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Print | Tighter gun laws are in our power ?
Muster Right Here© - Jul 31 2015
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

There has been quite an increase in the amount and virulence of the bile being secreted by washington DeCeit.

Not only are our elected employees in open revolt against the legitimate government ("WE, THE PEOPLE...") but they are, now, "in your face" about it, bragging that they are all powerful and far above those who pay their ridiculous salaries and provide luxurious "perks" that make them fat, lazy and more corrupt than they were on arrival. Keep praying for their salvation and that they come to the realization that they are supposed to live up to their oaths.

Unfortunately, their pollution has infected the "news" media which has become panderers for the lies and corruption that have become endemic to our "government".

UnCOVER!!! (Individual prayer or contemplation.) Cover!!! Seats!!!

This column was sent to the fresno bee, in response to the named rant, by the "editorial board". I thought, at first, that they simply lacked the intestinal fortitude or journalistic integrity to be able to tolerate dissent. Upon reaching the editorial section, I was informed that they cater to their "distribution area", in publishing opinions.

Guess the rest of us are ignorant "hicks" and "flyover country" who couldn't possibly have anvthing intelligent to say or that would interest their readers.

I urge regular readers to contact the bee and suggest that they judge their correspondents by the character of their writing, rather than the geography of their residence.

To their credit, the gentleman with whom I spoke informed me that they, recently, ran a piece by the below referenced John R. Lott, who has studied the relationship between proliferation of privately-owned firearms and crime and discovered an inverse ratio, "More Guns, Less Crime."

I do not, however, believe that this attempt to be seen as "fair and balanced" nullifys the effect of the rant: "Tighter Gun Laws Are In Our Power." How do you excuse the arrogance of the lies and anti-Second Amendment rhetoric implicit in this Bravo Sierra?

The answer is, you can't!!!

Since they have brought up the subject of "power", let's analyze that, for a moment.

Power is the thing that both sides seek, most. The problem is that it comes down to the age-old struggle between good and evil. The difference between the two is the use to which they wish to APPLY the power.

The Conservative (the Good) needs power to support the Constitution and protect rights to "...life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...", values for individual rights, upon which our country was founded.

The liberal/left (evil) seeks power (as revealed in the article, "Tighter Gun Laws Are In Our Power") to take away individual rights, enforce the left's idea of keeping people safe (another big lie, because laws don't keep people safe, people [usually with guns] keep people safe) and, in keeping with the big "safety" lie, support, not equal opportunity but the socialist value of equal outcome.

This is ALSO a big lie because the "commissars" in the party always seem to be MORE equal than the "comrades" in the "unwashed masses", for whom they claim to seek "social justice". Who is it who live in the big Dachas & luxurious apartments and drive (or are driven in) fancy cars? Is it the comrade garbage man? I don't think so.

With all of these inconsistencies of their speech versus their actions, the only 2 things about which the lib/left IS consistent are their insatiable need to take things away from us, like freedom and money and the fact that you can always tell when they are lying to you, because their lips are moving ... or they're not.

Speaking of liars, the only book I, and other true Christians, call "Holy" is the Holy Bible. The liar-in-chief who fraudulently squats in OUR house refers to the "Holy Koran", so is he lying that he is a Christian, to con us Christians, or is he lying (that he considers the Koran holy) to kiss the gluteous maximi of the muslims? A third possibility is that he considers himself to be (as do many of his sycophants) "the anointed one" and the "Holy of Holies".

I'm betting on #3 and that he's conning EVERYONE!!!

Now understand, while not all liberals are (inherently) evil, much of the results of their efforts IS. Intended or not, any work that has the effect of abridging the freedom of others to have "...life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is (unquestionably) evil.

The evil left lie to the gullible libs, telling them that the "higher end" justifies the (evil) means (if they can even tell the difference) and that (just as the evil democrat slave owners said about the slaves) "They (the unwashed masses) can't function without us to lead them."

Sonofagun!!! Once free from their oppressive democrat masters, many black people prospered, became Doctors, Ministers, Musicians and Entrepreneurs, although some of them abused their freedom and became crooked lawyers and poli-tickians and other dregs of society, just as their white brothers and sisters have done, since the beginning of time. One, through fraud and deceit even managed to achieve the office of president, just as his fellow (white) democrats have done, many times before and continue to attempt. Can anyone say hitlery klintsky? I knew you could.

Basically, those who failed to prosper, legally, are those who stayed on the democrat "plantation", owing their subsistence to the "dole". Some of these have "prospered" and even become notorious as drug dealers and other drains on society. Some others, less notable are drains on society as other people who are striving to better themselves see them (black and white) living in nice houses and driving nice cars that the "strivers" realize that THEY (the strivers) are being taxed to provide.

Talk about dis-incentives, makes the strivers question, "Am I stupid, to work so hard so these freeloaders can live a life of ease?"

Therein may lie the seeds of the next revolution, in this country.

Anyway, we've gone kind of far afield from the original topic, but it is all related to the decline and fall of morality and freedom, in this country and the rise of "poly-tickianism" , the proliferation of many blood-sucking vermin infesting the halls of our government and the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for us (U.S., "WE,THE PEOPLE..." , we'uns, you and me, to clean up our government, restore "...government of the people, by the people and for the people..." before this country "...so conceived..." vanishes from the Earth.

Please continue reading and tell me if you think I am wrong.

E-Mailed to: Fresno Bee Editorial Board - letters@fresnobee.com

Re: "Tighter gun laws are in our power."

First of all, kudos to the editorial board for the best-written piece of Bravo-Sierra I have ever read in a propaganda mill. It was worthy of the nazi propaganda machine. It has been said, widely, that if you tell a big enough lie and tell it often enough, you will get many weak-minded individuals to believe it. Just look at antisemitism and racial prejudice. These are 2 of the biggest whoppers in history, but they are still around and as healthy as ever.

So it is with the myth that "gun control" equals crime control. It is such an obvious lie that I wonder that anyone who hasn't a college degree believes it.

Thank you for admitting that your leftist agenda isn't the safety of the public, but raw, unchecked power, by which you hope to dominate the country and "...tomorrow, the world!"

Hopefully, though, clear-thinking minds will not be brainwashed by your big lies. If you have an ounce of journalistic integrity, I urge you to read the truth, as told by Prof. Gary Kleck (a self-described "liberal professor of criminology") who set out to support the anti-gun agenda, discovered that the research contradicted his premise and had the integrity and courage to write the truth.

Similarly Dr. John Lott has written 3 editions of "More Guns, Less Crime", to the chagrin of the "intelligentsia" who keep crying about "mass shootings" proving that we need more strict gun control, but refusing to acknowledge (just as you did) that their examples took place in areas (with the possible exception of Tucson, Az.) that were recognized "gun free zones", where the law-abiding citizens were dis-armed, making them victims.

You want to talk about legitimate victim hood, that describes everyone who was killed or maimed, or is a relative of a victim who was a victim because they followed the instruction to be un-armed. Criminals are either illiterate or deliberately obtuse (or how about premeditatedly criminal) when they walk right by those "Gun Free Zone" signs and proceed to commit crimes, with guns.

The victims should all sue the entity that caused them to be un-armed.

Let's see, now, there's Luby, Texas, Sandy Hook, Ft. Hood, Texas, Aurora, Colo., the elementary school around Sacramento, Ca. that really gave a boost to the anti-"assault weapon" drive, which is another lie because the F.B.I and the D.O.J. agree that an "assault weapon" has to be capable of fully automatic fire, to be so described. Oh, what the heck, why should we allow that fact to get in the way of a good hysteria? We're already ignoring the fact that criminals don't care if they break 1 more law, when they aim to break one of the biggest. In case y'all have forgotten, murder is illegal, just about everywhere.

Unfortunately the left, like the Fresno Bee Editorial Board, is hung up on the idea that (as a "civilized country") we need to enact draconian gun registration laws which will be followed by draconian gun control laws and just like Australia (or New Zealand?) we'll follow that with gun confiscation, ala Diane Feinstein, "If I could get 51 votes in the Senate, it would be turn 'em all in..."

Now who was it that first (to my knowledge) equated gun registration with being a civilized country? Oh, yeah, it was that Adolph Hitler guy. I wonder if he lied like the folks "down under" that he wasn't going to confiscate, just register.

Check the stats, for the sake of reason over agenda. Wayne La Pierre, representing the NRA, walked all over some "expert" from an anti-gun group, despite her ignoring the end of speaking bell, just by producing newspapers from the places she claimed had been successful in lowering crime (with strict gun control) proving that she was either ignorant or a liar.

As far as churches, schools and other "soft targets" for terrorists or other mis-creants, the best thing they could do is get a few combat-trained soldiers to go armed and crime would be reduced, because these individuals are not "Peace Officers" but threat eliminators. Anyone found to be killing or maiming would be summarily shot!!! End of problem and 1 less criminal!

So, bottom line: gun control laws are good for criminals who will have more "sheeple" upon whom to prey and for leftists who hope eliminate the ability of the people to resist an armed takeover of the government. They don't want "gun control" except to facilitate people control. For the rest of us, those old, dead guys had a pretty good idea. An armed person is a citizen. A dis-armed one is a subject.

God bless America and our Unanimous Declaration and Constitution. And confusion to our enemies, foreign and domestic.

On your FEET!!!


Heavenly Father, it keeps getting worse! We ask You to continue to watch over, bless and guide us, especially our guardians, regardless of where and how they serve. In all things we thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray. HOOAAHHH!!!


Sgt. Mack out, leaving the air and closing station.

Robert L. "Sgt. Mack" McElreath (A veteran and a combat-trained soldier)

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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