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Muster Right Here© - Jun 28, 2019
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

Once, again, I remind y’all, that there are no Democrat-IC people, in the upper levels of the dim-o-cr-ASS-ic party!!! Y’all need to just call it the dim-o-CRAT party. That is a name. Democrat-IC is a description, which does NOT apply, to this cabal of cesspool sludge, the higher level dim-o-cr-ASSes.

Un-COVER!!! (Individual, silent, prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus’ Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


The “front runners”, in the dim-o-cr-asses, continue to reveal their master plot, for the destruction of America, including confiscatory taxes, gun control (leading to confiscation), universal welfare & medicare (funded by the confiscatory taxes) draconian regulations on business and personal life, eliminating freedom of religion (for Christians) and a general climate of “Der Government Uber Alles” (over all).

It is TOTALLY incomprehensible, to me, that thinking people can continue to support a TOTALLY un-American organization that is more and more revealed as ANTI-American. Maybe THAT’s the problem. On the other side they don’t believe in thinking, just socialism and lemmingism.

It is TOTALLY incomprehensible, to me, that thinking people can continue to support a TOTALLY un-American organization that is more and more revealed as ANTI-American. Maybe THAT’s the problem.

And speaking of unbelievable stupidity, how about fresburg deciding that, rather than enforce laws, they’ll pay off gang bangers, to behave.

What we really need, with the advent of body cameras, is more weapons training, so that the punks who are holding our society hostage come to a swift and violent end. The persuasion that speaks most eloquently comes from the muzzle of a firearm, efficiently used.

The side-benefit is that (and I say this without fear of contradiction) there is absolutely NO RECIDIVISM. They may get out of prison and re-offend, but a well-placed bullet (of sufficient caliber) ensures that they won’t come back from the grave and hurt ANYONE!!!

One note of optimism is the news that the 9th circus AKA the kalifornikation klown kourt MAY be undergoing a transformation. It is to be FERVENTLY hoped and prayed. God bless President Trump, for his efforts to re-structure the judicial system, to return the rule of LAW and tear down the mob rule of “social justice” AKA (just us) that has corrupted our society.

According to one of my conservative radio talk-show hosts, the new kalifornikation “budget” (read robbery, rip-off, theft, embezzlement, etc.) is so full of pork that (on a hot day) it exudes so much fat that it has to be carried in a bucket. His over-all description, my specific words.

One such example is the dog park, authorized in the state budget, for the benefit of a (coincidentally liberal) southern kalifornia town and costing millions. He said that, when HIS town wanted a dog park, they raised the money, locally, and built it.

Fortunately, there seems to be a movement (by voters) toward repudiating the ultra-lib/left, in the state “government”. I just hope and pray that the voters will refuse the kool-aide and support the Constitution.

God knows the state “government” is doing all it can to do the opposite.


4 robo-calls, to my cell phone, purporting to be from the Soc. Sec., informing me that “due to suspicious activity” they were deactivating my Soc. Sec. # and, to get details, I should dial 1.

In the 1st place, I don’t take instructions from LIVE incoming callers, much less robo-callers . Secondly, the recording was too unprofessional, not that the Soc. Sec. has no unprofessional people, because I know they do. It just added to the alarm bells. Thirdly, I have no direct contact, w/ Soc. Sec., so how the HE77 would they HAVE my cell #?

So, DO NOT take orders from incoming callers. YOU can call their purported organization, at the phone book listing, and get any info you need. Control your affairs. Don’t let some stranger give you orders. Stay FRAUD FREE!!!

Now, how about this “reparations” Bravo Sierra? If anyone should pay reparations, for black slavery, it should be the African tribes who captured the Africans and sold them AND the dimwad party that supported slavery, opposed emancipation and fought like HE77 against civil rights and turned right around and supported “equal opportunity” which continued the subjugation of black people, this time to the government.

As to “entitlement” to reparations, how about the Brits, Irish and Scots (?) who were kidnapped and sold into slavery (or indenture), by their governments? And how about the Cherokees who were on the Trail of Tears? And all of the other people who were victimized, by our young country, in our expansion?

On top of all of this, I was not a party to any actions that would give rise to “reparations” being owed, so BUZZ OFF!!!

On your FEET!!!


Heavenly Father, all of our sins and faults, we lay before you along with all of the problems they (and our enemies) cause. We ask for your forgiveness and guidance. In all things I thank You and praise You and (especially) for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack leaving the air and closing station, HOOOAAAHHH!!!

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