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Muster Right Here© - May 26, 2019
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

I have NEVER been ashamed to be an American or a Texan, but (in 3 instances) I have been ashamed of my FELLOW texans ( for which I remove the capital T) as I have a problem with CRIMINAL STUPIDTY!!! Un-COVER!!!

(Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation.) Lord, please help us as the dumbing down process is becoming epidemic! In Jesus Name I pray, Hooaahhh!!! COVER!! SEATS!!!

There is an old saying that you never ask a man if hes a Texan. If he is, hell tell you, and - if not - no sense in embarrassing him.

The 3 occasions for which I am ashamed of texans are: the civil war (which they didnt start, but should have exerted restraining influence on the idiots who fired on Ft. Sumpter), the episode in which the police dis-armed a female firearms dealer (after her estranged husband broke into her residence & stole weapons) on the grounds that having a firearm, present, increased the likelihood of violence (which proved true) as he killed her and [I believe] her mother, with firearms he had stolen from his wife.

There is an old saying that you never ask a man if hes a Texan. If he is, hell tell you, and - if not - no sense in embarrassing him.

He, also, injured their sons. All of which she could have prevented, had the idiots not disarmed her and, most recently, the episode in which a bartender served a scum-bag 4 drinks, in 4 hours (reportedly 2 hard liquor and 2 beers, which would not adversely affect any guy I know, who is able to drink) was disturbed by his attitude, tried to keep him at the bar and (having failed) alerted the police and went looking for him, assisting them in locating him, so that (when he went off) they were able to deal with him.

Reportedly, they commended her on her actions and then, some mental-deficient filed criminal charges , against her. THAT is a completely new form of STOOOPID!!!

And speaking of a new form of STOOOPID, we can, always, rely on the cesspool sludge that inhabits san fransh##sco to do something against california &/or Federal law.

The most recent example seems to be a no-knock warrant against a journalist (not a urinalist, but [seemingly] a real journalist) including, illegally, confiscating privileged material, because (allegedly) it was embarrassing to cesspool sludge in local government. Allegedly, this this type of action should be handled by a subpoena, not a home invasion.

Having been slapped down, by the Calif. Supreme Court (whoda thunk it?) for violating the CCW (concealed carry weapon) law (by prohibiting CCW holders from exercising their LEGAL rights, in s.f.) it isnt hard to believe that justice means just us, in san fransh##sco. Moving on.

In keeping with the Posts policy of the truth ...

In keeping with the Posts policy of the truth (whether or not it fits with our beliefs) I wish to correct a belief I have held, for a long time. It has been my belief (and that of others I respect) that there has never been a socialist government that worked.

According to a movie we just saw, Prairie Giant, a Dove film, in the early 30s, into the 70s, in Saskatchewan (and, later Canada) a Baptist preacher, by the name of Tommy Douglas (who resigned his pastor-ship to politically oppose a corrupt liberal government that was in the pocket of wealthy and corrupt capitalists, an unholy alliance that led to people being murdered) led the exception.

Pastor Douglas espoused socialist beliefs and (if the story is true) managed to resist the temptation, to which most socialist systems fall, of raising the government to a level that diminishes the people, even so-called democratic socialist regimes, including those of hitler and stalin.

IF this story is true, as presented, it still does not alter the fact that, All power tends to corrupt, absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely and power held in the hands of a few is almost ALWAYS corrupting, which happened, after he and his people were out of the government.

And, speaking of corrupt, the un-united nations is one of the MOST corrupt entities on Earth and continues to be (wastefully) OVER supported, by the U.S. (us, weuns). There have been many calls for our withdrawal from this cesspool. While I have a lot of sympathy for the idea of distancing ourselves (financially) from the cesspool sludge which inhabits the u.n., I think it is a good idea to maintain our membership, to have a forum in which negotiations may occur.

I, also, believe that the u.n. should continue to be IN the U.S., so that our diplomats are more secure. We SHOULD, however, take measures against those who (arrogantly) violate our laws, under cover of diplomatic immunity, by either expelling the individual or informing their country that, if they do not waive diplomatic immunity, the entire legation will be expelled.

The difference is that (under my plan) every time a resolution is passed (that we cant veto [which we should do, liberally, the only type of action I would do, liberally]) we should reduce our financial support. For instance, any action against Israel should earn a percentage of reduction, to the u.n. AND to the supporters of the action, individually.

Additionally, I STRONGLY oppose withdrawing or walking out from any group, unless our presence is required to have a quorum. Instead, we should be voicing our opposition to the evil workings of the cesspool sludge, taking notes and notifying the countries, so involved, that their aid check is being reduced, as their representative speaks. If you dont use (or warn the use of ) your club, what good is it?

O.K., contestants, you have earned a 25% reduction (or whatever is appropriate) in our support. Would you like to try for 50%? The next category is Should cuba continue to be on the human rights commission? Remember, now, the U.S. helps our friends and our friends support out efforts to improve the world. Those who dont need our advice, on this effort, dont need our money, so STUFF IT!!!

The $$$ we save by, giving the back of our hand to the cesspool sludge, can be used to build the border wall & fund other security measures.

O.K., Troops, Off yer dead gluteous maximi & on yer dyin FEET and support Pres. Trump, as he continues to drain the cesspool that is washington, the district of criminals.


Heavenly Father, Its sick and getting sicker, so we DESPERATELY need your help and guidance. I Thank You and praise You and, especially, for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!

COVER!!! Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt Mack out, leaving the air and closing station, HOOAAAHHH!!!

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