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Muster Right Here© - Jul 26, 2021
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

Jorge Masvidal, a refugee from cuba (on an improvised raft) said, Cowards like this fool should be sent to Cuba, in response to colon crappynecks wearing of a castro t-shirt and pro-cuba statements. AMEN!!! and let him take all of the other lefties with him. Let them experience 1st hand the socialist utopia that they want to inflict on us (US). And, in the same vein some white anti-fa cesspool sludge de-fund the cops protesters got an earful from some fed up black citizens at a support the cops rally, in Oakland.

Apparently the cesspool sludge anti-fas had just got tuned up and started their chorus when a black gentleman called them out, called them down, told them they didnt belong there and get the f*** out! While we might not agree with his choice of words, we can understand his emotion and the motivation. HOOOAAAHHH!!!

Just read George Foremans sage advice to America haters and flag haters, America, dont leave it, love it. and, with all due respect to Mr. Foreman, I dont think we should waste our time or resources on the cesspool sludge that want to tear down what God and the founders have given us (US).

As far as Im concerned - like the bumper sticker says - If your heart isnt in America, get your ASS out !!! ... Sergeant Mack

As far as Im concerned, like the bumper sticker says, If your heart isnt in America, get your ASS out !!! Deposit passports and renunciations of citizenship on your way out and dont let the door hit any part of your anatomy. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

If, however , your head ever emerges into the oxygen, there should be a method of redemption. Apply for naturalization and go through the same process that all of the LEGITIMATE seekers (which we will re-instate after the joe-bite-me madness is over) will experience and AFTER completing that and a probation period of say, 10 years, you may regain natural-born status (one time, only).

Time out for a thumbs up/down like the one I did for the super twit in New York State (as I recall) who took her Brownie (?) troop on a nature hike and had to defend them and herself against a mountain lion, with a pocket knife. As I said b-4, I give the lady kudos for guts and demerits for having been stupid enough to put herself and the kids in the situation.

Similar situation in B.C., Canada. Woman ran a day care center in a mining town, on the edge of civilization. Took kids on a nature hike. Confronted by a (fortunately young) cougar which injured the kids and her, when she (courageously and unnecessarily) jumped in to defend one of the kids. I say unnecessarily because either she should have been armed, had an armed escort (as should have the woman in New York State) or none of them should have been there.

Im 6 tall and have been described as have a commanding presence, enough so that vicious, charging dogs have been known to find other interests, when I adopt an aggressive posture and explain the consequences of their actions. Full-grown bears have run from me and I have walked our water line up in the hills in full hearing of the animals that I can hear going about their daily business and never seen, let alone been molested by any of the local fauna. Good on THEM, as on these Walk abouts, I carry enough specialized fire-power to deal with bears, pigs, snakes, trespassers, mt. lions or any other hazard that might prevent my safe return. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but not dumb enough to get caught unable to defend myself, let alone others in my charge.

My wife sleeps peacefully, knowing that, when the bears have come knocking I didnt answer with empty hands. By all (other) accounts these women were fairly intelligent and capable, so I can only conclude that the toxic climate of leftism and nanny-state-uber-all-ism, where you are expected to surrender all of your power and authority to the state and the state will take care of you, contributed to the la-la land attitude of communing with Bambi, with no concern for any danger from animals.

So, I am going to attribute their lack of common sense to the general lack of common sense in their upbringing. Thank God the Canadian neighbour was enough of a rebel to have the ability to eliminate the cougar, before it hurt someone else.

Just remember, Troops , whenever anyone offers you ultimate security for ultimate surrender of your rights, (#1) They are lying, they wont come thru with their promises and (#2), Whatever you get WONT BE WORTH WHAT YOU GIVE UP !!! ... Sergeant Mack

Just remember, Troops , whenever anyone offers you ultimate security for ultimate surrender of your rights, #1 They are lying, they wont come thru with their promises and #2, Whatever you get WONT BE WORTH WHAT YOU GIVE UP !!!

O.K. Back to excoriating the uncle joebama- stalin-bite-me/cacamala regime. According to all reputable information, the regime is actively manoeuvring to violate more of the Constitution, in the person of the 1st Amendment. Anyone who disagrees with the company line, regarding the communist chinese party virus vaccine, is to be shut down and persecuted. It may not be done, directly, by the regime, but by agents of and with the co-operation of and instigation of the regime.

The latest Ive heard, from Sean Hannity, (re: vaccines) is a very reasonable opinion: Do your due diligence. Consult with YOUR health professional(s) in consideration of YOUR, INDIVIDUAL SITUATION. Dont let anyone who should not be influencing you (the government or their flacks) get in the way. Make your own, reasoned decision, either way.

By the way (speaking of reason) if anyone out there knows Ken Hamblin AKA the BLACK AVENGER, AKA the Black Rush Limbaugh, please try to prevail upon him to come back to us.

Weve lost Rush and Kens sage counsel could help us through the rough time to come. I used to hear him filling in on the radio and was impressed with his common sense (not so common now) and why we need all we can get. Ken, if you arent too disgusted by humanity, we need you and if you are, we need you MORE!!! Oh, yeah, nacy pollutsi seems to be up to her(?) usual tricks about eliminating the 2nd Amendment, still, with all of that crapola about not needing 10 bullets to kill a deer. I think it came from one of her simalcrums. She(?) makes them out of cesspool sludge curses them and sends them off to spout her vitriol.

Anyway ms. polutsi, the 2nd Amendment was NEVER intended to protect hunters rights. It was to ensure that, when we were faced with tyrannical anti-American despots, like YOU, that WE, THE PEOPLE could defend our homes and the Constitution against YOU!!! WE,THE PEOPLE GET IT!!!

Every time I consider the denizens of the Washington, the district of criminals I am torn between the images of despotic tyrants and the poor, bedraggled dog we rescued, from the street, only to discover that the bed we provided was teeming with fleas, what I call blood-sucking vermin, an epithet I apply to what I call poliTICKians, the true result of the roots of politics, from the Greek:poly, as in polymorphous, many shapes and from the Anglo-Saxon: ticks, many blood-sucking vermin.

It would be funny, if they werent so dangerous. Since the joe-bite-me cabal has been in power, by one means or another, directly or indirectly they have caused or contributed to the deaths of more people than the ccp (communist chinese party virus) and all of the regular criminal activity that would (normally) take place in a country that was run by a sane, well-intentioned, legitimate government.

We had BETTER DO BETTER, in 22,
or were in DEEP DOO DOO !!!

Through leftist policies and encouragement of lawlessness, the joe-bite-me cabal has been accelerating the decline of America that was the transformation begun by barak Hussein o(WHATTA) BUMMER, to something totally unrecognisable, by anyone who had left just before they stole the election. Pres. Trump was making headway, against the decay and, now, it is slip-slidin away! We had BETTER DO BETTER, in 22, or were in DEEP DOO DOO !!!

Well, were already THERE, but its pretty much OUR last chance to DO anything about it, before Jesus comes back & I dont think hes going to be too happy with the way weve let the Satanists run rampant!!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, we havent much time, so we need all the help & energy we can get. Well keep working and ask for Your blessing. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You and praise You for the gift and sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!

Sgt Mack, leaving the air and closing station, HOOOAAAHHH!!!

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