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Muster Right Here© - Jun 29 2012
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack 3 Degrees of Denial :
1) It Can't Happen Here, Thank GOD !
2) I Can't Believe It's Happening Here, GOD Help Us !
3) I Can't Believe It Happened Here, GOD Save Us !!!

Stand at EASE!!!

I hope you came prepared for a long session, as this is going to be rough!

First, we'll ask for guidance. You may pray or meditate in silence. Un-COVER!!!

In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAHHH!!! COVER!!! Take SEATS!!!

All smokers move downwind & carry on. Non-alcoholic drinks and pogie-bait are authorized. Get comfortable & get ready to be really UN-comfortable!

People don't want to believe ill of their own (or most other) people and have trouble accepting atrocities, even when the evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable.

Case in point: Germany. There are STILL Holocaust Deniers in and adherents to, Germany. If there EVER was a case where the evidence was irrefutable and settled, hitler's germany is it, followed (very closely) by imperial japan and communist u.s.s.r.

In the beginning, civilized, cultured people could not believe that their "progressive" country was becoming a society of thugs, that would create so much mayhem and cost so many lives.

Edmund Burke said that all that was necessary for evil to triumph was for good men to do nothing. Good men in (& OUT of) germany, japan & the u.s.s.r did nothing.

Millions died.

In germany and the u.s.s.r. people bought the "kool-aide" that the "democratic socialists" would cure all of the ills of their countries, so they gave more & more power to "the government".

The common thread, there, is that both entities were represented as "democratic socialists" and the term is pretty much an oxymoron. Everyone is supposed to be EQUAL, but some end up being MORE equal than others, with lavish lifestyles and privileges, while the "common people" live in poverty and fear.

The people of japan have some excuse, as they were a dictatorship, at the time and a feudal society, but there were STILL people who could have side-tracked the ambitions of the war-lords & saved their people uncountable grief and (deserved) loss of life.

All power corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely. I've quoted that before, with full attribution and it is one of the MOST true statements ever to be expressed, in ANY language.

The lowest functionary, who has any authority, is liable to be tempted to let a friend in without paying or fix a ticket or "augment" their salary, by "looking the other way". It is part of the human condition & something we (individuals) must fight, every day.

Unfortunately, we tend to elect people who are similarly fallible, because honor has been termed "square, un-cool, un-hip, geeky, nerdy" & (very likely) some words I can't use, here.

The point is that "WE, THE PEOPLE...", in THIS country at THIS time STILL have enough power, IF WE ACT, before evil has the chance to triumph & DON'T TELL ME "IT COULDN'T HAPPEN HERE!!!"

We have ALREADY seen the results of OUR government running wild, un-checked, such as (to name a few) Ruby Ridge, Waco, Gun-walker and maybe Oklahoma City. We have seen the i.r.s. (not a service in the REAL meaning of the word) padlock people's businesses & seize other assets without due process. There have been cover-ups, people promoted who (probably) should have been PROSECUTED and "...the beat goes on..."

There have been many, unexplained, dis-appearances, suicides that don't seem to comport with the proper definition and other un-explained happenings that are too numerous to ignore.

Before we devolve to a society ruled by terror of "the midnight knock at the door" and more mysterious disappearances, "WE, THE PEOPLE..." under the authority of the Unanimous Declaration and the Constitution of the United States, need to rein in our congressional lawbreakers & the imperial barack hussein o(whatta)bummer regime and return to a LIMITED government "...of THE PEOPLE, by THE PEOPLE and (genuinely) FOR THE PEOPLE...'

When you have openly elitist people (?) such as diane (whinestein-not-so-fine)steine blatantly stating that if she could get 51 votes in the senate she'd pass legislation to disarm the American public, I have a difficult time understanding how people with ANY sense could vote for the party she so ably represents.

I have a difficult time understanding how she (and the rest of the cesspool sludge can pass laws that are so diametrically opposed to the Constitution (such as the phrases like "...shall NOT be infringed...") and keep their jobs and escape prosecution. Come ON people, it is the LAW OF THE LAND and you are BREAKING IT!!!

She is a POSTER CHILD for the liberal/leftist/socialist/elitist machine that holds itself to be FAR above us pee-ons.

I have even heard a rumor that in their efforts to "go green" they discharge their aircraft toilets, as they traverse "fly over country", thereby avoiding carrying the sewage and giving them an opportunity to "dump" on us figuratively AND actually. This may not be true but, given their obvious elitist actions, it is BELIEVABLE!!!

We have already seen that the current regimes run by the "social democrats" are willing to defy the EXPRESSED and LEGAL will of the people by circumventing the election process, when it disagrees with their agenda.

A gay judge (who never should have heard the case, can you say "Conflict of interest? I knew you could!) ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act.

barack hussein o(whatta)bummer has ordered the INS NOT to deport illegal aliens who would have had amnesty, under the failed "dream act" & he has sworn to work "under the table" against the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

Didn't he swear (or affirm) that he would "...preserve, protect and defend..." it? Oh, maybe he put exclusions on it & I didn't hear that. Funny thing is that I can still hear all of his lies and those of the rest of his regime, so I AIN'T DEEF!!!

I'd like to think that on Judgement Day, there would be a panel beside the throne, consisting of all of the people who have given their best efforts to make this world a better place and after each person pleads their case, the Supreme Judge of the world would turn to the panel (Washington, Jefferson,etc. from our country & the greats of the ages) & ask, "How say you, Jury, did this petitioner try to improve or protect my world & my people?"

The Jury would vote by an up or down-turned thumb. If the vote is down, the Archangel Michael would pull a lever and the cloud would open, dumping the condemned down to HE77.

The question becomes, therefore, what have YOU done to further the cause of liberty or human goodness? Would YOU pass muster?

Now the left has a very powerful tool, to dis-arm us INCONVENIENT truth-tellers and believers, those truths being "...self-evident..." that are embodied in the (inconvenient, to their agenda) Unanimous Declaration and Constitution.

The proposed weapon of our mass destruction is the u.n. "small arms control" treaty (read: ultimate societal control by jack-booted thugs, thru dis-arming everyone, except the jack-booted thugs [a long name, but accurate].)

The dim-o-crass party has, already started their self-destructive lemming rush, by supporting diane (not-so-fine)stein in the primary.

We need to start a grass-roots TRUTH TELLING campaign to remind people that it doesn't matter what laws or treaties the cesspool sludge in washington, the district of criminals pass, the ultimate smell test is to compare it to the Constitution as it has already been adjudicated that if it is repugnant to the Constitution, it is null and void, as if it had never been passed!!!

We need to support the effort to repal the o(whatta)bummer "health"scare program, that requires Americans to buy insurance and assess (emphasis on the asses, although it insults a noble animal) penalties (in violation of due process) on those who don't.

Personally, just as with helmet laws, I'd say, "Fine, you don't want to buy insurance, or wear a helmet? If you get sick, or crash, don't expect us to take care of you."

Wiser heads than mine would have to work out a system for taking care of minors, who have no choice in the matter, but it could be done.

Bottom line is, "The larger the government, the smaller the individual." those who wish to create the "nanny state" need to be shown the borders of our great country & told, "O.K., go to it, go to somewhere else to do it, & go to he77. One day you'll rue it!!!"

The evidence is clear. There is not ONE healthy "nanny" state. When you destroy individual initiative, by over-regulation, you have sown the seeds of the downfall of your society.

"Those who surrender FREEDOM for promises of 'security' deserve neither." History has shown us the truth of that maxim and those who deny it are either lying to themselves or to YOU. Either way, to entrust YOUR freedom to them is a FOOLS CHOICE!!!

My momma only raised one fool & even he wasn't TOTALLY stupid. He supported the 2nd amendment.

BULLetin!!!! SCOTUS (sometimes called the Supreme Court Of The United States) has revealed itself to be Socialist Creeps Opposed To United States (us, U.S.). In upholding obamascare (scares the H--- out of me) they have opened the door for the left's vision of the ultimate "nanny state", where "the government" is all powerful and YOU are dirt, under their feet. In so doing, they have prostituted them selves and demonstrated ultimate judicial (lack of ) prudence.

They have TOTALLY departed from the God-given vision of the founders where "WE THE PEOPLE..." would reign supreme (as we were annointed to do) and put us further down the slippery slope to an elitest run SUPER STATE.

Class attenTION!!! All personell who are familiar with "obscene gestures", prepare to salute them (scotus) with your OWN FAVORITE gesture.

Present ARMS!!!

Order ARMS!!! Please feel free to repeat this gesture, every time the subject of obamascare or the "high court" (wonder what they're high ON) comes up.

I hope the imperial o(whatta)bummer regime's obamascare and the willingness of the "high court" to prostitute itself, at the expense of the Constitution will energize y'all to vote the cesspool sludge out of office, ALL OF THEM!!!

DISCLAIMER: I, in no way, wish to impugn the honor of the Justices who voted AGAINST this criminal act. We need to elect someone who will appoint reinforcements for them.

On your FEET!!!


Heavenly Father, You know the mess. Please help us to resolve it, according to Your will. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and sacrafice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in Whose Name I pray. HOOAAHHH!!!

COVER!!! Get to WORK!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt. Mack out, leaving the air and closing station.

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