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Muster Right Here© - Jul 28, 2019
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

Many people are calling aoc (AKA a ole cee?, said with a cockney accent) and her posse (AKA lynch mob) including sick-han omar, the squad. I prefer to call them the squat, in recognition of what they dont know and what they are not worth.

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus Name I pray, HOOOAAAHHH!!!


Anyone who knows me, well, knows that Im not a particularly good person and waaayyy away from any chance of sainthood. However, I have never been (legitimately) called a racist, misogynist or any of the epithets that have been thrown at Pres. Trump. When he suggested that the malcontent congresspersons might go home, to the lands of their origins, straighten then out and THEN come back and tell us how they did it. THAT would be CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, rather than the hate and discontent they are sowing.

That said, when I second Pres. Trumps suggestion, I am FIRMLY convinced that my motives are not, in any way, corrupt. I am very sure that all true Americans would join me in that support.

"In my military career, I have been in units where criticism of the existing policies was welcomed, provided that it was followed by reasonable suggestions for improvement." -- Sergeant Mack

In my military career, I have been in units where criticism of the existing policies was welcomed, provided that it was followed by reasonable suggestions for improvement.

Having been able to implement some changes, I can (heartily) recommend that method of administration. Many times I have pointed out a flaw and a fix and been told, Do it!!!

As for Pres. Trumps suggestion that the squat return to their lands of origin, even though 3 of them are born in the U.S.A., it is a legitimate suggestion, as we dont want to inflict our unappreciated society on ANYONE, so ANYONE (like the leftist cabal) thinking that our country isnt livable, should feel FREE to get the HE77 out!!! (At the very least, the born in the U.S.A. squat should be expelled from the congress and sent back to their states.)

If I felt that way (about where I live) I could choose the origin of 5 of my 6 bloodlines and emigrate. The 6th being the Cherokees, who were victimized on the Trail of Tears and in other ways, but chose to overcome what was done to them and become contributing citizens, instead of a permanent victim class.

I, cordially, invite the squat and any other malcontents to follow Pres. Trumps suggestion. Go ANYPLACE you want, preferably the place from which your people fled, to come here. Fix whatever screwed-up system they have and THEN tell us (U.S.) how to fix ours.

Of course, there arent many places that will allow you to criticize them, w/out GRAVE consequences, so please, leave all of the worldly goods you have accumulated in our flawed society to us, so that your death will repay some of what you reaped, here.

And remember, our border fences, etc. exist to bar entrance to illegal invaders. They are NOT there to keep you in, so fly away, carrion birds, we wont try to stop you, unless you are criminally wanted and so far, stupidity and ingratitude are not illegal.

Too bad the squat is not threatening to leave the country, if it doesnt get its way. Id offer to hold the door (gate, whatever) so that it doesnt hit them in the rear on the way out. Im reminded of the bumper sticker that says, Id slap you, but s##t splatters!

Considering the quality (or lack of same) in the leftist movement and its offshoot, the squat, Id want to be verrry careful about having anything come in contact with these cesspool sludge. I know that color doesnt rub off but feces does. AND, I GUARONDAMTEE, it stinks.

I will, however, PROUDLY accept the designation of
politically incorrect.

Lest some cesspool sludge try to play the race card on me, remember, I have nothing against anyones race, religion, national origin, motorcycle club or gender orientation. I, likewise, dont care about any of these things, when it comes to any cesspool sludge being anti-American and I wont back off, for fear of being liabled as racist. I will, however, PROUDLY accept the designation of politically incorrect.

Now, as to the sick-hand-omar (or whatever her [?] name is) IF she (?) came here, under an alias, campaigned for congress and was sworn in, under an alias or perjured herself in any other way, we SHOULD be able to REVOKE her fraudulently obtained citizenship and DEPORT HER.

Whether or not she (?) married her (?) brother (also committing immigration fraud) is a matter for the place in which they were married and the ICE people.

The point is, there is enough law-breaking, in the halls of congress (small c, minimum [if any] respect) without some self-important squat trying to run down our country, where she (?) came to escape whatever conditions were prevalent, in her (?) home country.

Stay tuned for more news about the squat and their lack of loyalty to this country and their oaths of office, in which they may have perjured themselves, by having ...mental reservations or purpose(s) of evasion... in that their intent was ALWAYS to damage this country.

There are other things we need to discuss, but this issue (the squat) merits a priority.


The cesspool sludge, represented by schmuck schumer, have asserted that Pres. Trump, proceeding with the border wall, is in violation of the will of congress. Well, how about those cesspool sludges being in violation of the Constitution, their (lying) oaths of office and the will of WE, THE PEOPLE... who WANT the wall and DIDNT want o(WHATTA)bummer (doesnt) care and so many OTHER things they have forced on us?


In the meantime KAG!!! Keep America Great, with Constitutionalists, including Judges. Legislators and your (other) fellow Americans.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, we are STILL facing evil, in accordance with Your Word. We ask Your continued guidance and protection. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!

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