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Muster Right Here© - Aug 01 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

Before we begin, we'll have a period of prayer & reflection. Un-COVER!!!

Amen. COVER!!!

There seems to be some confusion as to the function of our elected representatives, both in washington, the district of criminals and in sacramento (kind of strange since the name implies something sacred) the district of criminals, left coast.

A REPRESENTATIVE ... is, by definition, someone who speaks FOR their constituents, in whatever assembly they attend. In order that they might do this properly, they need to have input (from those constituents) as to what concerns they might have & how they want them addressed. If they fail to collect this information, they are no longer REPRESENTING their constituents.

They are operating on their own agendas or listening to whatever voices they hear, in their heads or from their party heads. Neither of these sources fulfills their fiduciary requirements.

The best way to collect this information is to be available to contact or actually GO OUT AND TALK TO THEM!!! Very few "representatives" seem to be interested in the opinions & wishes of those whom they "represent".

I have seen a few. In Tulare County, Supervisor Mike Ennis (5th District) came to a small foothill community, to address concerns about fire protection.

I have heard of a few who claim to have "open access" for their people.

I have personal knowledge of a former Congressman whose office staff "took the ball and ran it" in a situation that involved mis-conduct on the part of a federal agency. It was so well done that the agency attitude changed from total hard-line bureaucratic steamrollering to totally conciliatory co-operation.


In my capacity of Vice President of Porterville Area Republican Assembly and that of columnist on Porterville Post, I have heard many complaints of arrogance and lack of anything resembling concern, on the part of elected "representatives", for the concerns of their constituents.

The lion's share of the responsibility for this rests on the "rep". They are taking money for a job that they are not doing &, therefore, are guilty of fraud, failing to discharge fiduciary duties & (probably) many other offenses against law, God & man.

The next share rests on the constituents "WE THE PEOPLE..." who are either failing to communicate with them or failing to follow up and document their failings or failing to transform the documentation into evidence that we can share with our fellow constituents and FIRE THE BUMS!!!

One of the problems is that the act of moving "above the unwashed masses" (often) seems to coincide with contracting a disease I call (in formal, medical terminology) "Cranial Rectosis". It is characterized by the disappearance of the head and the "afflictee" breathing methane, rather than oxygen.

There are many, otherwise good, people (in and out of government) who are so afflicted and I think it is not coincidental that the majority belong to the democrat (NOT democratIC, because they aren't) party. I pray that they may, one day, have visible heads and breath oxygen.

It should enable them to navigate more safely, see clearly what their party is doing against the interests of our country and be more clear-headed in making judgements, especially those involving hiring "representatives", to conduct our business.

This is the most charitable view I can conjure about those who are CLEARLY following an agenda that is contrary to the interests of this country.

A more likely and less Christian view is that they know EXACTLY what they are doing and hand-in-hand with barack hussein o(whatta)bummer are DELIBERATELY misguiding our country down the path to ruin either for traitorous reasons or to line their pockets while they commit malfeasance of office in their phoney-baloney jobs, OR BOTH!!!

When they are in this mode we experience TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION and everyone should know that this was one of the foundations of the revolution. Regardless of the phoney-baloney title they hold that FALSELY identifies one of these cesspool sludge as a representative of the people (i.e. President, Senator, Representative,etc.) if they are not DOING the job, but following their own agenda, they are taking money under false pretenses and defrauding the people.

I, once, persuaded a couple of elected (union) representatives to perform their fiduciary duties at the cost of a certified letter, in which I stated that I had consulted an attorney, re: their failure and the attorney said I had an excellent case, so they had a choice of performing or explaining their failure, in court.

All of a sudden, there "never was" a refusal to perform. They said it was a "mis-understanding", whereby they had simply "ADVISED AGAINST" what I wanted (what part of NO did I misunderstand?) so it IS possible to penetrate the methane haze and get their attention.

We have a similar dysfunction, when those we have elected (hired) believe that they are more intelligent than "the unwashed masses" and, therefore, DIVINELY appointed to RULE


1) Communicate your desires & concerns to your "reps".
2) If they fail to comply, follow up with a request for reasons.
3) If they fail to satisfy your request, or even reply, follow up with a (very respectfully written) notice that if your wishes are not followed, or (at least) reasonable explanations given, you WILL take further action.

One thing we need to tell them is, "CUT SPENDING, NOW!!!" I expect that history will call the o(whatta)bummer/pelosi/reed regime, "The Fleecing of America," among other epithets.

A really good place to save a lot of money is to CUT OFF foreign aid to any country that harbors terrorists, insults or condemns us or our allies (such as Israel) in the u.n. or in any way works against the interests of our country. If they don't respect us and work with us, tell them,"No more 'Uncle Sugar'!!!"

Another way is to ban all former (elected or otherwise) government employees from functioning as lobbyists or holding corporate office in industries where they had any official influence. Declare it to be a conflict of interest. That will diminish corruption.

I, also, like the idea of a popular vote requirement for any salary, expense, etc. increases for our employees in elected office and cutting off their salaries if they do not have a REAL budget in place b-4 the old one expires and they would NEVER be paid for the time during which the budget ISN'T in place.

Your assignment is to make the contacts and create your own $$ saving and big-government-reducing plans. Network them to gain numerical support & deluge congress with them.

Be respectful, always, but make it clear that, "The Boss is WATCHING YOU and he/she isn't happy with your work."

Get busy, get active, go gett'em!!!

Un-COVER!!! Heavenly Father, I place all of these concerns in Your Hands, as well as the fate of our country and those who guard it, secure in the knowledge that You are in charge. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the gift and sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAHHH!!!

Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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