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Print | Gay marriage ruling
Muster Right Here© - Aug 10 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

At EASE!!! I'll try to keep this short, 'cause I just KNOW my fellow "homo-phobes" & other conservative Christians want to get out there & find some other ways to harass, demean & deny "civil rights" to the "poor downtrodden" gays.

For the benefit of those who may lack the intelligence to infer, from the quotation marks and the totally out-of-character statements, that this is sarcasm and absurdity, THAT'S WHAT IT IS !!!

When I took the oath (3 X) to uphold the Constitution, I meant ALL of it. The only problem is that the un-elected activist-judicary insists on violating it, for "social justice", which is (in reality) judicial and social INJUSTICE!!!

The Constitution is very clear that "We, the PEOPLE..." have the right to pass laws. The Judiciary, is supposed to compare our laws to the Constitution and, if they are in accord, assist in their enforcement. Instead, they want to "legislate from the bench" by intentionally MIS-interpreting the Constitution, for the benefit of whatever group is the "cause celebre", at the moment. "...promote the GENERAL welfare..." does NOT mean re-define marriage, for the benefit of a minority.

Just as it is unconstitutional for the activist-judiciary to say that a certain minority gets preferential treatment with regard to college admissions & jobs, so is it to say that thousands of years of social custom & Biblical law must be reversed, for the benefit of the judge's pet group.

According to a guest on a very reputable radio talk show, the judge is a member of the gay community and should have recused himself. I'm not sure about that, as I guess the gays could say that a "straight" Judge should recuse him/herself.

The fact is, gay or straight, the Judge needs to follow the law, not "compassion" . Justice is to be TEMPERED with mercy, not be replaced by it.

If this ruling is allowed to stand, we will see our courts clogged with cases of people who's "civil rights" are being trampled because they are denied the right to marry anything or anyone, from their sibling to their 37 best friends, from their car to their dog.

I wonder where the activist-judges will draw the line, or IF they will. According to their own idio(t)logy , they can't. Actually, as a forgiven sinner, I guess I could be saying, "Go ahead, the more you mess things up, the sooner He'll come back." Just can't seem to give up on the ignorant & mis-led, without a fight.

Can you imagine how the groups who are NOT favored by this cesspool sludge decision are now salivating? Picture it!!! nambla (north american man-boy love association [? hope I got that right]) & other pedophiles, polygamists, bi-sexual polygamists, tri-sexual (if it's sexual they'll try it) and multi-sexual, including beastialists (animal LOVERS) and what I call objecti-amorists, whose tastes run the gamut of in-animate objects and (with the trashing of the traditional definition of marriage) will, now, finally, have a judicial(?) ally to whom they can look for legitimacy.

All that will be necessary is a "loving relationship". Society has no right or significant interest in preventing these poor, downtrodden, minorities from fulfilling their domestic bliss, or does it? If you follow the opinion that marriage is an institution, created by God, then you pretty much have to follow His rules, but God appointed us (U.S.) to rule over our society and society means people. We have to respect certain social norms of behavior, in order to be accepted, by society.

If we choose not to accept those norms, like cleanliness, manners & laws, we may be shunned or even imprisoned. We hire people to administer the day-to-day business of society and they undertake (under oath or affirmation) a fiduciary responsibility, to "We The People...", their employers. Judges (real ones, not self-important judicial activists, with an agenda) walk a narrow line between the tyranny of the masses & the tyranny of the minorities, including "political correctness ".

Since our system of laws is based on the Judeo-Christian standard and has worked pretty well, for so many years, it should not be so lightly disregarded. The upheaval in our society, as a result of this selfish, narcissistic movement and this agenda-driven, self-aggrandizing, in-judicial activist will cause devastating repercussions, for generations.

Your assignment: Contact all of your congresspersons & urge them to petition the Supreme Court to restore the proper definition of marriage, one man & one woman.

May God bless y'all & bless & preserve America & all of our guardians, especially those in harm's way. Hooahh!!!

Sgt. Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station

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