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Muster Right Here© - Jul 17, 2019
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

We SERIOUSLY need to shovel out the cesspool sludge!!!!

Un-COVER!!! (Individual, silent prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!! COVER!!! SEATS!!!

When we have olympic athletes (supposedly representing our country) disrespecting our flag, I dont care how good they are, they need to be dropped (preferably from a great height) from the team and prosecuted for violating the Flag Code.

Additionally, they have defrauded the taxpayers, in accepting training and material support, as representatives of our country and, then dishonoring our flag.

I want to thank Kelly OHara (Erin go Bragh!!!) for rescuing the flag. Too bad she didnt (accidentally) plant her foot where it might have been educational to whichever one dropped the flag. Id have contributed to her legal defense!

megan rappin ho is a prime example of what judicious exercise of retro-active birth control could avoid.

she(?) is the ePITome of the spoiled, self-centered super-silly-ass leftist that has been spawned in our public screwel system (thank you Rush Limbaugh) , from the earliest indoctrination, in kindergarten, to the over-paid, over-coddled, under-disciplined (poison)-ivy-covered walls of higher brain (?) washing. Either that, or she (?) is irredeemably EVIL!!!

OK, Troops you vote. All of those who say, super-silly-ass leftist twit raise your hands. OK, got a count. Now all of those for irredeemably EVIL? Wow!!, Ya think? Irredeemably EVIL wins!!!

When I don my uniform, or wear the flag, in any manner, I am (eminently) aware that I represent all of those who have gone before me. I stand taller, because I stand on the shoulders of those who have gone b-4 me, so Id better do my utmost, to do it RIGHT!!!

When I don my uniform, or wear the flag, in any manner, I am (eminently) aware that I represent all of those who have gone before me. I stand taller, because I stand on the shoulders of those who have gone b-4 me, so Id better do my utmost, to do it RIGHT!!!

Oh, GEE!!! Found a picture of megan rappin ho , refusing to salute the Flag, when the Anthem is being sung. It MUST be contagious, as there is a male (?) cesspool sludge, at the other end of the picture, ALSO not saluting.

And how about this inclusive representative team excluding Jaelene Hinckle who (by all accounts) is a superb player and seems to have been dropped because she is a Christian and cant be pressured to support the lgbtq alphabet soup pressure group, against her beliefs.

By the way, from what Ive seen Jaelene is a HE77UVALOT prettier than rappinho and has a lot more class. Jaelene and Kelly would be my choices to Co-Captain our womens soccer team . And speaking of class, any of the cesspool sludges that participate in public vulgarity, while (supposedly) representing us (U.S.) should be summarily dismissed, for conduct unbecoming. Id rather we work on developing 2nd string players into 1st string, than to permit this type of gross mis-conduct.

Enough about THOSE cesspool sludge lefties.

Now how about the activist lib/left judges whose juris-IMprudence is making our legal system a mockery and a sham. How about a chief IN-justice assisting one side of a case, by re-writing the law (O[WHATTA]bummer [doesnt] care) that was SUPPOSED to be IMPARTIALLY adjudicated, in the course of the supreme courts business.

Kind of like the train conductor, on our municipal (court) railroad leaving the (kangaroo) courtroom, to find the engineering and traffic study that the Calif. Appellate Court said the PROSECUTOR had to provide, or admit that they couldnt provide it. The train conductor, then produced pages that were TOTALLY irrelevant, to the case and tried to con me into accepting them, as legitimate, to justify the (illegal) speed trap that was totally obvious to anyone w/ two wits to rub together. While not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Im not (quite) as dumb as I look and pointed out the discrepancy. After I raised the statute that requires the persecutor to PROVE its case, the train conductor (reluctantly) dismissed the case.

I rcd some thumbs up on the way out.

All that said to say, we need to be impeaching (maybe hanging?) some of the black robed cabal that thinks that it can play fast and loose with our laws, because they have some of that All power... that ..tends to corrupt... BEFORE they grab the ...ABSOLUTE power... that ...tends to corrupt, ABSOLUTELY.

Once, again, I humbly and reluctantly offer my services to pull the lever. OH, CAN I, PULEEEEZE? Ill even buy my own black hood!!!

So, what ELSE is new, in the zoo? Oh, yeah, some of the OTHER super-silly-ass leftist twits are raising HE77, because of the horrendous conditions that the invading mob, on the border, is facing. The tears, running down the back of my neck are soaking my shirt.

How about this? We didnt invite them, although the gross mismanagement of our borders, by a WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE, b-4 Pres. Trump, has CERTAINLY exacerbated the situation. (You like that word? Go look it up.) Hes doing what the WHOLE (in some cases HOLE) BUNCH SHOULD HAVE DONE!!! So, Why the HE77 are they OUR PROBLEM??? Mexico, now that they are doing something, needs to find out who started it and JAIL THEM!!!

Best case scenario: Send them home!!! 2nd best case scenario: All of you bleeding heart (super-silly-ass) twits, you take care of them, AND send them home!!!

Best case scenario: Send them home!!! 2nd best case scenario: All of you bleeding heart (super-silly-ass) twits, you take care of them, AND send them home!!!

I continue to be encouraged at the increase of push-back, by conservatives who are increasingly ignoring the lies, like six-hirb and hater that are thrown at us, for simply exercising our God-given rights that are protected by the Constitution.

Hey, twit, if you dont like what Im saying, leave, tune me out or engage me in intelligent debate. Oh, I forgot, most lib/lefties dont have the two , wits that would equal a half-wit, that would enable them to mount even an un-intelligent debate. They, simply, regurgitate the leftist line, having not the vaguest conception of what it means.

Now how about that census? Supposed to count everyone in our country, with their IDENTIFIABLE origins. It isnt a big deal, unless the lib/left MAKES it a big deal, because it doesnt WANT to identify illegals. What can be done, by executive order of one occupier of the White House (barak hussein o-WHATTA-bummer) should be un-do-able, by a President, by executive order.

How does this gripe your guts? The bucket of cesspool sludge known as st. louis park, minn. Has decided to dump the Pledge of Allegiance, to cater to their diverse community. OK, fine! Since they dont feel that they owe ...allegiance to the Flag and to the Republic, for which it stands..., lets make them outcasts, shunned in the community of the Republic. You dump our pledge, we dump YOU!!!

As a start, all travelers, who are in that area, should detour around that cesspool and contact the city government and tell them why they wont be spending $$ there. That would include patriotic truckers, who can find other places to buy their fuel, food, etc.

Other business people, who can (reasonably) do so, should contact their business contacts and tell them the same. Lets do what the fans did to the nfl, vote with our wallets. Maybe the cesspool sludge on the council will repent, or be replaced. There is your slogan, Repent or Replace!!!

Did a search, just to see if there might be some redeeming social value, to st. louis park, minn. Seems they fancy themselves a tourist destination. Lets hope this action and this movement will put a crimp it their git-along.

I found NOTHING to show any value that would redeem this dung heap.

A good start would be charging the city council with perjury, as they must have had mental reservation(s) or purpose(s) of evasion, when they took their oaths of office.

I hope that the recent revelations of the left, about their true anti-American agenda will cause the liberal useful idiots to be cured of their cranial rectosis. WE need to shovel out the cesspool sludge, in our government and in our society.

Toward that end, I have a slogan for the re-election of Pres. Trump: Back Trump!!! Hes a BUTT- KICKIN SONOFAGUN!!! HOOAAAHHH!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, I thank You for the improvement I see, in our society and ask for a continuation and a revival, to start here and spread around the world. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially, for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOOAAA !!!

Emulate the duck, calm and placid, on the surface and paddling like HE77, underneath.


Sgt. Mack clear, leaving the air and closing station. HOOAAHHH!!!

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