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Muster Right Here© - May 20 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand easy, Troops! Been having computer problems,but up, again! I'll try to keep it short but, you know better than to get me started on the left, how the new regime is defecating on the Constitution or the general state of the war they have declared on us (U.S.).

O.K., unlike 2 prominent members of the obamanation mis-administration, who commented (unfavorably) on Az. SB1070, I READ IT!!! I like it!!!

It is 16 pages of legalese to say, basically, no person or entity in the state shall do less than is required, by federal law, in dealing with illegal aliens, so NO SANCTUARY CITIES!!! When there is any LEGAL CONTACT with ANY PERSON and the officer has reason to doubt their legal status, the officer needs to act on such doubt. NO PROFILING!!! It, also, toughens up some other, existing, laws & penalties. My wife, who looks VERY Mexican, would likely be asked for I.D. which she (and any other of her family) would GLADLY PRODUCE!!! This is one of those times when "...Me thinks (they [the left, la raza, etc.]) do protest too much...", or something like that.

My only criticism of SB1070 is in the area of employer "entrapment". It would require that an employer who claims entrapment as a defense prove that they were not predisposed to violate the law b-4 the government plants gave them the opportunity. I believe that this requirement, regardless of application (drugs, prostitution, hiring illegals, etc.) violates the principle of presumed innocence and requires the defendant to prove a negative instead of the customary requirement for the state to prove an affirmative, that the defendant did, being fully aware of the illegality of their actions, solicit the crime.

I have watched, on "Cops", when decoys did things that I, as a juror, would call entrapment and would acquit the defendant & I'm not AT ALL soft on crime. Unfortunately, the "system" does not agree with me, so those are matters for the appellate courts. Over all, I support Arizona & the "Little Corporal" & I are encouraging our friends & my Troops to give the "razzberry" to the left coast (especially l.a. & s.f.) & go spend tourist dollars in Arizona. We plan to!!!

One of my gauges of the "right or wrongness" of anything is "What do l.a. & s.f. say about it?" Case in point, as I recall, devin newsome (sp?) refused the battleship Missouri a retirement berth in s.f. Subsequently, I have been seeking a means of contributing to her upkeep. Would have done it in s.f., but didn't REALLY expect s.f. to give proper respect to the "Mighty Mo."

Additionally, s.f. tried to violate the 2nd Amendment rights of all of their citizens. Fortunately, the state supreme court came up for air & smacked s.f. down. Even a stopped clock is right twice per day. That's 1 for the supreme court & 0 for s.f.

Moving along, federal supreme court nominee (from the obamanation) kagan wants to further defecate on the 2nd Amendment. Your assignment is to INUNDATE your senators, with requests & DEMANDS (always with respect) that they filibuster her nomination, unless they can get enough Senators to vote her so far down that she will never get up. Filibuster may be safer 'cause we know that "honest politician" is (pretty much) an oxymoron. GET ON IT!!! MOVE IT, MOVE IT!!!

Last item, the war on us (U.S.). We have school systems telling students that they can't wear a U.S. flag t-shirt on Cinco-de-Mayo. which shouldn't be celebrated on school time, anyway, people flying the Mexican (or Venezuelan or Iranian,etc.) flag over (or instead of) the U.S. flag, people desecrating the U.S.flag, American(?) religious(?) leaders(?) damning the U.S., people(?) calling for a civil war, or a war of the immigrants vs us (U.S.) & the obamanation who never heard a criticism of the U.S. with which they didn't agree.

Troops, we are up to our ankles in cesspool sludge, but we are standing on our heads!!! It is LONG PAST time to shovel the cesspool sludge out of congress, our state offices, ALL positions of government, get rid of the poly-ticks (many blood-sucking vermin) and return this country to the plan our founders saw, in their God-inspired vision.

1st step: Pray!!! Pray like you've never prayed b-4. The doomsday clock is ticking, with many catastrophic alternatives. Imagine Iran, with nukes. Imagine an even more socialist regime, in the U.S. Imagine proven anti-American politicians (maybe a husband & wife team) in the Presidency AND as the Secretary-General of the u.n. Don't panic! We still have time to save the country &, therefore, the world, but we can't do it alone. Therefore, PRAY!!!

Then, 2nd step: Get off your dead assets & on your dyin' feet & start working to see that America doesn't "...vanish from the Earth." In November, support the good ones, if you can find them. Flush the cesspool sludge! Educate your people. It isn't enough for US to have 2 or more wits to rub together, when so much of the population is either STUPID, IGNORANT or APATHETIC & TOO LAZY to CARE!!!

Of those 3, I hope for ignorant, because everyone is ignorant until informed. There is no shame in ignorance. The only shame is in being offered enlightenment & CHOOSING to remain ignorant. At that time, I invoke that wise man, or wiseguy, Ron White. "You CAIN'T fix STOOOPID!!!"

So,Troops (with God's help) KICK BUTTS, TAKE NAMES & WIN THIS WAR!!!

God bless y'all, our guardians, the good folks in government (there have to be some) & God bless America!!! Hooooah!!!

Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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