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Muster Right Here© - Jul 22 2014
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Biblical vs. secular actual + the smell test + "America", the movie

You know, Troops, I have NEVER represented myself as the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I read pretty well and had a pretty high score on word comprehension.

Un-COVER!!! (Individual prayer or contemplation.)

COVER!!! Take SEATS!!!

Now, stay with me, here. When God kicked the first super twits out of the garden, He said, "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread,..." You see, He is saying that because they disobeyed Him, Adam (as the breadwinner) was going to have to work (hard, get the sweat part?) for all that they ate.

Nowhere in this chapter or verse (Genesis 3:4) does it say that by the sweat of OTHERS shalt thou eat bread. Seems to me that God (in his infinite wisdom) decreed that each man & (now, with the advent of women's lib.) each woman, is to toil for what they eat.

Now you can call me a relic or an un-evolved Neanderthal, but it seems only just, to me, that you are responsible to support yourselves and your families.

Cases of genuine need (for disability) being a special case and the EXCEPTION.

Not 2 weeks ago, I heard that a popular radio talk show host was "corrected" in his perception by a student who claimed that the "...promote the general welfare..." clause of the Constitution guaranteed his right to collect welfare.

To this I can only offer the same reply that I gave the Postal customer who told me that my supervisor told her to come and tell me that he had said for me to give her the welfare check, after the motel manager had returned it to me because she had moved. (And quite rightly, as that was the exact action prescribed by Postal Regulation.)

My reply was, "Well I am certain that he must have said something that sounded like that to you, however, I am EQUALLY certain that it was not what he meant to say, as the only way I could comply with that order would be for HIM to give it to me, directly, or have written and signed an order to that effect and I would have to be able to recognize his signature, which I wouldn't, so I will follow procedures and take it back to the Post Office and (about 3:30 PM) you can go and see him and if HE wishes to give it to you, that is HIS responsibility. Have a nice day!"

Upon my return to the office, I sought him out, related the encounter and asked him, "So, did you tell her to tell me that you had said for me to give her the check?" Without a word, he turned and walked away braying like the proverbial jackass. I asked him, "Shall I take that as a 'No' ?" More braying, as he walked away.

So, to the young student sponge, who wished to continue to "...eat bread..." by "...the sweat of (MY) face..." (and every one else's but his) I would have to say (refer back to the first 2 lines of the 2nd paragraph, above, ending in "say") and you might become more knowledgeable about the Constitution and the Unanimous Declaration.

When God became disenchanted with the whole princes & kings thing and decide to empower our fledgling country to become "Sovereign Citizens", He inspired the founders to establish a system that emphasized individual effort, for individual rewards.

It is said that Moses told the Israelites to pick up their shovels, pack up their camels and asses and he would lead them to the promised land.

It is also said that one of our earliest left-leaning presidents told his constituents to throw down their shovels, sit on their a$$e$ & light up a camel, because this WAS the promised land, thereby creating the "entitlement" mind-set, and after they had 'set' on their minds for a long time, they lost ( or abandoned) the spirit that gave this "promised land" so much promise.

"...now we are engaged in a great (well great in the sense that it is LARGE and invidious) civil war, testing whether that country or any country so conceived can long endure..."

If o(WHATTA)bummer and his fellow un-American socialists have their way, it won't. They are, already, feathering their nests with the planned "worker's paradise" commissars, who will replace the Constitutionally established 3 co-equal branches, which the congress and the supreme court have (as liberal, useful idiots [or co-conspirators]) allowed them to do.

So, Troops, I don't know about your olfactory senses, but mine detect the diSTINKtive odor of cesspool sludge, emanating from almost ALL of the halls of government, be it the irs, whose dog ate lois lerner's laptop, to Benghazi (where a "spontaneous demonstration" just "happened" to have sophisticated weapons, I mean, come on, couldn't embarrass themselves by throwing rocks. Just reach in the ol' back pocket & come up with AKs, RPGs, etc. Just the basics for the well-equipped "SPONTANEOUS" demonstration. "Don't leave home, without it." to b.o deciding (whoops!!!) he CAN (unilaterally) stop the deportation of illegals and get past the red tape of getting senate confirmation on appointees by "recess appointments", when the senate ISN'T in recess. What a blessing. Amazing what a king can do!

b.o. REALLY stinks, as does the rest of the cesspool, in washington, the district of criminals.

Our government(?) is now so weak (and/or corrupt) that we (actually they) allow our people to be imprisoned (by foreign governments) & even killed, with no consequences. They even have the unmitigated gall to tell Israel to "play nice" with (and not defend themselves against) people who want to eradicate Israel.

On a personal note, all of you Troops should be praying for the safety, security and peace of Israel. If you are present when the anti-semetic cesspool sludge decide to assault Jews who are in our country, and you feel led to honor God's promise that Israel and her people are to be blessed and that you should contribute to the blessing by inserting your foot as far as you can into the anatomy of the anti-semite, I will essay to raise your bail, hopefully with the assistance of your fellow Troops. I am not inciting to riot, but the protection of the life or limb of another is, generally (and by people who are reasonable and as righteous as human beings can be) and of good will, considered to be a righteous act.

We should be providing a CAP (combat air patrol) over Israel and anytime the hamASSES set up a rocket launcher, WE should take it out and tell the palestinians that allowing the bad guys to do this makes them accessories and liable for repercussions.

The non-hamASSES would find a way to eliminate the hamASSES, like giving them a grin from ear to ear, in the middle of the night. End of problem. We should, also dip our ammunition in pig blood and make it common knowledge. No more Mr. Nice Guy!!!

We should do the same thing for the international investigators who are trying to get the facts on the airliner that may have been shot down by russian separatists. ATTENTION, ALL BAD GUYS WHO ARE SHOOTING AT THE INVESTIGATORS: WE ARE WATCHING YOU AND A HOSTILE MOVE AGAINST THE INVESTIGATORS WILL GET YOUR A$$E$ SHOT OFF!!!!!! Have a nice day!!!

Now back to our domestic troubles. We have an imperious couple, in OUR house, who are looking at having to leave the "lap of luxury", that they have enjoyed since stealing their first election.

I can just see them engaged in "pillow talk", when she turns to him and says, "b.o., I don't want to go back to being a private citizen. Can't you just declare martial law & crown us Emperor & Empress?"

To which he would be likely to reply, "I don't have the constitutional authority to do that, but I did it with the illegals, so maybe I can get away with it."

Now, all of you Troops who are "naysaying" about this ("Oh, couldn't happen to us.") remember that the free societies in europe thought that they couldn't be threatened by the "little corporal" (either napoleon or hitler) & wound up in untold misery because of their complacency.

As Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." So it has been, for the duration of the o(WHATTA)bummer regime, but good people have TRIED to do something. It hasn't been enough to overcome the evil of Satan and his minions in the "democratic socialist" movement, so (as the bible says, Luke 22:36), If you have no sword, sell your garment and buy one.

The history of the decline of our government is rife with examples of how we are sliding down the side of a glass mountain with little or nothing to stop the disaster.

The courts are, increasingly, leaning left (and anti-constitutional) as I heard (on "Armed American" [the radio show]) that a "judge" had stated that ordinary citizens had no 2nd amendment rights and another that he NEVER returned firearms to their legal owners.

The "elites" have moved us into a plutocracy that is (strangely) run by the "democratic socialists" who are supposed to want everyone to be equal. The only problem is (like all other "democratic socialist" all-powerful states, they want to be "more equal" than everyone else.

Our "public employees" have forgotten whom is supposed to work for whom and want us to support them in their lavish lifestyles, such as the o(WHATTA)bummers taking separate aircraft, at our expense.

As I've said before, they want to relegate the Constitution to the little building, with the crescent moon on the door, to be used for "personal needs".

Their actions are blatantly illegal and unconstitutional and should (by all that that is right and good) result in criminal prosecutions and prison.

Let's put it this way: If you ignore, or support the actions of the current regime, in their actions that have become BLATANTLY ILLEGAL (or their inaction, when common decency demands action) there is no MAYBE about it. You ARE ignorant, incompetent (as in requiring a keeper) or one of THEM, deserving of a ride out of town on a splintery rail, no extra charge for tar & feathers.

2016, the time for REAL hope (as in prayer) for REAL change, as in taking back the control of our government from the subversives who are working so hard to subvert it.

Speaking of which, anyone who hasn't seen the movie "2016", from Dinesh D' Souza (Sp?) or "America", the movie, we (the li'l Corporal & I HEARTILY recommend them. Just saw "America" & she was crying, at the end. There was applause from the audience and, when I stopped a Manager to thank them for showing it, she said a lot of people had been highly complementary.

Mr. D' Souza is an unabashed flag waving patriot, although he recognizes America's faults, he recognizes that she is the best system going. He interviewed a Hispanic gentleman about the Hispanic view that we stole our southwest from Mexico & how he would feel if we gave it back. His reply was, "I'd move to Minneapolis."

A Border Patrol officer was asked about the thousands of people trying to cross the border to get OUT of the U.S., into Mexico. He answered that he had seen no such exodus, only those trying to get INTO the U.S.

Mr. D' Souza examined all of the accusations leveled at the "evil" U.S., including the evil of slavery. He detailed the history of slavery around the world, including present day. He said that the U.S. is the only country where thousands of white men gave their lives to put an end to it.

Incidentally, when the left cries about the Republicans wanting to classify the Negro as a fraction of a person, you have to remember (if you are honorable, so that lets out the left) that it was so the southern democrats could not count their thousands of slaves for representation (which they weren't going to get) which would have given them more votes in the House and made it harder for the Abolitionists to END slavery.

Unfortunately, just as with mr. o(WHATTA)bummer chastising the southern senators for opposing the civil rights legislation, he didn't bother to say that the problem was with the southern DEMOCRATS.

But leftists don't have to speak the truth, if a lie will accomplish their goal, and it usually will.

Stay tuned for my attempt to elicit a response from the galaxy theater, in Porterville, Ca., as to why they won't show "America", the movie. Trying to give them ample time (after my 3rd contact) to respond.

One of my Conservative "Buds" had this to say:

[ "tell everyone to go to on the galaxy 9 web site and click on "contact us" and send a similar e-mail. why are you not showing "America: Imagine the World Without Her" I would think in a area where the highest percentage per capita of young men were killed in the Vietnam war. the ticket sales would be high. it's was the same thing with the movie "Gods Not Dead", people had to drive all the way to Fresno to see it. Here in Porterville we also have a high percentage of religious persons. I do not understand your booking agents idea of what to show in Porterville. or maybe it has to do the political philosophy of the owners of Galaxy Theaters. "]

My own thoughts and (hopefully) their response, in the next class. It is almost finished and I dropped a preview by, so they could see how they would be portrayed, in the absence of a response, about a month pending and counting.

Pray for strength, insight and for a revival.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Father, we REALLY need You. As Paul Linde said it, "The rats (in this case, bureau-rats) are WINNING." Only You can get it right, so we ask that, in the name of all those who have sacrificed to keep Your land going and, especially, I ask it in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, HOOAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack, out. Leaving the air and closing station.

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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