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Muster Right Here© - May 22 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

A lot going on, so I'll make this quick. The NRA has notified me that there are 2 VERY IMPORTANT bills that need our support: HR 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity bill and HR 1093, the batf Reform act.

HR 822 supports Art.IV of the Constitution which requires that "..full faith & credit..." be given by all states to the acts of another state.

This would require that weapon carry permits of all states (as I understand it) would be honored in all states. This is particularly important in leftist states, like california, where san francisco tried to ban permit holders from carrying, in the "city".

In (I believe) an unprecedented move, the California Supreme Court (they get caps, when they earn them) slapped san francisco down. HOOAHH!!!

HR 1093 would rein in an out-of-control bunch of jack-booted thugs that is victimizing honest citizens.

Remember, "Only a totalitarian regime (or one that is trying to be) fears an armed populace".

The government that loves its people and is loved by them, is secure in the knowledge that the armed populace is the at-large militia, who can be called on to safeguard the borders.

The government that fears its citizens (and has REASON to do so) is the one that passes draconian anti-gun (and anti-citizen) laws which don't lower crime rates &, then, howls "WE NEED MORE LAWS!!! THOSE WEREN'T STRICT ENOUGH!!!!"

Now, whom do we know who has been doing that? That's right, Corporal. the cesspool sludge in washington, the district of criminals & sacramento, the district of criminals (left-coast).

If I'D been up to what THEY'VE been up to, I'D BE SCARED, TOO!!!

That's why they've empowered the batf (& misc. state toadies) to enact & enforce a bunch of illegal laws (they call "regulations" [a skunk, by any other name, still smells like a government toady]) to, further, dis-arm the populace.

What do we do? Remind your elected (hired) representatives that there will be ANOTHER election coming up (& another & another,etc) & those who don't REPRESENT us may be unemployed & without all of the "perqs" we so generously supply & that we WILL be WATCHING THEM!!!

Those who support us (US) & this type of bill can look forward to a long career. Those who don't should keep a bag packed.

You have your assignments. Section Chiefs, take charge after dismissal.

Heads bowed, please. Heavenly Father, we bring all of our concerns to You. We ask that You guard our guardians & give them back to their families. We ask You to help us change the hearts of those who should be leading us or to replace them.

In all things, we thank & praise You &, especially I thank You for the gift & sacrifice of Your Son. Jesus Christ, my Lord & Savior, in Whose Name I pray. HOOOAHH!!!


Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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