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Muster Right Here© - Aug 09 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Kudos to the Fresno V.A. Hospital, plus ...
Jury system explained / Immigration laws defended

Good morning, Troops! B-4 we begin we will have a moment for prayer & reflection. Those not praying will remain respectfully silent. In Jesus' Name, I pray, HOOAHH!!!

Take SEATS!!!

First, I want to give kudos to the Fresno, Ca. V.A. Hospital. I've been going there for a couple of years & had a few surgical procedures there, as well as diagnostics & other treatment. The people are great! Have had similar experiences with the Tulare, South Valley clinic. No system is perfect, but that IS their stated (& in practice) goal. They are professional, but with a definite emphasis on the human touch & concern for the patient. In the words of "HEE HAW" V.A., SAALUUTE!!!

Now, let us consider the casey anthony trial & verdict. I've been hearing a lot of criticism of the jury. "THEY WERE STUPID!!! THEY SHOULDA FOUND HER GUILTY!!!" etc, etc ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

I don't EVER want to hear that kind of Bravo Sierra out of my troops. Anyone I catch spouting that stuff gets to do my FAVORITE kind of push-ups- the ones YOU do 'TIL I GET TIRED!!! It's AMAZING how much stamina I have, watching push-ups.

If you weren't in the box & in the jury room, don't assume that you know what they knew or what their concerns were, Y'all should know that assume can make an A$$ out of U & ME.

Personally, I think (based on the info I have) that she DID it! I ALSO think o.j. DID it. But (having watched some of the o.j. trial) I ALSO KNOW that the prosecution BLEW IT!!!

They thought they had a "slam dunk" & brought the charges prematurely. They didn't have their "ducks in order".

I heard one of the jurors say that SHE believed he did it, but the prosecution failed to PROVE IT!!! That was THEIR JOB. I believe I'd have voted with her.

The job of the jury is NOT to find a verdict independent of the prosecution's case, but (regardless of personal opinion) to sift through the evidence that is presented and make the prosecution PROVE THEIR CASE!!!

Every person who is charged has to trust 12 people to do EXACTLY THAT. It doesn't matter what the papers or the media mouths say, or what anyone thinks.

The prosecution has to lay out the case & connect the dots so that (BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT) the jury can say "X happened to Y, as the (usually) direct result of the actions of Z."

If the prosecution fails to fulfill their charge, the jury has no choice but to tell them "YOU BLEW IT, DUMMIES & the accused goes FREE!!!"

Incidentally, one of my favorite talk show hosts, Dennis Prager got it wrong. He said (unless I mis-understood, & I don't think so) that shown a chain of events, where the logical conclusion would lead to a guilty verdict, absent a different conclusion, presented by the defense, there SHOULD be a guilty verdict.

That (totally) leaves out the possibility of an error, on the part of the police, prosecutor or even the defense.

"Beyond a reasonable doubt..." is a heavy burden, requiring an OVERWHELMING amount of evidence & the defense isn't required to prove ANYTHING. All they need to do is cast DOUBT on the case of the prosecution. What is reasonable doubt is not 2nd- guessable, by armchair quarterbacks.

If the prosecution leaves a small hole, it is the job of the defense to enlarge it to allow the defendant to slip through.

The adversarial system works well, if it is WORKED!!!

Moving along to immigration laws, I'm hearing people say that the Arizona & Georgia laws are "anti-hispanic".

Don't know how they arrive at that conclusion, although I suspect that it is blind emotion (with their heads out of sight & breathing methane) as a prominent member of the democrat party has (FREQUENTLY on conservative radio & NOT AT ALL in/on liberal media) been quoted, and RECORDINGS played, "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it."

Now, if THAT isn't the epitome of liberal KOOLAIDE DRINKING I don't know what is. By the way, for new students (who missed my analysis of it) I READ the ENTIRE Arizona bill, with a critical eye and LOOKING for any racism, etc.

I FOUND NO HINT OF IT. All it does (essentially) is state that Arizona WILL enforce Federal emigration laws.

So, it is my considered opinion that those who are crying RACISM, re: the Arizona bill fall into two (2) catagories: 1) Those who didn't (or couldn't, for lack of reading skills or whatever) READ THE BILL and 2) Those who READ the bill and are LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH to support their political agenda.

Both of these groups (those who comment on that about which they are ignorant and those who do know and choose to lie about it) are dangerous, un-American fear mongers and should be horsewhipped.

Y'all know what we have to do. It will take a Conservative government whose members KNOW that "WE THE PEOPLE..." are "...gonna keep an EYE on you." (Don Rickles, in CPO Sharkey) to turn this country back from the brink of destruction.

There has been too much liberalism, for too long. It has to STOP and YOU are the only remedy. YOU made the "Contract with America" a reality and liberal or timid republicans allowed it to fail. YOU stopped the o(whatta)bummer runaway train wreck, by taking back the House. ONLY YOU can finish the job, by electing GENUINE Conservatives, in 2012.

Make this country the "SHINING CITY, ON THE HILL" envisioned by Pres. Reagan. Do it for "the Gipper". Do it for your family. Do it for YOURSELVES, but DO IT!!!


Heavenly Father, again we dump into Your huge lap the problems of our world and the security of our homes & families. We ask Your protection and guidance. In Jesus' Name I pray. HOOOAAHHH!!! COVER!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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