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Muster "RIGHT" Here©
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Muster Right Here© - Aug 08 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

At Ease!!! Don't get comfortable. We can't get comfortable, until the o(whatta) bummer regime and all of their cronies are shoveled out of washington, the district of criminals.

In allowing elena kagan to be confirmed (& some voting to confirm her) the republican party has revealed itself to be (at best) ineffectual, irrelevant lapdogs of the regime and (at worst) active co-conspirators in their plans to establish a socialist state, ruled (& I did not say GOVERNED) by the "intellectual elite".

In failing to filibuster her, they have , finally, revealed themselves as the left of the RIGHT & those who actually voted FOR her (somebody get me an airsick bag) as the FAR left of the pseudo-RIGHT.

If I am wrong, SSSOMEBODY SSSTOP ME!!! I believe I heard her taking an oath to rule on each case strictly according to law, having heard her, previously, state that other considerations would govern her. That sounds like mental reservations & purpose of evasion.

It sounds like PERJURY, to me, but then over 1/2 of the entire congress, including the rino's (Republican-in-name-only) have decided that the Constitution (& Unanimous Declaration) belong in the little building, with the crescent moon on the door (not as an islamic symbol) to be used in removing future cesspool sludge from the backsides of their potential subjects, slaves or whatever you want to call us.

If you take an oath, knowing that you have no intention of fulfilling it, that is PERJURY and the records of all of those who have broken their oath to the Constitution ... SHOULD LEAD TO CONVICTION !!!

It sounds as if the first job of Conservatives is going to be to shovel out our OWN pigsty, no insult intended to REAL pigs. Get rid of the liberal or leftist "republicans" and those remaining will select true Conservatives, who are worthy of their offices, so that we can vote Republican without holding our noses & having to take an anti-emetic.

So, here is your assignment: Evaluate the record of your legislators, in light of the Constitution, & Unanimous Declaration. If they have fulfilled their oath, praise & support them. If they haven't, find someone to oppose them (in the next election) & impress that one with your knowledge (and support) of the Constitution.

Tell them that you wish to support them, but will be evaluating their job performance and deviation from their oath of office will spur you to OPPOSE them even MORE vigorously, for their betrayal of your trust.

THAT'S IT!!! It ain't BRAIN SURGERY!!! If I can THINK of it, with my impaired mental (?) processes, SURELY, some of you Troops, who are smarter than I, can IMPLEMENT IT!!!

GET ON IT!!! God bless y'all & all of our guardians, especially those in harm's way & God bless AMERCA!!! HOOOAHH!!! Dis-MISSED!!! GET OUTTA HERE!!!

Sgt. Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station

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