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Muster Right Here© - Jul 08, 2017
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

So, I read that Porterville, Ca. is tightening "code enforcement". You can't park a boat or a motorhome (both licensed motor vehicles) in your driveway!

Un-cover!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus' Name I pray, COVER, SEATS!!!

When you bought your house, did the deed say, "...except the driveway, which will be overseen by some un-elected bureau-rats, appointed by some elected employees whose grasp for power exceeds their grasp of justice?"

I didn't think so. When I lived there, I had 2 cars, a boat AND a motorhome parked in my front yard, but I was in a "county island" and, anyway, I had no "driveway". Now let me see, what kind of a system is it that dictates what people can do with supposedly "private" property? Is it communist?, socialist?, dictatorial?, oligarchist?, plutarchist?, I guarondamntee you, it ain't a democratic, representative republic!!!

Ben Franklin was asked, after all of the "birth pains" of our country, what they had achieved. He answered, " A Republic, if you can keep it."

For years, now, an increasingly intrusive federal (and in kalifornia, state) and, now, local government has eroded the God-given freedoms and rights of our citizens.

If we don't put on the brakes and hold our elected employees to account, they will continue to make government larger, which makes us (U.S.) smaller and smaller, so that the BIG government feels empowered to continue to walk over us.

BEWARE, Porterville, Ca.!!! If you continue to allow your employees to "run the asylum", you'll wind up like new york, with employees dictating policy and procedures, oh, looks like "the clowns " are "already here".

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to review the voting records of your elected employees and un-elect any whose voting records reflect a "controlling" interest, in your business. Now, on the other hand, if the citizens of porterville have made a conscious decision, in the voting booth, to empower their elected employees to authorize their subordinates to enforce such draconian regulations, I would say, God bless you, enjoy the fruits of your choices!!!

Oh, GEE!!! Another leftist snowflake whines about being excoriated for cesspool sludge-ism.

According to internet source WND (World Net Daily) leeanga-yamahtta taylor, a "professor" at princeton, felt that she(?) was privileged to rant about President Trump, but immune from being quoted and criticized, in spite of spewing her(?) bile in a public forum, at hampshire college. WAAHHH!!! Where's my safe-space? I'm not a responsible adult and need pla-do and stuffed toys!!!

It must be great to be so stupid as to (arrogantly) presume that because you are not "...a newsworthy person..." (and I have doubts about her (?) personhood) that you can spew cesspool sludge with impunity. I do, however, agree that she(?) is infinitely UN-newsworthy and I would add unworthy in every OTHER way, so I hope that we can consign her(?) to the depths of obscurity (or something more deep and vile) and move on. She (?) isn't worth our notice.

So, how about that fresno fish-wrap, bee? They, FINALLY, got something right, sort of, when they urged the finish of the "high-speed rail" boondoggle. Unfortunately, only the wording is right. Their intent was to complete it, while the proper context should be to finish it by BURYING it and charging moonbeam brownstain and all of the other proponents for the money they have extorted from the taxpayers.

O.K, back to the cesspool-sludge left and their lib-useful idiots, down in Kern County. They have run an ad, in the Bakersfield Californian, urging citizens to pressure the Kern Schools Trustees to abandon their courageous action, to protect their students and staff, by allowing CCW holders to carry weapons on campus.

To counter the ill-advised efforts of the above-mentioned cesspool sludge and useful idiots, I encourage all combat-trained Vets, law enforcement officers and other people who have, at least, 2 wits to rub together, to support the Kern Schools Trustees.

Anyone who has had combat or law-enforcement training knows the wisdom of the maxim that has been cited, repeatedly, by the National Rifle Association that: "The only thing that will stop a bad man (person) with a gun is a GOOD man (person) with a gun." Anyone who disputes the wisdom of this maxim is either stupid, ignorant or being deliberately obtuse, because of their political aganda and I lean HEAVILY toward determining the latter, in the case of the anti-gunners.

Speaking of ignorance, I have coined a term, for lib/lefties and other mindless twerps. Please feel free to call them "bliss", as in "ignorance is bliss".

Please contact the Kern Schools Trustees and assure them that that their wisdom and courage are appreciated and that you will support them for re-election, if they stand firm.

It would, also be good to write "Letters to the Editor" in support of this wise and courageous course.

FYI, I just killed my first "rattler" of the season. So, if you come up to the mountains or go to the country or the desert, watch where you step, because they are out there and (although you are too big to eat) they will kill you.

Many of the "cute" animals will, too. Either that or they carry diseases that will sicken you, so let's be careful out there, O.K? Now, the socialist republic of kalifornia has passed a measure, establishing a recognition day for lgbt people. This is blatant discrimination, because they left out 1 or 2 more letters, at least "q" and maybe another one. It is, also, discrimination because they left out "s", for straight. We need to have marches where we chant, "I'll say it loud, I'm straight (Christian, conservative, etc.) and I'm proud!!"

Of course the left & the non-straights will have a hissie-fit over it. Come to think of it, maybe some would have a terminal fit of apoplexy & get out of our faces.

I will re-iterate my guiding philosophy: I have nothing against anyone's race, religion, national origin, motorcycle club or sexual orientation. You do your thing, as long as it doesn't interfere with my doing of MY thing, we have no problem. Just as with the animals up here, I don't go looking to trouble them, but if they cause us trouble, I react.

Now, I hear that the dimwads are blocking witness testimony at the big inquiry into "russian hacking" of our elections. So, dim-o-cr-ass-es, you can't have it both ways. You got this big brou-ha-ha going, but you don't have the right to "cherry pick" your witnesses. If you don't want the truth SHADDAP, already. We DO want the truth.

AGAIN, I ask everyone to talk to the "Big Guns" in broadcasting and ask them to stop calling it the "democrat-IC party". That is a descriptive term for which they do NOT qualify. I call them the demoCRAT party (or dimwads or dim-o-cr-ASS-ick party) or other creative terms that are TRULY descriptive, but not suitable for a public forum.

For yet ANOTHER example of how the lib/left cesspool sludge are destroying the country and the republicrats are in tacit (or worse, active) enabling mode, look at the tulare county grand jury report on implementing the "gender p.c." agenda of the socialist republik of kalifornia and left over from the o(WHATTA)bummer regime.

The wording, unless I read it wrong (which is such an infinitesimal possibility as to be TOTALLY discounted by all of my Troops) says that individuals may not be prevented from using facilities (read bathrooms, locker rooms & showers) that are appropriate for their "gender identity" (which they may change, at will) instead of their physical, actual and factual sexual equipment.

When (and where) I grew up, a guy who went into the girls' locker room or bathroom (of his own free will) would (likely) have been fed his shorts, pummeled black and blue and advised to get a new hobby, as this one was bad for his health.

While never one to advocate violence, I will be prepared to contribute to bail and legal expenses for anyone who is provoked beyond reason, by this type of behavior and experiences legal trouble, as a result. We need to stand up for those who are driven to the edge, by this type of institutionalized lunacy.

My advice for all persons who have this type of dissociative personality is to do what others in the same straights (no pun intended) have done: Cool it, until you can get a job, save your money and have re-assignment surgery, IF you are SURE that you want to "switch", but, in the meantime, don't try to force it on us, because we don't want to play your silly game. IT AIN'T OUR PROBLEM!!!

Instead of doing the right thing and stalemating the agenda with lawsuits, until Pres. Trump can get enough conservative Judges on board to reverse this travesty, tulare county caves in and implements a heinous policy that places young people (who should be protected from the follies of their elders, by clear-thinking, responsible citizens) at risk.

Good onya, tulare county administration. I hope that, when some tragedy strikes, and it will, you will (at least) have the conscience to (belatedly) reverse course and admit to wrongdoing, oh, wait, you can't do that, because that would legitimize the coming lawsuits.

While I am not given to judgementalism, I believe there are those who will define your place in history as spineless bootlickers, who abdicated your roles as "protectors of children, decency and justice" to slink away, into infamy and being the epitome of the "tail wagging the dog".

"WE, THE PEOPLE..." have come to expect this from the socialist republik of kalifornia, but not a "hotbed of conservatism", as tulare county.

By accepting this de-valuing of long-established social norms, based on science, the "acceptors" contribute to the destruction of the fabric of society and place us further into the Biblically described end-times, where up will be down, left will be right (allegedly) and bad will be good, at least as brain-washed into the masses.

Since moonbeam brownstain and his sick-o-pants are declaring the socialist republik of kalifornia (AKA sorepukal [pronounced sore-pukal]) and its cities to be "sanctuaries" for criminals, why should Tulare County not be a sanctuary for people with brains and morals?

There's more to discuss, but I have to prepare my class for my "boots on ground" face-to-face Troops.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!! Heavenly Father, again, I thank You for the recent successes and ask Your continued support, as we continue on. In all things I thank You and praise You and (especially) for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHHHH!!!

Dis -MISSED!!! Sgt Mack Leaving the air and closing station.

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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