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Print | “To curb suicides, curb guns ???”
Muster Right Here© - Aug 18, 2019
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE !!!

Significantly reduce suicides by banning guns ??? BRAVO SIERRA !!!

Un-COVER!!! (Silent, individual prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus; Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!! COVER, SEATS!!!

That’s like trying to eliminate obesity, by banning donuts. Worse, because people don’t need donuts to protect themselves from criminals or a government that becomes oppressive.

No firearm has EVER CAUSED a suicide. My trusty .45 ACP has NEVER whispered to me, “Do it, Mack! Pull me out and ventilate your brain!!!”

No firearm has EVER CAUSED a suicide !!!

“Half of all suicides are CAUSED by firearms?” (james doti, more likely dotty.) And your statistics come from??? If you read “More Guns, Less Crime”, by Dr. John Lott, you will find hard facts and stats from DOJ (& FBI?) that are verifiable, not some nut-case rants.

So, the fresno fish wrapstrikes, again. While I disagree with 90% of what it prints, I have to appreciate the idiocy of its content, as it furnishes ready-made material for me to destroy, by the application of basic reason.

If the fishwrap is going to continue to publish left-wing drivel, I expect to have a long run, just “...speaking truth.” to BRAVO SIERRA!!!

I only hope that I don’t get bored, “shooting fish, in a barrel.”

The first questions that come to mind are: IF suicides are the 10th leading cause of death, what are the 1 thru 9 and what are you doing about them? How about the other “Half of all suicides…? Are you addressing them? How about addressing #1???

Are any of them “caused “ by things that have no constructive uses, considering that firearms are used (almost every day) to PROTECT LIVES???

In testing the “correlation between the percentage of American adults over 18 who owned guns and the number of suicides per 100,000 individuals,” professor dotty (or potty?) STILL does not reveal the SOURCE of the statistics or even prove that the cited suicides were done using firearms. To paraphrase a well known maxim, there are lies, damned lies and statistics, to which I will add damned lies that DISTORT statistics.

Another consideration is that “nanny states” , like california, may have more emphasis on “mental health” programs”. With all due respect, I have BEEN to Arizona and seen hundreds of miles of wasteland, creating isolation and the likelihood of depression. To the professor’s credit. He does allow this possibility, but the idiot-ology seems to overcome the FLEETING impulse for clarity and he minimizes it.

For a “professor of economics” to publish such unsupported drivel is irresponsible and (likely) agenda-driven. Better that people should read Dr. John Lott’s “More Guns, Less Crime” or the writings of Professor Gary Kleck, a (self-described) “liberal professor of criminology”, who set out to write anti-gun literature and (discovering that it wasn’t supported by facts) had the integrity to write the truth, that guns are a POSITIVE feature of society and SAVE LIVES!!!

The bottom line is that suicide is a decision and most of us decide to LIVE!!! Protecting ourselves and those around us (or not) is ALSO a decision. I choose NOT to allow a bunch of elitist, self-centered, self-aggrandizing, pseudo-intellectuals to make such decisions FOR me (or more accurately, AGAINST me) and will resist any such tyranny with every ounce of energy and ability I can muster. It is what FREE PEOPLE DO!!!

Any such mob of lib/lefties needs to remember that, as long as there is a U.S. (us, we-uns) military, there will be a core of combat-trained (and some experienced) troops who have taken an oath to “...support, protect and defend the Constitution...” against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC, AND THAT INCLUDES YOU!!!

No, reasonable, military person wants war (especially since we might be on the front lines) and, should there be another civil war, we won’t START it. However, any attempt, by the lib/left, to dis-arm the populace will (highly likely) be interpreted (correctly) as an act of war, against “WE, THE PEOPLE...” and requiring a violent response, GOD FORBID!!!

On the Gilroy and Wal-Mart shootings, one (or 2) trained civilian (or better, yet, former military) concealed firearm carrier (s) could have stopped those atrocities, DRASTICALLY reducing injury or death. Too bad there wasn’t a “pistol-packing-pastor” (as in the previous Wal-Mart attack) who could stop the attack and administer last rites.

On the rat (and lib/left) infested "cities", put a bounty on the rats (no, a bounty on lib/lefties would be illegal) and give away traps. The lib/left infestation can (also) be eliminated but it will take hard work, in educating the “kool-aide drinkers”, who can’t see cesspool sludge, when they are wallowing in it.

"To all of my Troops I say: If you can, get a handgun, learn to use it, get a carry permit and CARRY IT !!!"

Several years ago, a cesspool sludge drove his pick-up through the window of a restaurant and shot a bunch of people. A woman watched as her parents were murdered, cursing herself for having (as a good, law-abiding citizen) left her pistol in her car and swearing, “Never again!!!”

She became a legislator and works to expand the 2nd Amendment. HOOAAAHHH!!!

WE ALL need to adopt the Jewish oath, “NEVER AGAIN!!!” AND hold the gun grabbers responsible for the blood that is on their hands, when defenseless people are murdered, by cesspool sludge!

Remember: “Gun free zones” are FREE FIRE ZONES, for cesspool sludge criminals and crazies!!!

Seems that I heard that BOZO o’roarke had put his “presidential campaign” on hold, after the shootings, but was fundraising, with them as an issue. On the 1 hand, BOZO, kudos for decreasing the air pollution you spew. On the other hand, using the shootings as a basis for fundraising is a real BOZO move, BOZO!!! I wonder if, like faux-cahont-A$$ warren, you are claiming ethnicity that is false. I think you are, probably, related to the potato famine english to which my family admits (but doesn’t advertise) our (minuscule) connection.

The facts are unaltered. An armed populace is necessary to counter the threat of an armed government trying to seize absolute power (as is advocated by the lib/left cesspool sludge domestic enemies) AND to prevent foreign enemies from deciding that they can waltz in and take over AND to be able to defend themselves from any criminal cesspool sludge AND, as an after-thought, to “subsistence hunt”, if necessary, to feed themselves and hone the skills that have been SUCCESSFULLY employed by heroes like Alvin York (CMH, WW1) to ward off tyranny.

As a (hopefully) last point of sanity (for this class) : EVERY ONE of the proposed or existing “red flag” laws is blatantly unconstitutional. Mr. Trump, tear down this wall of illegal, un-Constitutional, anti-American stupidity that is separating us (U.S.) (“WE, THE PEOPLE...”) from our right to “...life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...”

What part of “...shall not be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process...” don’t the lib/lefties understand, or do they understand and just don’t GIVE A DAMN? Last time I checked, guns are property and “due process” is NOT satisfied by a bunch of anti-Constitutional, oath-breaking cesspool sludge passing “laws” that are “repugnant to the Constitution” and are (therefore) NOT LAWS!!!

The knee-jerk reaction (of a bunch of lib/left jerks) to mass shootings is “Grab more guns!!!” The knee-jerk reaction (of a bunch of wimpy [small “r”] republican jerks) is “Oh, dear, we have to cave (even to violating our own oaths) so the other side (which [in my lifetime] hasn’t been reasonable, except for Pres. Kennedy) won’t think we’re unreasonable.

Both of these camps should be labeled as “dysfunctional”. The lib/left for the connotation of “bad” function (Webster’s College Dictionary, pg 445) because they are (deliberately) attempting to de-value and trash the Constitution and are evil. The small “r” republicans qualify under the “impaired” function, because they are (at best) feckless wimps, who haven’t the courage to do their sworn duty and some (at worst) are lib/left 5th columnists, who perjured themselves, as did the lib/leftist dim-o-cr-A$$-ics, in taking their oaths of office. Either way, SHOVEL THEM OUT!!!

More and more, I am faced with bald-faced lying urinalist “commentators” claiming that their bile is expounded “to protect the children”, when the reality is that some opportunistic, anti-American, anti-Constitution cesspool sludge is just using a horrific crime to ram their agenda down our throats.

Fortunately, my innate Bravo Sierra detector enables me to bring you the truth of the matter. The fact that the lib/left is lying and talking out of its methane-producing region does not matter to them, as being on the left “...means you never have to...” be truthful!

BULL-ETIN!!! Rush Limbaugh, today exposed some exec. from colgate-palmolive who revealed that, in his circle, making America great is not a priority. Too bad. I used to use some of their products. Suggestion, to employees: put pressure on management to axe that twerp and get someone who is concerned with “WE, THE PEOPLE...” who used to buy their products and (by doing so) paid their salaries, before they become another “target stores”.

BULL-ETIN #2!!! The muslim congress-twits sick-hand-omar and talib-an made a big splash about being denied entry (and properly so) to the OTHER country they hate (as they do us, U.S.) and when sick-hand is granted a compassionate visa (to visit her ailing Granny) but has to promise to COOL IT w/ the “boycott Israel rhetoric, she (?) reveals the depth of her (?) hypocrisy, by “stamping her feet” (in a tantrum) and throwing the ailing Granny “under the bus”, in favor of making a hypocritical decision that, if she can’t rant, she won’t go!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, we ask for Your guidance and protection, especially for our leaders, and for a revival, to start here and spread around the world. In all things I thank and praise You and especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in whose Name I pray, HOOAAHH!!!

COVER!!! Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt Mack out. Closing station. Leaving the air, HOOAAHH!!!

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