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Print | Tea Party Radicals (?) vs leftist cesspool sludge
Muster Right Here© - May 16 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Take SEATS!!!

I've been hearing the phrase "Tea Party Radicals" a lot, recently. I'm not sure that I understand who they are. I know that some people called the original Tea Partiers radicals, just as they did everyone who was associated with the freedom movement.

Wow! What a compliment! To be categorized (even derogatorily) with people like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Hancock, Hale, etc. The people who tried to insult THEM were cesspool sludge & history has exalted those "Radicals" above most of the people of their age.

By throwing the name "Radical" on peace-loving, freedom-loving patriots (which justifiably belongs to anti-freedom muslim fanatics & others who commit heinous terrorist acts) the left & other cesspool sludge reveal the depths of their hypocrisy, desperation & corruption.

The Bible tells us that in the last days, good will be called evil & evil good.

We must have been in the last days for some time, already, as the leftist slime have been doing that for most of my adult life, which is longer than most of you have been breathing.

I knew some of these "Radicals" b-4 ever agreed to speak & sing at one of their events. One of them is a very sweet & devout Christian lady with whom I worked, for years.

She & her family are typical "give-you-the-shirt-off-their-backs" American citizens who don't like to "make waves" or "get in your face", so I knew, when I heard that the left had ticked her off, SOMEBODY DONE STEPPED IN IT!!!

It's very interesting that radical movements are typified by wild-eyed, screaming, peace-breakers who run around threatening or hurting people & disrupting society.

This "Radical" bunch is clear-eyed, soft spoken (most of the time) & (in my experience) unfailingly polite.

If our society has degenerated to the point where leftist cesspool sludge has convinced even 1% of the population that these (Tea Party) people are dangerous fanatics (other than dangerous to the leftist cesspool agenda) then society has either been "dumbed down" SEVERELY or has degenerated to the extent of really "buying in" to the leftist agenda & God help us. I'm not sure we can help our selves.

Of ONE thing I am VERY SURE!!! The spirit of this country that inspired the first Tea Party AIN'T DEAD, YET!!! It has been pushed back by pushy people who have been trying, for generations, to undermine us, with drugs (...tune in, turn on & drop out...) socialism (...everyone is ENTITLED to all this good stuff, even if they don't work...) anti-religion (..imagine there's no heaven...) anti-nationalism (...we should be citizens of the world & let the u.n. reign supreme...) & anti-Americanism (...America is corrupt, America is imperialistic, America is degenerate...) but they have (finally) I believe, "...awakened the sleeping giant..." and the Tea Party is just one manifestation of that giant.

They want to forget that this is the country that was born by whipping the best military in the world, twice, the country that (once mobilized) became the Arsenal of Freedom, in 2 world wars, the country that built the Panama Canal, broke the iron curtain, made space flight a reality & put men on the moon.

I'm not saying that the leftist cesspool sludge isn't dangerous. Look what they've done to our government. I'm just saying that once the American people wake up to the fact that "Hope & Change" was a code phrase for "You better Hope you have some Change left, when we get done fleecing you", it's gonna be "...Clobberin' Time..." & time to SHOVEL OUT the CESSPOOL SLUDGE!!!!

I believe the Tea Party will be instrumental & when I asked how you join, they said to just roll up my sleeves & get to work on behalf of the Constitution & the Unanimous Declaration & I'd be a member, no application, no dues, no waiting.

Well shucks, I've been a member all of my adult life & didn't know it!!! Pass that bale of tea & get outta the way!!!

If y'all want to join them (or rather US) just look for a local group or start one, or find ANY group that supports the ideals of the founders (I've found that the Republicans come closest, having enough clout to DO something) & GET BUSY!!!

If you don't think they are conservative enough, SPEAK UP!!! No one was ever persuaded by silence.

On the other hand, if someone can show me SOLID PROOF that there is something very WRONG with the Tea Party, BRING IT ON! I'll check it out. The Ed. & I are interested in the TRUTH & let the chumps (or chips) fall where they may.

O.K. You have your assignments. On your FEET!!!

Heads bowed, praying, or respectfully silent.

Heavenly Father, again we bring this mess to You and apologize for allowing it to be this way. We have TRULY fallen short of what we should have done. We ask Your blessings and guidance, as we try to sort it out. We, especially, ask You to bless & guide our hired administrators or help us to replace them.

We ask Your blessings on those who stand watch & please give them a safe shift/tour. In all things we thank & praise You &, especially, I thank you for the gift & sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ (my Lord & Savior) in Whose Name I pray. HOOAHHH!!!

Section Chiefs TAKE CHARGE!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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