorado would have been, very likely, stopped by ONE armed citizen who was THERE, when the police WEREN'T, through no fault of the police.

Those of the left (the few who have the capacity to think) and you, my Troops, consider this: If a criminal, or a deranged person< has decided to kill people, exactly how much time do you expect that they will spend considering that to do so with a firearm is illegal?

I mean, GET REAL!!! Having decided to take human life, do you really think that the fact that they are about to commit one of the ULTIMATE crimes, in an illegal way (with a firearm) is going to STOP THEM????

At that point, all of psychological and legal babble, about motives and the behavioral requirements of living in society become MOOT!!!

The ONLY thing that will stop the carnage is one or more law-abiding citizen(s) having the means and ability to (hopefully) take him down before he begins to take innocent lives or (failing that, should they not be aware in time) to BLOW HIM OUT OF HIS SOCKS!!!, thereby ending the carnage and saving whomever they can.

It has long been accepted by (many law-enforcers and) civilians who have two 1/2 wits to rub together and are not part of the agenda-driven socialist power grabbers, that the socialist ideal that "the state" will protect you is a load of BRAVO SIERRA!!!

Cops are great, but we aren't issued one per citizen. There are times when we are dependent on the goodwill of our fellows and, if that is lacking, whatever degree of security we can carry with us.

(One armed citizen was asked why he carried a gun and replied, "Because a cop won't fit in my pocket.")

The NRA (God bless them) have repeatedly published an "inconvenient truth", at least inconvenient to the "gun grabbers". Thousands of times, each year, the very PRESENCE of firearms prevents crimes, WITHOUT A SHOT BEING FIRED!!!

I know this to be true, as I have 1st person accounts from people I have trained. These incidents have never been reported, so (like many others) do not figure into the statistics.

Had these people NOT been armed, very likely, they WOULD have become statistics. I found that thought to be unacceptable. I, therefore, armed and TRAINED them.

Had the potential assailants failed to heed their warnings, the ASSAILANTS would have become statistics. I see NO PROBLEM with that!!!

It is a well-settled fact (according to FBI & DOJ statistics) that where the citizenry is armed, crime goes down. DUUHHH! You think???

Keep your powder dry & PRAY!!!

Next, KUDOS to Chick- fil-A, for their refusal to be cowed by the "politically correct" forces of cesspool sludge. I am not, nor is the Chick-fil-A boss, homophobic! The gay activists have a right to their beliefs, which they are constantly trying to force down our throats.

Mr. Cathy and I have OUR beliefs and an equal right to state them, without demonization by the gay activist crowd. Do your thing, but don't get in our faces. We aren't in yours, so give us the same respect.

So, hats off to all of the people who showed their support for Chick-fil-A and ESPECIALLY to the Wendy's store(s?) who suggested that THEIR customers go to Chick-fil-A during this time. HOOAAHHH!!!

I understand that Chick-fil-A had a booming business on "gay-in-your-face-day" and there was a line, there, the next day, when WE patronized them. By the way, the food was EXCELLENT and the staff, great!!!

Now, to the subject that is taking up more air time than any other, and rightly so, the 2012 election.

The bottom line on this election is that it is, more than anything else, a contest to determine which of 2 philosophies and systems will reign supreme in our country and, by our influence on world affairs, affect the other nations of the world.

On the one side there is Democracy, our system being (when properly policed by the citizenry) the true democratic republic, in which the individual (remember, "WE, THE PEOPLE..."?) is (as ordained by God and codified into law [with his divine inspiration] in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of The United States, a set of principles and laws that make government the servant of the aforementioned "WE, THE PEOPLE...") master of his/her own destiny, as long as it doesn't interfere with the freedom of others to pursue their OWN destiny.

If we maintain vigilant oversight of the weak-willed, corruptible people we hire (elect) to attend to our business, this is the system that encourages and rewards individual initiative and innovation and has led to the development of the highest standard of living in the world.

In our system, as it has developed over the years, our lowest economic class is equivalent to middle class of less efficient systems and even our homeless have a better existence than those of any other country.

On the other side is the wide-spread and universally failed "system" of socialism, in which "the state" (as ordained by satan and codified into law by marx and lenin) is master of EVERYONE"S destiny and (by definition) interferes with the freedom of all but the elite to pursue their own destiny.

This "system" systematically destroys the will, initiative and innovation of its people, leading to a "dumbed down" populace whose principle activities are spying on their neighbors for and currying favor with, the state.

As people are fallible and all power tends to corrupt, (and absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely) the result tends to fall FAR short of the envisioned "workers utopia" (except for the top echelons of power) and result in a slave-labor state.

I've said it b-4 and I'll keep saying it, until they shovel the dirt in on top of me (by which time I hope that the message will be resounding across the land, IF YOU THINK DEMOCRACY IS TOO MUCH WORK, TRY SLAVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell this to your apathetic friends who are thinking of "sitting out" this election. Granted, even the "good guys" don't always do what I want, but I'll GUARONDAMTEE you that they'll follow the Constitution more closely than the cesspool sludge leftists who are now in power.

I have a few more topics to cover, but (in view of the possibility of leftist visitors and not wanting to over-burden their brains (?) that are accustomed to being fed pap, instead of meat) we will cut this session short & take up the other subjects, later.

One last thought, as you prepare to cast your Presidential ballots. Think of the song "Volare" as you partake of the following : NO 'BAMA, OH OH, NO TRAUMA, OH OH OH OH !! He's GIVen us a WHOLE LOTTA GRIEF!! Of LIars, he is the CHIEF. He's a SOCialist ACTivist, NEGative imPACTivist, who NOW thinks that he is the king...

Don't know if I'll ever finish it, because of copyright problems, but you get the drift.

Anyway, you have your assignments, from several past classes, so get out there and "...support, protect and defend the Constitution of The United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

Especially those of the "domestic" variety, as they are especially dangerous and treacherous. I give a lot of credit to the rattlesnake. He gives a warning before he tries to kill you & I've never heard of one biting anyone in the back, unless they just fell on top of him.

Unfortunately, many of our poly-tickians (many blood-sucking vermin) are not that courteous or principled.

I DO, though, give credit to barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer. He TOLD us what his philosophy is AND what he intended to do to this country. It's just a shame that more people didn't read his books or listen to those of us who did, when we played Paul Revere and shouted "THE SOCIALIST IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

So, time to play "catch-up ball" and shovel out the cesspool sludge.

Get off your dead gluteous maximi and on your dyin' feet & GITT 'ER DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On your FEET!!!


Heavenly Father, again we ask Your intervention in the mess we have made. We ask You to guide us in returning the country You gave us to the place You ordained it to have. We ask You to protect our guardians, wherever and however they serve. In all things we thank and praise You and especially, I thank You fopr the Gift and Sacrifice ogf Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless y'all & God bless AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sgt. Mack, out. Leaving the air and closing station.

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