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Muster Right Here© - Jun 19 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Take SEATS!!! QUIET!!! Short session, so pay attention.

I hear a lot of whining about how the bad economy is taking away the "American Dream". Now, the question is: What IS the "American Dream"? Is it a big house, with a full multi-car garage, supported by a 6-figure income, as the result of a Harvard degree?

Yes, you, Private. After class, I want you to do 50, push-ups & sit-ups, combined, then land-navigate yourself to the barber and become his best buddy, but first give your answer. "Yes?" That IS the dream? O.K., everyone who agrees, fall in, down here. We are going to demonstrate something to the rest of the class. First, can anyone support their answer? Yes, Sgt., go ahead. The Media? That's your source? That's what I thought, no answers.

Now, Private, you take charge of this motley crew & march them over about 20 yards & lead them thru the push-up/sit-up routine. This is to demonstrate that, while stupidity may not be illegal, I won't tolerate it, in MY class. The answer is; the American Dream, as it was first conceived & is SUPPOSED to be preserved, is to have the security & individual FREEDOM to achieve whatever your talents, inclinations and willingness to work CAN achieve, without interference, from the government, which is SUPPOSED to be sub-servient to "We,The People..."

It is the dream of OPPORTUNITY. It is NOT results-guaranteeing or outcome-based. In other words, it AIN'T entitlements, or socialism. Now MOVE OUT!!! I want to hear, "ONE, Sgt. Mack, TWO, Sgt. Mack, etc."

Now that the "Remedial Training" class is gone, I have to (again) de-bunk a lie, about mr. barack hussein "debomber" (per teddy [hic,glub,glub] kennedy). 'Scuse me, class, You remedial meat heads better SOUND OFF. I can't HEAR you!!!

O.K. Some mis-anthropic, mis-aligned, mal-adjusted cesspool sludge has, again attempted to smear the "chosen one", with lies, half-truths &/or innuendos. "Homey don't PLAY THAT!!!" Nor does Sgt. Mack!!! The rumor is that mr.obummer is trying to tear down the Republic, which I believe, by the dastardly, wicked device of omitting the American flag from press briefings. Oh horrors!!!

Let me tell you this 1)If the Republic is so weak that it can't survive that omission, purposeful or not, all of my Troops better prepare to "bug-out", because this area is no longer defensible. 2) I don't believe he is THAT stupid, to do that as an attack, when he has so much MORE, either implemented or planned.

In addition to all of this, Truth or Fiction published pics, of other holders of the office, briefing sans flags. So, bottom line, if you didn't get it HERE, take it with a sack of salt. If here, a teaspoon should do &, if you got it from raw internet or major MEDIA, keep a sack of s--t, or a bucket of cesspool sludge handy, to take away the stink. Some of the major MEDIA, seeing the info, covered w/the "sludge" will, undoubtedly, recognize some of their colleagues.

'Nuff said. Got to prepare to sing w/"Little Corporal", tomorrow. God bless y'all, our guardians & God bless America!!! Hoooahhh!!! Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt. Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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