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Print | obama's Proposal to Cut Military Pay
Muster Right Here© - May 16 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Attention to Orders!!! This is an OpOrd (Operational Order) Briefing!

All personnel are instructed to assemble personal equipment and be ready to deploy!!! It has come to our attention that the liar-in-chief is proposing some draconian budget cuts on the backs of our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters & parents who lay their lives on the line so that he (&/ or his mrs.) can take shopping trips & go skiing, etc. in safety & at taxpayer expense. His excuse seems to be that some military people are EARNING, I say again, EARNING more than some people in the private sector.

SO WHAT?!!! If we are paying a dog-faced grunt a bit more, to shoulder a 40lb. field pack, pick up a 20+ lb. weapon & lug a couple of hundred rounds of ammo out into extreme weather & face hostile forces, so that we can be secure in our homes & families, GOD BLESS 'EM!!!

What "head of state" would propose something so adverse to the morale &, therefore adverse to the retention of trained, dedicated troops, unless it was his INTENT to undermine our military? Could it be a "sleeper" planted in our midst, to destroy our country? He's gettin' 'er done, so far.

Any left-leaning, socialist, euro-wannabe hired administrator or any other anti-military #*+-@__-H___>< ###!!! who wants to say that the Troops don't deserve everything they are getting should be drafted, IMMEDIATELY, sent over there and put out on "point".

Let the aforementioned and (totally insufficiently excoriated, due to the nature of this publication) cesspool sludge, pull some of our Troops' duties & see if they feel over-paid. I didn't do half of what some of the Troops did & do & I'll guarondamtee you I wasn't overpaid.

My fellow "grunts" who were "over there" were vastly UNDERPAID!!! End of preparatory comments. Op Order: Your mission is to inundate the White House lines & those of both Houses of Congress with phone calls, faxes, e-mails & telegrams expressing outrage at this low-down, cowardly attack on our brave Troops & calling for the immediate resignation of anyone who was involved .

Now, we will have a moment of silence in honor of the passing of one of the pillars of Porterville REACT. Un-COVER!!!

PRAYER : Heavenly Father, we commend to your care the spirit of Loretta Faye Garner, who served the people of Porterville (and anyone else who came within her operational ability) as a member of REACT Team 2517 for more years than many people devote to a paid job or career. She was dedicated to public service, as a way of life, and taught her children that it wasn't a topic for debate, you just DO IT!!! She will be missed, sorely, by her team-mates & especially by those of us who served beside her as officers. Her example of selfless service will be a timeless inspiration to those who follow. We ask that you bless her and those she left behind & tell the Heavenly Host to be on their toes because she doesn't like waste or inefficiency & she keeps a tight budget. We ask you to ease the grief of her immediate & extended family with the knowledge that she is with you & watching over us. In all things we thank & praise you &, especially, we thank you for the gift of her time with us & the gift & sacrifice of your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord & Savior in whose name I pray & all my Troops said, in one LOUD voice HOOOAHH!!!

That's Amen, in military-speak. Re-COVER!!!

When I met Loretta (the team treasurer) I thought she was one of the most cantankerous, irritating, irritable old buzzards I'd ever met. She seemed to think that I was about 3,000 wits shy of being a half-wit, with more horsepower than sense & it was her cross to bear, to educate me.

Most of her conversations began with a list of why I couldn't do what I was proposing & sometimes she was right. Other times, after we both calmed down, she would listen to why what I wanted was both legal & beneficial, to the team. Gradually, it penetrated my granite skull that all of her growling & bluster was akin to that of a mother bear, protecting her cubs (to include the entire team & anyone else within reach) at which point I realized that all of that energy would be better used with us working together.

Part of my program became consultation with Loretta & the other main pillar of the team "Maggie" Patterson. There were others who became my advisers, but these 2 were the foundation. If I ran it past them, chances were that we could work out the bugs & it would fly. About that time I realized that, under that (frequently) gruff exterior, was the warm, caring heart of a true friend. Additionally, I learned that she wasn't one to back down, easily. A grandmother, when we met, she would step into the path of a speeding automobile, if she thought that they were a danger to pedestrians, where she was directing traffic.

One evening, while out in my truck & monitoring Ch.9, I heard her handling a road-obstruction call. That was the first time I had heard her working radio, with the public. She was as professional as any dispatcher I've ever heard and with a better public-relations persona than many.

Over the years, I developed a great respect for this lady & it meant a lot that I felt some of it returned.

There were, probably, people who thought her funeral procession was that of a politician or a mover & shaker in the community, with the Police & Fire escorts, taking her to her final rest.

Nope, she was a wife & mother, an in-home care provider, a foster parent and a public-service volunteer and deserving of every honor shown her, by those who knew & loved her & by those whose jobs she made easier & the public who were made safer by her efforts.

In REACT, we have a saying that she has joined the ranks of the "Silent Mics". Rest well, sister.

God bless y'all, all of our guardians in harm's way & God bless America!!! Hooahh!!!

Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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