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Muster Right Here© - May 27 2010
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Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Sanctuary Cities | obama snubs Vets | A New Broom Sweeps Clean :

Settle down, Troops!!! There's a lot to cover, today, & I still have chores to do. The "Little Corporal will be inspecting, shortly (& no, that isn't an "altitudinally-challenged joke) & I'm not "squared-away", yet.

1.) "Sanctuary Cities". What's up with this? Every criminal who gets busted in one of these cesspools should scream "UNEQUAL TREATMENT & DISCRIMINATION". If the city refuses to enforce federal immigration laws, they should lay off their entire police force & declare themselves to be "open cities", where anything goes, just as (I believe) some did for the cattle trail drovers, but be ready to take the consequences of anarchy. If the regular citizen knowingly shelters a criminal, he/she is guilty of "aiding and abetting" & subject to prosecution. Any city official who does the same should, additionally, be charged, as an accomplice, in any crime committed by an illegal, while enjoying "sanctuary".

All of these people who run around with signs saying "No person is illegal" or any such, should be taken, sign & all & (illegally) be dropped off in Mexico so they can see what it means to be treated as an "illegal", by the guy who, loudly, proclaims, "There are no illegal people, only undocumented workers!!!" I'll contribute to the gas money. 2.) obama snubs our Honored Dead Vets, on Memorial Day. Well, what did you expect from a guy who hates this country & wants to "europeanize" it & apologizes to any & everyone for the fact that our forefathers (& foremothers, equal time) worked their butts off & sacrificed (sometimes their lives) so that we could have all that we have while he takes full advantage of the fact that poltroons, socialists & other cesspool sludge can be free to spout their bile and try to destroy us (U.S.).

In one way, I'm outraged that he has added this to the list of firsts he has compiled (& someone correct me, if I'm wrong): 1st holder of the office to bow to foreign powers, 1st holder of the office to (while in office) criticize the country that feeds him & provides a luxurious lifestyle, 1st holder of the office to refuse to declare the National Day of Prayer, 1st to snub the Medal of Honor Holder's Inaugural Ball, 1st to (apparently intentionally) insult our allies, 1st to "de-Christianize" the White House, at Christmas, 1st to verbally support Islam, 1st to claim to have visited 57 of our states, w/1 to go, 1st to need a teleprompter, to speak to 6th graders, in their classroom & (I believe) the 1st to do so, flanked by Secret Svc. personnel (boy I'm glad they were there, on each side of him, in case there were "militant right-wing-terrorist-6th-graders"). The list grows, but you get the idea. He is DEFINITELY breaking new ground, in his stated goal of changing the greatest country in the world.

On the other hand, I can see that his absence will decrease air pollution, at the ceremony. I, personally, would prefer to "dis-invite" everyone from the obama regime (preventing a whole lot of air pollution) & ask one of our living Congressional Medal holders (or a "military friendly" head of an allied country) to place the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

3.) "A New Broom Sweeps Clean." I know that a lot of Troops are into that motto & want to kick out all of the incumbents & start over. I, too, want a "NEW, New Deal" for America, but the military has a good motto, also. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Now, that doesn't mean to watch something fall apart, b-4 you take corrective action. It just means that change, for the sake of change, is inefficient, costly & consumptive of time that can be better used, otherwise.

If there is a clear defect, in performance of personnel or equipment, fix it. Change the bald tire or the grinding bearing or the legislator who seems to want to make government larger & the citizen smaller. But, to fire people who are doing their jobs, according to the Constitution or city charter, etc. is an act that diminishes them AND US!!!

You need to reward faithful service with the same enthusiasm as shown in shovelling out the cesspool sludge, no, even more. One of the cardinal rules I was taught, by everyone who mentored me, in dealing with subordinates or employees (& what are elected officials but employees whom we pay to conduct our business?) is, "Praise in public, correct in private." So, investigate your representatives & candidates.

If you find a fault that is a deal-breaker, kick them to the curb & say, "Next!" Just be sure that "Next" 's faults aren't worse & that they have clear, enunciated, programs that make sense. That "Hopey-Changey thing, without substance, hasn't worked out well. Remember, if you think democracy is too much work, try slavery!!! Get busy! Move it!!! Move it!!!

God bless y'all, all of our guardians, especially Troops in harm's way & God bless America!!!

Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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