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Muster Right Here© - Jul 13 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!! Another short class. Got to put some tea tree oil on my poison oak. Went up & worked on the spring box that supplies our water & only washed w/ soap & water, WRONG!!! Got to try dish soap or "Technu". Caused me to miss Drill & that don't happen lightly. Anyway, take notes.

Just as I won't tolerate lies about barack hussein o (what a) bummer (such as the most recent, that he ordered $20 Mil. to be used to re-locate muslims to the U.S. I checked it & IT'S A LIE!!!) so do I expose the fact that, if the lefties' lips are moving (or if they aren't) THEY LIE!!!

Prominent lefties, like john (flip-flop, "ketchup boy") kerry & (I believe) teddy (hic,glub,glub) kennedy & somewhere about 60 more, made statements that "so damn insane" had WMD's. Some of them, then, claimed that, "Bush lied & people died." Some of them, even after the mustard & sarin gas were discovered.

Some of them blamed Pres. Bush for the Louisiana hurricane disaster, knowing that the State, Parish & City authorities & even the people were at fault.

Ever since the election "osama de bomba" (per teddy [hic,glub,glub] kennedy) has blamed Pres. Bush for everything from the oil spill to my poison oak.

One of the most odoriferous lies, in recent days, from lefties in & out of the barack hussein o (what a) bummer regime, maligns the recent Arizona law, re: suspected illegal immigrants. The LIE is that it violates &/or usurps federal law &/or will lead to RACIAL PROFILING, one of the lefties' favorite catch-phrases.

THE TRUTH is, (& don't forget, unlike the lefties, in & out of the regime, I READ IT!!!) it says that IF DURING A NORMAL CONTACT, the officer has REASON TO SUSPECT that the subject MAY BE here illegally, he/she shall verify the status. Now, maybe I'm "ign'ant", but I would think that a who person speaks no English, has no U.S. I.D. &/or is wet, from the waste, down & is in close proximity to the border & may be skulking around, in a furtive manner, is a prime candidate to have his/her status questioned. teddy (hic,glub,glub) kennedy said it best, "Lie, after lie, after lie."

The only problem is, he forgot that when he pointed that booze-tremored finger at the Conservatives, he had 3 other fingers pointing back at himself & his fellow lying, maladjusted, misanthropic, evil, anti-American CESSPOOL SLUDGE!!! Yes, unlike many, respected, talk-show hosts & columnists, I WILL call them UN-AMERICAN!!!

Bottom line & your assignment. The electorate needs to be alerted, in a persuasive manner about the inherent dishonesty of the left. Do the research. Print out your findings & disseminate the info.

I'll try to get more info out, after I get rid of this mess.The point is, not everyone attends these sessions, so it is up to you, the Troops in the street, to talk to your Independent, Liberal & leftist friends & get through to them that, while Conservatives & Liberals make mistakes, activist lefties are EVIL and are working to destroy this country.

If that happens, God help the world, 'cause no one else can, or will. Get busy, get active!!!

God bless y'all, our guardians (especially Troops in harm's way), may they all have a quiet shift or tour & God bless AMERICA!!!

Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt Mack, leaving the air & closing station.

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