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Muster Right Here© - May 20, 2017
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

So, Troops, what's new, in the zoo? Hitlery and the rest of the cesspool sludge are playing the "blame game", still, and worming their way into all facets of society. Oh, wait! That's nothing NEW, just business as USUAL!

Un-COVER!!! ( Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation.) COVER! SEATS!

The latest outrage, perpetrated by the cesspool sludge, was by a "judge", in an assault case, involving a college athlete. When he was supposed to be entering his plea, the "judge" skipped over the entire process and proceeded to excoriate him as if she were sentencing a convicted scumbag. Hey, "judge", how about that little formality of a trial? How about presumption of innocence? This is an obvious case of "juris" lack of prudence, compounded by gross stupidity on top of blatant cesspoolism.

Thanks to her outburst, roundly and soundly condemning him, for what he "DID", to the "victim", it is questionable that he could obtain a fair trial and both the accused and "victim" may be unable to obtain justice. SHUT UP, ALREADY!!! She (?) is right up there with the persecutor who announced that she was there to "...get justice for trayvon..."

On a totally different topic, it is my extreme honor and privilege to award the "order of the puckered lips", to barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer, for performance beyond the "expectations" for which he received the "nobel peace prize", before he had an opportunity to create havoc in the world.

I, therefore, bestow upon the above named mis-aligned, mal-adjusted, misanthropic mess-creant, recognition for gluteous maximi osculatory excellence, in kissing the "hinies" of criminals, despots and other cesspool sludge around the world. God bless America and shovel out the cesspool sludge, whenever and wherever you find it.

Speaking of which, if I heard this right, there is a guy who was featured on the Dennis Prager program, today, who had a bunch of reasons why he wants to move from America (the land of the free) to the country of his wife's birth. The only problem is, if I heard it right, THAT country has refused them admittance.

Once, again, I would be happy to contribute to a 1-way ticket, for this couple, just as for the cesspool sludge "celebrities" who "threatened" to leave if Pres. Bush or Pres. Trump were elected. Last I heard, they LIED, because they have made no effort to live up to their "threats". My only requirement is that they renounce their citizenship (no sacrifice, as they don't value it, anyway) and deposit their passports, on the way out.

There is an old saying, "Don't say it if you won't do it." We said that if hitlery were elected, we'd be looking for another country & if beelzabubba (her? husband) got in as u.n. secretary general, we'd be looking for another planet. We, however, did not say this in histrionics, but calmly and with due consideration, as we knew that we'd be in deep doo doo, because of past performance.

'Nuff time wasted on THOSE cesspool sludge. The next category is people who are NOT disabled and use the designated parking. Today, I saw a woman with a disabled license plate park in the disabled spot and walk away BETTER THAN I DO!!! I wonder whose vehicle she was driving.

Now, I am certain that none of my Troops would be such a slimeball as to abuse the handicapped parking but, when you see someone doing so, you might call them on it, politely. So far, I haven't had my face pushed in but I'm 6' & 200#, so "choose your battles wisely " and don't get hurt.

It irritates me, no end, to see healthy people abusing something that is needed by the disabled and my father-in-law, who was a disabled Vet. (and had a placard) wouldn't let us use the spot for him. He'd always say, "Leave it for someone who needs it more." We were very proud of his determination to do whatever he could, in any situation. Hearing from another segment of the lib/left/cesspool sludge, we have the "healthy south kern" which is sponsoring a commercial, urging parents to pressure the Kern Schools to leave students unprotected, by reversing the recent decision to allow CCW holders to "carry" on campus. Given the "health and welfare" of the victims of "soft target" school shootings (or lack of same) I'd have to say that anyone who claims to promote the "health and welfare" of "the children" (in this manner) is either lying or SERIOUSLY DERANGED!!!

That was yesterday.

Today, Kern Schools firearm policy revisited. Today, I heard a supertwit gnashing her teeth and wringing her hands about how armed teachers would cause anxiety among the little snowflakes, of course she was speaking of the parents, as I haven't heard any polls taken among the students or teachers, especially those who have been victims of "soft-target" assaults.

She(?) was asking if the proponents of the policy didn't trust the police to respond, instantly, to an active shooter situation. Well, God bless our law enforcement people, but the NRA cited some national statistics that showed the average response time for the police and it was well over the time needed for a bad guy to kill several people. One of the radio guys cited an incident where the bad guy (using 2 handguns) killed or wounded a BUNCH of people, before shooting himself and I believe it all happened WELL BEFORE the police (who I am sure were in emergency mode) could get there.

One of her most idiotic statements was that many of the shooters are mentally ill and we would be establishing a policy of shooting mental patients. Let me make one thing PERFECTLY CLEAR!!! As a soldier, if I am walking a guard post, my 1st General Order is: "I will guard everything within my post..." So, if I see an individual committing a violent crime, I don't have time to psychoanalyze him. The responsibility is to protect (guard) the victim and stop the crime which will, likely, involve shooting the perpetrator. If he survives my action to stop the crime, I can THEN render first aid (after he is dis-armed) and see about whatever else he needs. If he is committing a violent crime in an area that is patrolled by armed guards, it is highly likely that he is a wheelbarrow full of bricks short of a load but, initially, that's not my concern. STOPPING HIM IS!!!

After the female supertwit was off (and just like the idiot rebecca peters who Wayne La Pierre, from the NRA, spanked in London) she was full of lies and histrionics & wouldn't shut up, there was a companion MALE (?) supertwit who (likewise) spouted a bunch of leftist anti-gun rhetoric, while claiming NOT to be anti-gun.

As to their claim that the more guns there are on campus, the more likelihood of an accident, I have lived 10yrs in a mountain community where I KNOW that many of my neighbors carry and in 10 YEARS I have yet to hear of a single accident and these people haven't had the x-tra training that is proposed for the teachers. So, SHADDUP, ALREADY!!!

It is far better to remain silent and be supposed a fool, than to speak and erase all doubt. You people of "healthy south kern" have revealed yourselves as either "brain dead liberals" or worse, members of the leftist 5th column that has been undermining the foundations of our society, while taking advantage of all of the rights and privileges it provides.

So, if you believe in "safety belts" and "life preservers" but want kids to go to school where there are no armed adults to protect them from scumbags, who (face it) can get in there past anything but patrols of armed guards w/ sub-machine guns, who are doing circuits keeping each other in sight (& even that isn't absolute security) you must have your heads so far in the methane regions of the left that you should REALLY be asphyxiated and remove yourselves from the gene pool.

Meanwhile Kern Schools, Good Onya and stand firm!!! That's my final word on the subject, unless some other cesspool sludge decides to spew their sewage over the air or in print.

Be well and do well!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!! Heavenly Father, please strengthen us against the corrosion of our enemies (foreign and domestic) and give us Your Divine protection and inspiration. In all things, I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!

Sgt. Mack, out, closing station and leaving the air. God bless AMERICA!!!

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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