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Muster Right Here© - Jun 24, 2020
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack For the 1st time, in my life, I am in contempt of a (purportedly) “conservative” supreme court of the United States. Stand at EASE!!! Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation. In Jesus’ Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

Apparently, the supreme court has only 4 Constitutionalists. The others have decided that the 2nd Amendment is no longer a valid protection of the right to keep and bear arms and that ICE should not have the right to protect us (U.S.) from invaders.

I believe there may have been more idiocy perpetrated “under color of authority”, but these 2 items are so egregious that they (pretty much) overshadow the rest. It makes me want to use my “command voice” to holler, “ARE YOU FREAKIN' STUPID ???”

"It makes me want to use my 'command voice' to holler, 'ARE YOU FREAKIN' STUPID ???'" ... Sergeant Mack

It is the preferable alternative to the possibility that these “people”are not merely supertwits but (actually) a part of the leftist 5th column that is undermining the very fabric of our republic. It brings MUCH closer the possibility of a time when a patriot citizen court might have to judge them and will MOST ASSUREDLY find them wanting!!!

I mean, REALLY, what is the statutorily assigned job of ICE? If you said “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” you stated the obvious, but go to the head of the class, ahead of the gaggin’ noisome (illegally protecting illegals, sanctuary state) regime and the majority of the U.S. supreme court.

And speaking of the ROGUE court, what is their job? How about enforcing the Constitution, by comparing the subsequent laws TO the Constitution and overruling any that conflict WITH the Constitution? A case in point: the socialist republic of kalifornia has (frequently and blatantly) violated the 2nd Amendment and it is the job of the Supreme Court (as they were sworn to do) to smack california down!!!

These things are codified in law and are explicit enough for a dummy like me to understand, so the “supremes” may justly be accused of deliberate obtuseness or deliberately undermining the country they are sworn to serve.

While I strongly support the concept of “malice toward none”, I have to FERVENTLY hope that IF anyone is going to be harmed by the fall-out of their folly (the lack of support for the 2nd Amendment and our immigration laws) it is going to be THEM!!! Some people are so far into their “castles in the air” that they are no longer breathing oxygen.

Support of intelligence requires a certain amount of oxygen, in the mix of what you breathe. Too little oxygen, from altitude, or too much methane, from a different positioning of your head (cranial rectosis) have a similar deleterious effect on the function of the human brain.

Heavens to Murgatroid!!! I nearly forgot the DACA CACA!

During the o(WHATTA)bummer regime, the left was concerned about THE CHIIILLLDREN, who arrived here, illegally, and were called “dreamers” and the left didn’t want new recruits deported, so they asked o(WHATTA)bummer to protect them. Remember all of that? So, o(WHTTA)bummer made this big stink about how he wasn’t a king and lacked the authority to do what his leftist cabal wanted. (Oh, if only you’d crown me King, things would be SOOO much better!) So, he must have had a private coronation, to which the peons weren’t invited, because, in the words of “quid pro-quo joe bite me” : “Son of a B####” he (quite illegally) DID IT ANYWAY!!!

Now comes President Trump, reasoning that, since o(WHATTA)bummer lacked the authority to do what he DID, a subsequent President, acting in a reasonable manner, should be able to reverse the illegal “royal decree” of his predecessor. Now hold on thar’ Buckaroo! The leftists can’t stand anyone interfering with their agenda, to take over the country, so their toadies in black robes put the quietus on the Pres. exercising of his constitutional power.

AND benedict roberts rolled over and exposed his throat, in submission. OR is he really (as I have long suspected) flying false colors, as a purported conservative, to aid and abet the leftist 5th column? After his stunt w/ o(WHATTA)bummer doesn’t care, I have a STRONG suspicion that he IS NOT NOW and HAS NEVER BEEN a member of any Constitutionalist group. Probably had to swear that on a stack of satanist bibles.

"Now I understand that (Chief Justice Roberts) has been asked to resign." ... Sergeant Mack

Now I understand that he has been asked to resign. WHAT???? If he had enough conscience to resign, he wouldn’t NEED to resign because he wouldn’t be doing all of this Bravo Sierra.

But that ain’t ALL! They didn’t even (from what I heard) have the stones to declare a full-on Constitutional fight. They said he didn’t say “Mother may I?” So that means he can still do it, IF he jumps thru all of their hoops.

Oh, how about this? Just read about an individual who was menaced and assaulted by a mob, until he pulled his gun. End of problem, RIGHT? No, HE was arrested, for defending himself. In the immortal words of Bob Grant, “It’s sick and getting sicker.”

And what is this Bravo Sierra of some super twit “mayor” or “governor” saying about a “summer of love”, with “people” assaulting, robbing, committing arson in the name of a “more just society”? Can you say hypocrite? I knew you could!!!

Oh Myrtle!!! This just in! Another cranial rectotomite has compared colonic crapperneck (as a hero) to Pat Tillman who gave up his football career to become an Army Ranger and lost his life in defense of his country. That’s worse than the nobel prize committee giving o(WHATTA)bummer a prize for “expected performance”, which is a WHOLE different kind of stoooopid!!! Just shows that having a lot of money and prestige doesn’t keep you for being a DINGBAT!!! AND the higher you go, in “higher education”, the more you are prone to cranial rectosis!!!

Face it! colonic crapperneck stank (as a “football player”) B-4 he became a stinkin’ anti-American!!!

If there is ANY justice, under God’s heaven, this November will see a landslide victory for conservative candidates and (by this time next year) my classes will become a lot less interesting, because the most interesting topics of conversation are conflict and how the leftists are out to ruin the country and how we need to oppose them.

I might have to start doing classes on travel and fishing. Having finally found our Toyota Chinook we plan to do our next “mini Gospel” tour and I hope to do some fishing.

Got the thing home and all of a sudden it wouldn’t start. Finally traced it down to a distributor wire that looked burned. I think it was steel and it rusted. After much angst and use of my Army vocabulary, I figured out how to get it out and back in. IT’S ALIVE!!! Just have a few other glitches to address and we can take a “shake-down”, to the coast and revisit some old haunts of the earlier part of our mis-spent youth.

Looking forward to seeing some people tapping toes and boogying to our favorite Gospel songs. Reminds me of our 2008 trip, I think it was Sweetwater Texas, when we had performed and one of the workers came up and asked, “Did you see that little lady in the purple?” I thought, “What did I do?”, but answered,”Yes, Ma’am.” She said ,”She never MOVES!!!” But there she was tapping her toes & boogying, in her chair! Other than the heat, humidity and being in the wrong vehicle, it was a most enjoyable trip and the people were great! Didn’t see a trace of racism, all thru the South.

“blm is to the image of the black community what 8 years of obomunism is to the Presidency, a BAAAD reflection.” ... Sergeant Mack

As far as blm, anyone who doesn’t subscribe to ALM (ALL Lives Matter) is cesspool sludge from the deepest pit of the sewer. blm is to the image of the black community what 8 years of obomunism is to the Presidency, a BAAAD reflection. Anyone (or anyTHING) that wants people to make obeisance to them deserves nothing but contempt and anyTHING that commits violence against innocents deserves to be shot, in the act and achieve a saving of lives, property and taxpayer’s money!!!

The leftists are trying to intimidate everyone who has a different idea, so that they cower away from their nazi brown-shirt tactics. I have seen more racism in the socialist republic of kalifornia, from the blm cesspool sludge than I EVER saw in the South, with the exception of the 1968 race riot, at Ft. Campbell, Ky. And THAT was, also, racism against WHITES. Only because my company unified, as a cohesive group, were we able to persuade the rioters that to attack ANY of us, black, white or other, would bring INSTANT retaliation from ALL of us!!!

If you exercise your free speech rights, you are AUTOMATICALLY deemed a racist pig, which reflects badly on the people(?) or group that condemns you. THEY are, in reality, the pigs. And, speaking of leftist lies, prageru has info, from Larry Elder that purports to reveal the truth about what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014. My computer would not access it, but my faith in Larry Elder and Dennis Prager is such that I urge you to read or watch it, as I am confident that it will enlighten you. Maybe I can get it, later. Hope so.

One truth that I continue to communicate is that police need to put aside concerns about being accused of “excessive force”, if they arm their officers with a large enough caliber weapon to have 1 or 2 shot stopping power. For officer and public safety it is a must! Ironically the same caliber means that you needn’t put 8 holes in a suspect to bring him down. 1 or 2 shots, from a large caliber will stop him and there won’t be so many holes out of which he is bleeding, so he may be more likely to survive to go to trial.

The military had it right, many years ago, “Big bore stops more!” ... Sergeant Mack

I’m not talking about a “Dirty Harry” .44 mag , with grizzly bear-stopping power, but a .40, .44, .45, or 10mm ACP that hits like a fist, not likely to shoot thru & injure an innocent but will stop a “druggie” or a (non)”gentle giant”. The military had it right, many years ago. Big bore stops more! On that positive note, time to “put it to bed”.

On Your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, from my lips to Your ears. Thank You for the many, unearned blessings You grant us and I ask You for another, that of a solid , conservative sweep, this November and a revival in our country that would sweep around the world. In all things I thank You and, especially, for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack leaving the air and closing station. HOOAAAHH!!!

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