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Muster Right Here© - May 18, 2018
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

AGAIN!!! The lib/left pontificates re: gun-violence and AGAIN!!! they get it WRONG!!! Un-COVER!!! (Individual prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sometimes I am almost persuaded (theres a song by that name, my keyboard man [George] used to sing, did it well, too) that the lib/left is delusional re: some of their false premises re: guns, society, etc. and want to cut them some slack.

THEN, I listen to the multiplicity of duplicity they spout, seemingly extemporaneously, and realize that its the same old song (theres one by that name too) just edited to fit the occasion, sometimes with new lies.

As President Trump, recently stated , the overwhelming majority of mass shootings take place where people are societally expected or required to be unarmed!!!

I keep telling people, just because the bad guy is crazy, hes not (necessarily) stupid!!! If they want to commit suicide, theyd shoot up a police station or a firing range!!! The object of their insanity is to kill helpless innocents and (hopefully) get away.

The proponents of anti-gun-ism have one gigantic problem, in that they ignore an inconvenient truth, that the only thing that will (effectively and safely) stop an armed assailant is an armed defender.

To them criminals arent evil, just mis-understood. Firearms, however, are so evil (to them) that they feel justified in using any number of foul, unscrupulous methods to pressure legitimate businesses to refuse to do business with firearm manufacturers, who are (also) legitimate businesses.

And then, there is the fresno fish wrap, whining about accidents when there are armed personnel on school grounds. Granted, accidents are bad, however accidents MAY happen. History shows us that evil actions, by evil or deranged people WILL happen, when there are places where people gather and are helpless in gun-free zones.

Just as you need fire extinguishers to fight fires, you need armed 1st responders to fight gunfire, gang violence or maniacs with knives, clubs, machetes, etc.

If (as I understand it) the County Sheriff is The top law enforcement officer in the county and has the final word on all law enforcement matters, the sheriffs should be able to allow schools to allow staff to go armed on campus, despite the evil machinations of the state government, moonbeam brownstain, gavin newsome (AKA gaggin nuisance) et al.

O.K., nuff said about that, for now. Theyll bring it up, again and again, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

On another subject of leftist activity, illinois is proposing to make up their un-funded pension shortfall by extorting more money from their property owners. This is proposed by the illinois federal reserve, which is an un-elected bunch of bureau-rats.

This action will drive down property values and (essentially) enslave the property owners, to the state.

And in still ANOTHER leftist action seattle proposes to levy a per employee tax on businesses, causing lack of expansion and loss of jobs. Reportedly, Amazon had planned an expansion, but is seriously re-considering.

On the conservative front, the republicrats, being only stupidly dangerous, instead of evilly, criminally dangerous, have decided to emulate the dim-o-cr-asses, sort of. When there is any threat to their guy the dim-o-cr-asses circle the wagons, like the pioneers and fire on any threats from outside the party, as they have with both of the klintskies, beelzabubba and hitlery, o(WHATTA)bummer, john (why the long face, ketchup boy) kerry and innumerable other cesspool sludge.

The republicrats managed to get the circle right but they tend to point their weapons inward, creating a circular firing squad and shooting each other in the foot and other sensitive places.

Believe me, if I could find a party that could mount a more cohesive campaign, Id desert in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, we are left (mostly) with the dregs of intellect, pseudo intellectuals and rinos and must sift thru the muck trying to find gold.

Once in a while we find a bit of color, such as President Trump and have to grab it, even if it is a bit tarnished.

Even WITH his tarnish, you cant say his opponents names in the same SENTENCE as his. Mostly, we just have to hope that they will BE SENTENCED.... to HARD LABOR!!!

In the coming election, we are faced with the real danger that moonbeam brownstain may be replaced by gaggin nuisance whose tenure as mayor of san francisco was marked by the citys descent further into the cesspool.

We HAVE to fight that, as if our lives depend on it. They just MIGHT!!!

Something that the bigwigs in the republicrats need to do is stop the go along to get along pacifist B.S. and emulate President Trumps take no prisoners approach. He invites people to get on board and upon receipt of a snub, he says Full speed ahead and let the chumps fall where they may!

And speaking of the fresno fish wrap (you dont have to wait 3 days for it to stink), there is a piece of offal written (excreted?) by richard lara (d?) and dr. joaquin arambula (d) in which they decry the plight of the uninsured undocumented (trespassers) and tout sb974 and ab2965, a couple of pieces of B.S., BRAVO SIERRA.

I reiterate, I have nothing against anyones race, religion, national origin, motorcycle club or sexual orientation. I DO have something against a home invader who tells me I HAVE to support them and/or give them health services.

I WILL go far enough to suggest that we might offer basic (low or high option, depending on the ability and willingness of the individual to pay) health insurance, based on after tax (but before money sent to any other country) income with verification and penalties for fraud, including deportation without the chance of re-entry, with felony consequences. I have always worked and participated in the health insurance offered by my employer. I can support a low-income insurance plan, but not universal (socialist) cradle-to-grave, free (paid by taxpayers) health care.

So, let us move on to another bastion of evil, malice, malevolence or whatever inadequate descriptive term you may use to denote the major media cabal, the anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Israel cesspool sludge that spews forth its filth from (fishwrap) newspapers and corporate and public broadcasting. Their latest propaganda campaign is (theme and variation) all about how Israel (AKA the little satan, to the USs great satan, where Arabs participate in all facets of government, never had it so good and many [if not most] dont want to be in the Palestinian-controlled area) is doing to the (poor, downtrodden and abused) Palestinians what Hitler did to the Jews.

Now, lets assess the situation. Palestinians and their allies attack Jews, get their butts kicked and cry Foul! because more of them get killed than the Jews. They hide rocket launchers in residential areas, launch rockets against Israel and cry Foul! when Israel responds and civilians are killed. STUFF IT!!!

If Im a border guard and a mob of miscreants starts throwing rocks or molotov cocktails at me, or flying burning kites over me, youd better bet that Im going to defend myself and my border with extreme force. Let the chumps fall where they may and Ill sleep the sleep of the just that night. You dont want me to kill you? Fine! Dont get stupid and attack me!!! If in the process of defending itself, Israel (accidentally) offs a few of the news people (?), better described as partisan cesspool sludge, it will be a major contribution to cleaner air!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, we are still on a downward slide, but thanks to Your Grace, it has slowed. We ask Your continued indulgence and protection. I all things I thank and praise You and , especially, for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHH!!!


Sgt Mack out, closing station and leaving the air. HOOAAHHH!!!

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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