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Muster Right Here© - Jun 09, 2018
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

Just when I think idiocy has maxed out and stupidity has reached the limit, sure enough, some cesspool sludge (or group of same) proves that intelligence is limited, while stupidity is limit-LESS!!!

Un-COVER!!! (Individual prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!


In the socialist republik of oregon (but not far enough gon, cause its still there) some super twit has created reparations happy hour, whereby white people donate money to buy alcoholic drinks for non-whites, thereby contributing to their ability to go out and do stupid (maybe illegal) things, which would, then, not be their fault because it was demon rum that made them do it.

In any reasonable world, the $$$ contributors would be liable for a part of the consequences but, in any reasonable world, the idiot who spawned this ill-considered, farce would have been bch-slapped and told to get their head out of their methane region and do something CONSTRUCTIVE!!!

Incidentally, as Ive said before, any blame for the slave-trade HAS to begin assessment in AFRICA, where their fellow blacks enslaved them and SOLD them to the white slavers.

To the best of my knowledge and belief, white slavers didnt invade Africa, enslaving blacks, or if they did it was a rare occurrence.

Anyone having proof (such as ships logs) is encouraged to send copies, so that I may be educated and pass it on.

In addition to this, how many countries have fought a war (killing thousands of whites) that ended their slavery and continue, to this day, to sacrifice their best to the cause of freedom, around the world? And this, in a very short span of life, as a country, when the institution of slavery has been in existence for THOUSANDS of years.

If there was any reparation to be made, in the U.S., I believe it has been well and thoroughly paid!!!

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the downtrodden minorities would be far better advised to contribute to causes that bring true benefit to them, such as volunteer groups who bring education, counseling and mentoring to deprived people and tell the dimwads who hatch THESE kinds of idiocies to STUFF IT!!!

Nuff said!!!

Now, on to the next instance of leftist, cesspool sludge, socialist republik abuse of power. In this case, it is ABOUT power, of two types. The nanny state (soc. republik of kaliforpetessakewhatthehe77aretheydoing?) has decided to FORCE everyone who builds to incorporate solar panels in their construction.

Now, dont mis-understand, we are ON solar power (over 10 years) & LOVE it, but it was OUR decision to do so.

In most instances, our elected employees and their bureau-RAT-ic appointees should stay the HE77 out of our business!!!

I can see mandatory seat belts because, if the driver is displaced from behind the wheel, the car endangers others. If the passenger is displaced, they could displace the driver, etc.

I can see mandatory vaccinations, for public school children (but only as a condition for attending schools, not FORCED inoculation) as their illnesses can infect others, but ONLY when the actions of an individual could endanger others, can I condone government (read our elected employees) REQUIRING any actions by their BOSSES!!!

This latest abuse of power, by the socialist republik of kalifornia is and should be ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

Moving on.

One thing that just burns my butt, in addition to a high flame, is the way political campaigns make accusations, back and forth, until its hard to decide who is telling the truth. For instance, there is a Republican who is being accused of donating to nancy (the pile of) pelosi.

If there is evidence of such, the evidence should be published. When Mitt Romney was accused of failure to pay his taxes, any evidence should have been published. When President Bush was accused of failing to fulfill his Air Guard commitment, any evidence should have been published.

An unsupported accusation should be considered a lie and punished!!!

O.K. Next!

A urinalist, in the fresno fish wrap seized upon a few chance remarks (some of which [Im sure] were tongue in cheek) to claim victimization for Latinos. Granted, there are bigots but they are a minority and have the right to spew their bile, just as do the black lives matter people, the radical open border fanatics and any other screwballs who have (or think they have) an issue.

One of the comments enabled him to compare Latin America immigrants to Irish immigrants. The main difference I can see is that my Irish ancestors came here LEGALLY!!!

By the way, Ann Coulter is outrageous and makes her point by being so. I am certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is not in favor of shooting border breakers. She was, simply, making the point that it is going to require some drastic action to stem the tide.

As I recall and understand Pres. Trumps comment about animals, it was about border violators who commit heinous crimes .

Just to show that Im truly even-handed re: violent criminals, I believe our law-enforcement officers should be re-trained in their response to assaults with deadly weapons. If they are present and witness an active attack, instead of attempting to dis-arm and arrest the thug, they should ensure the safety of the victim by shooting the attacker, white, black, yellow, red or chartreuse.

And, just to set the record straight, I dont want any Latino residents, who are here LEGALLY, to leave. I MARRIED a Latina!!! Best decision I ever made!!!

The problem isnt LEGAL resident Latinos or citizens, any more than it is red-necks like me. We red, brown, black, yellow, white or chartreuse, just want to be left alone, to live our lives. The problem is the cesspool sludge (calling them animals, actually, insults animals) who are disrupting society and causing harm and grief!

Eliminate them, by whatever means is necessary!!!

O.K. Off my soap box and check my bullet box. As I expected, its full.

Once, again, I am forced to give credit to the socialist republik of kalifornia. Someone has recognized that controlled burns and intelligent management are preferable to wildfires that threaten people, property, forests and wildlife.

Having been a beneficiary of the results of the past benign neglect policy and having been mandatorily evacuated a few hours ahead of a wildfire, I can state (unequivocally) that the past policy was criminally stupid!!! It was driven by idiot-ology and not logic.

Good onya, fire and forestry personnel!!! Go ahead and LISTEN to the tree huggers (even a stopped clock is right, twice a day) but ACT on principles of intelligent management.

If you can persuade other members of the state administration to follow suit and do reasonable, rational things, there may be hope for this state. Good luck!!!

Now, kudos to SCOTUS, in upholding religious freedom and (incidentally) upholding the 13th Amendments prohibition on involuntary servitude, as in forcing someone to labor when they have NOT been convicted of a crime. Of course, in-justices elana cake-in and sota-mired-in-leftism had to spout their cesspool sludge, but GOOD ONYA, for the 7.

In closing, a shout out to the pile-of-pelosi, Im a Christian and Ill ..make the damned cake..., if youll give me a written release of liability for the manner in which I deliver it!!!

ON your FEET!!!

Un-COVER!!! Heavenly Father, were still here and trying to do Your will. Please bless our efforts and guard our guardians, wherever and however they serve. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!


Sgt. Mack out, leaving the air and closing station, HOOAAHHH!!!

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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