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Print | Halleluja!!! The Supremes struck a blow against uncle joebama (stalin) bite-mes plan to have jackbooted cops confiscate your weapons w/out a warrant!!!!
Muster Right Here© - Jul 18, 2021
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

So, B-4 we get started with the usual round of problems, with the joe-bite-me cabal, heres a personal note. If you are a keyboardist, in or moving to Tulare County, Ca., can handle a Yamaha 8000 and an eclectic mix of music, not into drugs or any type of behavior that would be detrimental to a musical group, or know someone who fits that description, there is an opening with the possibility of playing class establishments, in the Tulare Co. area. Contact C/O Post. GIT ER DONE, TROOPS! That is all!

Halleluja!!! The Supremes struck a blow against uncle joebama (stalin) bite-mes plan to have jackbooted cops confiscate your weapons w/out a warrant!!!!

Item 2: Help me out, here. I saw it on the internet: 135 rockets fall on h(H)amas, not launched by Israel. Now I cant find it, for love or money. So, if any of you Troops find it, please send me the source. I can see it now: Cost of 135 rockets, a few hundred thousand $$$. Having them fall back on the cesspool sludge hamas, that launched them or on their troops or allies, PRICELESS!!!

UN-COVER!!! Silent (individual) prayer or contemplation.
In Jesus Name I pray, HOAAHHH!!! COVER, SEATS!!!

Im sure glad that there are enough people who arent falling for the lib/left line that guns are bad that the young man was able to arm up and shoot one of the invaders, who shot his Granny (and kill him) preventing further harm to anyone in the home. HOOAAHHH, young man and family!!!

Speaking of bad things (like then lib/left), in the midst of transitioning from the Trump Presidency to the unclejoebama-stalin-bite-me regime, we are (also) transitioning from a society that was (basically) lawful and honorable to one that is being run by the biden crime family, in conspiracy with the demoncrapic party. The midst of this transition, there are many intelligent people who are warning that we are approaching a new civil war, fomented by the left. Unfortunately, if the fit hits the shan, under the joe-bama-bite-me regime you can expect that federal troops (should they become involved) will be on the side of the left.


I say this 3 times to try to make an impression on the undecided, weak-minded and other kool-aide drinkers. You have to remember that the unclejoe-bama-stalin-bite-me regime is a new pinnacle in corruption, treason and tyranny, never before seen in America and seldom seen in any civilized country in the world. Even before the 2020 election farce, the joe-bama-bite-me cabal was making it plain that, should they be successful in stealing the election, the fundamental transformation (AKA destruction) of the United States of America was their agenda.

Now you have to give credit where credit is due. o(WHATTA)bummer did a job worthy of a minion of satan in his attempt to destroy this country. he, then masterminded the plot to defraud an entire country of its franchise, in such a manner that the so-called supreme court is afraid to set things right, so now the individual states that are still under the Constitution are going to have to oust the traitors in their midst and form an Article 5 Constitutional Convention, which the communists will declare unconstitutional and the patriots will have to enforce (maybe with force of arms) to ensure that things are put back to rights.

It is, also, to be hoped that those who have committed treasonous acts against the country will be called to answer for them. AND, continuing in the vein of bad things, we were fortunate enough to catch a copy of the fresno fish wrap, which smells like 3-day old fish, even without the fish. I say fortunate because, with all of their lies and other creative fictions, they furnish a lot of material for my classes. Actually, today we searched out a couple of redeeming graces that could encourage some people to continue to subscribe.


Hello Troops and all of you leftist 5th columnists that have been hoping that I have simply disappeared, Im BAAAACK!!!! Just a brief sabbatical, while I probed the inner workings of the crashed computer (aided by our local guru and brother in Christ, Pastor Randy, who also writes a column here) and the USC medical team probed MY inner workings and pronounced me flawed, but workable. So, AWAYYYYY WEEEEE GOOOO!!!

So, back to the fresno fish wrap and all of their sick-o-pants. June 2021 Free money for farm workers? As the article states, this does make a suggestion of socialism, so I would be hard to convince that this is a good idea, especially when the lack of work for the farm workers is being caused by the criminally stupid water policies of the fat-cats in the state governmental SNAFU cabal. Provide the water that the growers need and they can employ the field workers.

Free money IS socialism and should not exist in a capitalist society. ... Sergeant Mack

Free money IS socialism and should not exist in a capitalist society. SONOFAGUN!!!!

There IS intelligence in Clovis and the fish wrap caught some of it! Thank you, Mr. Angulo, for sharing, in your letter! I lack the ability to bring up Mr . Fialas letter or article re: the internment of Japanese Americans, at the start of WW2. I can only say that I view it as a necessary evil, for the protection of all concerned, given the anti-Japanese feeling, after Pearl Harbor. I will state, unequivocally, however that the U.S. government fell shamefully short in its obligations to the internees.

Anyone occupying a Japanese-owned house should have been paying rent, collected by the government and the same holds true for those operating farms or businesses. The internees should have been made whole, unless they were, legitimately, found to have been spies. So, re: Gordon Ymnanakas letter, all I can say is that most of what I have heard (from reliable sources) is that most of crt seems to be aimed at making white people critical of their own race and there isnt ANY race that is above criticism. YES, teach ALL of history, with ALL of its flaws and blemishes. Teach ALL about slavery, including that BLACK people were enslaving BLACK people and selling them to WHITE people.

YES, teach ALL of history, with ALL of its flaws and blemishes. ... Sergeant Mack

Tell me, if you can, how many raiding parties WHITE people conducted into the interior of Africa to enslave Black people. If its more than 1, Ill be HIGHLY surprised, because the BLACK people were MORE than willing to enslave their BROTHERS AND SISTERS FOR PROFIT!!!! Then you get America that conducts a devastating civil war for NO PROFIT, to free the slaves that they PURCHASED!!!!! Sounds like a LOSE LOSE proposition, to me.

So, dont talk to me about WHITE GUILT!!! My folks were deep Southerners & my father was deeply prejudiced, until he got his head out into the oxygen (I believe in his late 20s or early 30s) and, during my lifetime, I never saw him treat any black person differently from a white person, nor did he or my mother give any hint as to how we were to behave differently. All adults were Maamd and Sird, had doors opened for them and chairs vacated for them, black, white, red, yellow, orange, green or chartreuse.

Bout all the time I have for the fish wrap. Just glad to see there are glimmers of hope in an otherwise dismal outlook.

Just heard a great idea!!! uncle-joe-bamas-talin-bite-me wants to spend a bundle of our $$$ on bike lanes. GREAT!!! & he & the rest of the cabal can ride bikes & save us a ton of money on the over-priced gas they have caused us (US) to have as a burden, THEY need to be riding bicycles, to avoid being a burden to us (US).

LOTSA BULL-e-tin!!!!

Her(?)name is berry and she(?) doesnt want to represent us (US) in the Olympics, just her(?) agenda. Well I dont want our $$ spent to send her(?) there. If she(?) wants to represent an agenda, rather than this country, I say, Let her(?) do so and have the pride to do so on her(?) own dime!!!!

Well, thats about all, for this class. Hope Yall doin well.


Heavenly Father, its worse and gettin worser. About all we can do is keep fighting , here and leave the rest to You. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOOOAAAAHHHH!!!!

SGT Mack leaving the air and closing station, God bless America!!!!


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