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Print | n.a.a.c.p. finally shows "True Colors" says "Tea Party" racist
Muster Right Here© - Jul 21 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

At EASE!!! Don't bother sitting down! This won't take long! The n.a.a.c.p. ( A.K.A. the nitwit anti-American communist plotters) has "come out", at last! I've heard that they have "marginalized" themselves. HORSE PUCKEY!!! They have jumped, headfirst, (no pun intended) into the toilet!!! 1, 2, 3, FLUSH!!! Hope they don't pollute the cesspool, too much.

I have seen "Tea Partiers" spoken and sung at one and followed the movement, on line & in the "media". I have yet to see any credible evidence of racism. Anyone who believes this horse puckey might as well call ME racist, with my Hispanic wife (unofficially) adopted Black Mom & Brother, Hispanic, Asian & Black Reserve buddies & former (civilian) co-workers.

If anyone had witnessed a couple of my former co-workers & me (at a packing shed) they could have seen true (politically incorrect) racial harmony. I, the Irish-Indian, was "Mick". The full-blood Indian was "Hiawatha". The Mexican was "Pancho Villa". We worked together, laughed together ate together & drank beer together.

If anyone can bring me a VERIFIABLE instance of Tea Party racism (not some leftist cesspool sludge plant) I will publicize it & excoriate the individuals involved, but everyone who truly believes in this contemptuous slander stand on their head, in THAT corner. I picked the one containing the toilet brush, the toilet plunger & mop bucket because I'm not expecting a crowd. Conservatives know it's a lie & lefties will be among friends.

Just remember, Troops, & especially you minority Troops, if the lefties will lie to you about this (& they have) they'll lie to you about any & everything, & they have.

Squad leaders take charge & get these people busy cleaning up the stinking mess in poly-ticks!!!

God bless y'all & God bless America, especially the guardians who stand "on the wall"!!! HooaHH!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt Mack, out. Closing station & leaving the air.

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