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Muster Right Here© - Jun 10 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!! Once again, you are not in a rest position. This is an instructional position, so LISTEN UP!!!

Item 1) It seems that I must apologize to the Commander-in-Chief. My latest info is that, while he didn't go to Arlington, on Memorial Day, he went to a National Cemetery, in Illinois. O.K. So, why didn't one of you Yayhoos give me an "As you were, Sgt."? I don't mind being corrected, but REMEMBER, we wash our own dirty laundry!

Next time, get your heads out into the oxygen & tell ME to. GOT THAT? O.K., give me 50, just to be sure! I, already, did my penance. Got a profile & can't do pushups, so I listened to a couple of obama speeches. Man, I wish I could do the pushups!!!! 'Nuff said.

Now! This is the response I made to a survey, purportedly, from Fox News.

Re: Should We Remove U.S. Flags, From Schools, Over Concerns For Safety of Students:

1) I could not find a place to post a comment. I'm not illiterate, but may be going blind, so please make it more obvious. 2) I tried to verify the moveon.org angle & could find no info on ANY such attempt, by ANYONE! Is this legit? Also, didn't find an article,on your site, but voted.

3) PLEASE post this comment. Re: Banning U.S. Flag, from schools: Not no, but HELL NO!!! If there is a concern for the safety of students, Deputize (1st) former military, (2nd) former police & (3rd) any other teacher who has a carry permit or is willing to take instruction & acquire a carry permit. Give them hazard pay. Have them carry concealed, silenced weapons. Give them instruction (or, for military a refresher) on urban warfare, from MILITARY instructors. I emphasize military because police, God bless 'em, are likely to revert to training & train others in "Take Down".

If you have terrorists or crazies popping people off, in a school, I want them TAKEN OUT !!! A cop, seeing people shooting people, may try to disarm & arrest, during which someone else (maybe the cop) may be injured or killed. The military way is, having identified the enemy (or assailant) DROP HIM, NOW!!! If he can be taken down, with no risk, to anyone, O.K., fine. But, if you see him shoot an innocent & he takes a bead on another, you don't holler , "DROP IT!!!" You drop HIM! No Mr. Nice Guy, front, back or side, gitt'er done!

This is "...The Land of The Free..." because of "...The Brave." I sing that song anywhere I can & salute the Flag, regularly. It dishonors all who have represented, fought or died for what that Flag represents for us (U.S.) to slink away like cowards & hide our "Grand Old Flag" because some people(?) who hate us for our freedom, even though some of them sure seem to take advantage of it, want to pose a threat to our way of life.

We need to take a lesson from many of our wildlife. They'll give you your space, but don't intrude on theirs & DAMN SURE, don't threaten their families.You are just likely to "Draw back a 'nub' ".
Thanx for your forum,
ssg6mack@gmail.com "Muster RIGHT Here, With Sgt.Mack" in the portervillepost.com

That is the ONLY, legitimate, response to threats against our young folks. I should have added that, if you are going to "take down" instead of "take out', hog-tie & gag them & leave them supervised by someone with a baseball bat, etc, & instructions not to touch them, unless they make noise or try to escape, in which case the bat, etc, is to be applied to the head, "...with vigah..." as J.F.K. would have said.

If somebody is, seriously, proposing removing the flag from schools, I have to agree with Shirley Q. Liquor, who used to be on the "Hopper in the Morning" show, on our local radio station. "Somebody need they A-- whipped!!!" I don't care if it's gangs, or crazies or any kind of extremists. Don't teach the kids to give an inch, to those cesspool sludge.

They need to have the flag to remind them of the American values, for which the flag & the country stand. Teach them that we still have the motto, "Don't Tread on Me" & we'll back it up. Remember George Washington's motto, that we pray for peace, but prepare for war. When the world KNOWS that as the Japanese General, on Iwo Jima, told his government, the LAST country they ever want to attack is the U.S., then we will have peace. Just don't get complacent. The price of freedom IS and always WILL BE eternal vigilance.

Un-COVER!!! God bless those whose vigilance allows our rest, tonight.

May they have a peaceful tour & a quiet shift. May potential enemies see their steely resolve and death-dealing potential & know that, while we seek no war, we do NOT run from it and may they decide not to wake the "...Sleeping Giant." Instead, may they cultivate an attitude of tolerance and a desire for peaceful co-existence, so that we and they and all of the generations to come may "...study war no more..." God bless y'all & God bless America. In Jesus' name I pray and all of my Troops, in one command-voice said, "HOOOAAHHHH!!!" (military for Amen) COVER!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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