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Print | Evil Left Is More Redundant Than Crooked Lawyer
Muster Right Here© - Aug 23, 2021
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

You CAN find an honest lawyer, maybe few & far between, but (while you can find some good Democrats) ALL of the left wing (MOST) of the party has been co-opted and corrupted by evil!!!

Un-COVER!!! Individual, silent, prayer or contemplation. In Jesus’ Name I pray HOOAAAHHH!!! COVER! SEATS!!!

In some of our classes I have used the phrase “evil left”. It is necessary to clarify the fact that there is no left that is NOT evil. The entire left is dedicated to removing your free will and replacing it with compulsory behavior. I’m even toying with the idea of coining a new word: l’evil, to differentiate between leftist evil and non-leftist evil.

I have never been so blind or ignorant as to suppose that there is no evil on the right. The difference is that the evil on the right is individual, usually inspired by greed, while the evil on the left tends to be more institutional, also inspired by greed, but with more complex motivation, such as thirst for power, control, to satisfy envy and to spread an evil philosophy that promotes equal OUTCOME, rather than equal OPPORTUNITY! AND descending from the hierarchy. So, please believe that, while I attach a blanket condemnation to the entire left, from the joe-bama-bite-me regime down to the lowest, leftist, street sweeper, I do NOT tar the good Democrats with that same brush.

“A piece of paper is NO kind of a weapon.
It is a TOOL, but NOT a weapon.” ... Sergeant Mack

AND ANOTHER thing that really ticks me off is the idiots in the injustice system taking about a “restraining order” being called a “weapon” to protect victims of domestic abuse, from the abuser. A piece of paper is NO kind of a weapon. It is a TOOL, but NOT a weapon. The Wisconsin (I believe) State Fair posted a notice that they were prohibiting ,firearms. to what effect? They experienced (for the first time) an armed robbery.

If you would PROTECT the victim, issue a waiver to the victim, allowing them to purchase a weapon, without a waiting period. Then, when the abuser re-appears, the victim has the restraining order in one hand and a true, defensive weapon , in the other hand and has the ability to protect themself, instead of waiting for the police to come and enforce the restraining order, as they collect the body.

For all of the lies, blather and verbiage about “common sense gun legislation”, the left would be INCAPABLE of passing THIS, TRULY, common sense gun legislation that could, actually, save lives because it would conflict with their ideology and their master plan to control the world population, through dis-armament. It doesn’t matter how many helpless victims of abuse die for lack of the ability to defend themselves. They are collateral damage, to be sacrificed so they can claim that they need more draconian anti-gun laws, when the reality is the exact opposite. More armed (and trained) citizens equals less crime and fewer innocents killed by criminals.

(More Guns, Less Crime, 1&2: Professor John Lott and essays by Professor Gary Kleck. Liberal professor of criminology.)

Now, what is required, is for the people who are living under such leftist , oppressive regimes, in the U.S to UN-elect the cesspool sludge that are running them and elect Constitutionalists so that they may “…secure the blessings of liberty to (them)selves and (their) posterity.”

When the lib/left come around trying to persuade you to surrender your rights in order to gain some security, remember what Ben Franklin said about that. If you engage in that bargain, you deserve neither and I will go a step further and state that you will HAVE neither because as soon as the left has eliminated your rights, they will take away your security and leave you subject to their whims and ideology. As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord and enforce our decision to do so with whatever force is necessary.

“If we are able to oust gaggin’ noisome, from the socialist republik of kalifornia komissarship, we hope to be able to restore it to the status of the Golden State” ... Sergeant Mack

If we are able to oust gaggin’ noisome, from the socialist republik of kalifornia komissarship, we hope to be able to restore it to the status of the “Golden State” and I can wear my “Property of the State of California” t-shirt that I purchased in anticipation of such a day.

Regarding The re-call and gubernatorial election

One must consider all of the elements of society, in the socialist republic of kalifornia, from the burdensome taxation, which is contributing to the mass exodus of our fellow citizens and job-supplying businesses, to the burdensome regulations (which have, also, contributed)- to the soaring crime rate, which the hand-wringing leftists want to address by FURTHER regulating the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, to the high speed rail boondoggle, which will be too expensive for the average citizen to use, unless taxpayer-supported, to the burdensome “solutions” to the homeless problem, that ARE NO solutions but merely contribute to urban blight, to increased voter fraud ENCOURAGED and FACILITATED by the leftist gaggin’ noisome regime.

With all of this information available, one MUST go to the definition of insanity: continuing in the same practice and expecting a different result. A change is REQUIRED, to avoid continuing this mass insanity!!!

We may not be able to blame gaggin’ noisome, entirely, for what he has done, as he must have had some influence from nancy pollutsi, who is older and more evil and he has had the influence of the demoncrapic dynasty that created the socialist republik of kalifornia, but at SOME point a GOOD PERSON would HAVE to look at the ruination of all that is controlled by the left and say, “WHOA!!!, this isn’t what I want to leave as my legacy. I want to IMPROVE things, not worsen them!” Instead, noisome seems to just want to line his pockets and increase his power, as long as the peons are stupid!!!


We didn’t vote for Larry Elder because he is a black man. Any person, white, brown, yellow, purple, chartreuse or female, with the same opinions and philosophy would have earned our vote. We urge all voters to look at all candidates but, unless you have a strong reason to vote for some else, we would be honored to have you join us in voting for Larry Elder, to the best of our knowledge and belief, the most qualified and honorable candidate available, HOOOAAAHHH!!!

I, also, have a t-shirt that celebrates the office of the President, that I didn’t wear during the barack hussein o(WHATTA)BUMMER regime and, now (after Pres. Trump and we were defrauded) is back in my drawer, until the end of joe-bite-me-ism.

AND, speaking of the “potUS" calling the kettle that’s full of stinking fish, cuomo, “black” “uncle”joebama-stalin-bite-me is telling bozo that he needs to resign over the allegations of sexual misconduct. How about the (what I heard were VERY credible allegations) against joebama-bite-me ? Why didn’t he resign from the race and why did the democrap party do their bill klintsky “circle the wagons” act and protect him? The answer is in the name: demoncrap party!!!!!!

Now how about that? cuomo has been prevailed upon to resign! Probably some characters with bent noses told him heyyyyy, pisan, this stuff is interfering with business, so you gotta go, either thru the front door or into the river, heyyyy ya’ know what we mean?

Incidentally, on the economic front, caca-cola AKA woka-cola seems to be taking a hit from many fellow consumers, who have found it, in recent days unpalatable. GOOD ONYA, folks!!! (Until they repeal their woke agenda, which is an acronym for “whiney, obstreperous, kaput (as in deranged) effluvia”, or create your own explanation of the acronym. According to the tenets of Christian speech, it must be true, kind and necessary. Considering the damage the woke “culture” has done to our society, I consider my definition to eminently qualified.) Pepsi, any other soft drink or water is a much better choice!!!

AND, speaking of the woke “culture”, the “labor movement” has become very similar to bowel movements, exuding noisome effluvia, to the pollution and infection of everything. The labor movement started out as a noble cause, to protect the powerless workers from the abuses of the powerful bosses. Then, it became infused with corruption from organized crime which found that “legitimate” enterprises, warped to provide ill-gotten gains were less risky that overtly criminal acts. Now, the left has wormed its way into the ranks of labor, under the guise of “progressivism” and “security” which are code words for socialism. The ultimate effect being the same erosion of principles and morality that was achieved under the criminal corruption.

SO, how about that commercial, featuring the “invasive pests” that have invaded kalifornia? Does it bring to mind the invasive pests that are invading the U.S., with the aid of the “uncle” joebama-stalin-bite-me regime?

Do you want to know what to do about them?

1) Every state should send aid to the border states to assist in the construction of the border wall.
2) Mobilize volunteers to report when illegal aliens are being dumped in your state, round them up and dump them in washington, the district of criminals, right in front of the (formerly white, now stained) house.

Just r’c’d our recall election ballot pamphlet. Don’t need a whole lot of instruction on how to vote gaggin’ noisome out of office and choose a real Governor.

If you want to restore kalifornia to the “Golden State”, we need to eliminate the current cabal and get back to real governance. We need responsible people who work for US, rather than expecting US to be serfs, working to support THEIR lavish lifestyle. If we can do it in the socialist republik of kalifornia, we may be able to save the country.

“The Olympic committee should require a commitment oath, as a condition for participation and support.” ... Sergeant Mack

AND speaking of saving, the low ratings of the Olympics, maybe due to the “wokeness” of the cesspool sludge participants, may just save Olympic sports, in America. The Olympic committee should require a commitment oath, as a condition for participation and support. “If your HEART ain’t in America, get your ASS out!!!” If you don’t represent American ideals, you don’t deserve to wear the American colors. It’s fine to have your free speech and criticize our poly-tickians, individually. I’ll stand up to anyone who says they do it better than I do, but this country, as a whole, as an Idea, as a principle, I signed up to defend it and I’ll still do it, today!

Don’t get around as well as I usta , but mr. terrorist doesn’t want to get in front of me and me armed, unless he’s ready for his 74 virgins. “Uncle”joe-stalin-bite-me, cacamala et-al, are presiding over the collapse of the power and prestige that was created by Pres. Trump and many other conservative presidents, interrupted by leftist demoncraps, who did their worst to destroy the country and the economy.

After this last debacle, by the demoncrapic party (including the Afghanistan route) there should never be another demoncrap elected to street sweeper (the cartoon guy, with the “DSC” [department of street cleaning] barrel, on a cart) much less dogcatcher, if there is the smallest bit of intelligence left, in the American electorate.

In the meantime, I have found the appropriate prayer, for the “administration”: Psalm 109:8 “May (their)days (in their stolen offices) be brief. May (good people) soon replace (them).”

If the leftists stay in power, don’t be surprised if the taliban wind up marching up the avenue, in front of of the (formerly) White House (at the invitation of the leftist regime) and those of us veterans who muster to stop them will be called “ insurrectionists”. So, keep your powder dry and your trigger fingers limber, because the current cabal couldn’t protect an outhouse.

If, having shown the door to cuomo, we can do the same to gaggin’ noisome, we may have started a trend to clean up politics and civil administration. If this spreads far enough and fast enough, it could reverse many years of corruption and decline.

On your FEET!!! UN-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, thank You for getting us started. We, now, ask that You continue to assist us along the path to cleaning up our mess, so that we can present a better world to Jesus , on his return. We’ll keep working on it, but we need Your help and encouragement. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, In Whose Name I pray, HOOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack, leaving the air & closing station. HOOOAAHHH!!!

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