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Muster Right Here© - May 15, 2020
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

Sometimes I feel like the little Dutch boy, with his finger in the dike and trying to alert the residents of the danger. As I have said, b-4, we are only 1 or (at best) 2 demoncratic regimes away from the total destruction of all that we and our ancestors have done, to build and maintain the Shining City On The Hill. As a one of far too few lone voice(s) crying in the wilderness, I feel that I am preaching to the choir.

Un-COVER!!! (Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation). In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!! COVER, SEATS!!!

I understand that the squat is trying to scheme a new bill that would (further) infringe on the rights of our citizens. You may remember that the squat is so named because they dont KNOW squat and arent WORTH squat. This cabal is as evilly dangerous as their older kamerades in evil and 5th columnism, (AKA communism) such as the pile of pelosi, quid-pro-joe-bite me and all of the other demoncratic socialist cesspool sludge that is attempting to erode our way of life, from the inside.

In the coming elections, we have a chance to shift the balance of power back away from the demoncrats to the side of truth, justice and the American way. There are republicans (rinos) I would not walk across the street on which to expectorate, if they were on fire. They are poor (in fact non-existent) examples of conservative values and spend a lot of time with their heads firmly ensconced in the methane-producing regions of the poli-tick-ians (many blood-sucking vermin) but the worst of them is better (for the country) than the cream of the demoncrat cabal.

I STILL limit my criticism to the upper echelon of the party, believing that the man or woman on the street, while contributing to the problem, is NOT a part of the driving force that moves the demoncratic socialist party. They are, still, the same patriotic, salt of the earth people epitomized by the kid who, when asked why he had said, yesterday, that he was selling democrat puppies, but was now selling Republican puppies, replied, Now theyve got their eyes open. He, like many of my fellow former Democrats, GOT IT!!!

When, as an ignorant youth, I heard Barry Goldwaters campaign ad, In your heart, you know hes RIGHT! I, as did so many of my fellow ignoramuses (ignorami?) replied, Yeah! FAR RIGHT! Then, in later years, when my eyes had been opened, by the demoncratic party abandonment of the founders vision of a society of free people, governed by electees, who would be deriving their JUST POWERS from the consent of the governed. and realizing that the left/right division was the result of the demoncratic party having morphed into the party of oligarchy, a small group of kommissars enforcing THEIR vision of the workers paradiseon the citizens (in name only) because they would all become slaves of the state uber alles.

So have we, now, arrived at the point at which courts legislate to overturn the will of the voters, rogue legislators push thru you have to pass the bill, to find out whats in it. bills that place unreasonable, unconstitutional burdens on the people (because the ruling cabal knows what is best for the sweaty, stinking masses of beer-drinking Wal-Mart shoppers). Agovernor, mayor, etc. will try to intimidate people to NOT go to a drive-in church, where they are observing social distancing but have no problem with people in each others faces on the subway, while prohibiting socially distanced visits to the park, or beach.

Is there nobody listening???

Is there nobody listening??? Why are the CITIZENS of this country TOLERATING THIS??? Why are there not MASSIVE (socially distanced) demonstrations? Im glad you asked!!! One of the reasons is that many of our fellow citizens have lost sight of the truths expounded and so ably defended, by the founders and so ably defamed and diminished by the lib/left communist cabal.

In the Unanimous Declaration, the founders explained Newtons Law of motion that says, A body at rest tends to remain at rest. So it is, with people. The body politic tends to tolerate repeated usurpations, until they can be tolerated NO MORE, at which time, it is the right and the duty of WE, THE PEOPLE to arise and throw off the yoke of our oppressors and establish (or re-establish) a form of government that is likely (as it did, for years) to secure the benefits of freedom, to ourselves and our posterity, without concern for the disruption this action may cause to our enemies, foreign or domestic.

If these sentiments seem familiar, maybe you DID absorb some of what the teachers tried to impart, when you were supposed to be studying the Constitution. If NOT, you need to go back and READ IT!!!, The Unanimous Declaration and the Constitution, with special attention to the BILL Of Rights, which (clearly) enumerates YOUR RIGHTS that are secured by the Constitution and the LIMITS of power on the government, which the left has been, steadily eroding, to the point at which it feels empowered to ignore your basic rights and assume draconian power over us (U.S.) and MUST be slapped down, removed from office and NEVER allowed to assume such power, again.

How do you do that? Education, hard work, self-sacrifice and willingness to dedicate your lives and your fortunes, to preserve your sacred honor. Look to people whose life has been dedicated to the avoidance of power over others, not to those who avariciously SEEK it. Educate yourself as to the intent of office-seekers and READ their proposals, so that they cant lie, to your face that this, wonderful, hugely supported bill will do great things for mankind, when (in reality) it imposes unbearable taxes, releases hardened criminals to prey upon society and gives the oligarchy, autocracy, plutocracy or bureaucracy unlimited power over you and how you live your lives. They cant do it without your co-operation, actively or passively. Edmund Burke said it well, All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke said it well, All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men to do nothing. ... Sergeant Mack

George Washington had his own version of the conflicts that will, surely and repeatedly, face free people: To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace. Apologies if I have not quoted, exactly. The sentiments are accurate. To Pres. Washingtons statement I will add, and let it be known, not by blustering or threatening, that you ARE prepared, but by exhibiting competence and confidence and smacking bullies down, whenever they rear their disgusting heads.

Quick action would have prevented hitler from becoming the plague that nearly destroyed freedom, but they preferred to appease him. Appeasing a monster only empowers them. One of the best ways to preserve freedom is to preserve the 2nd Amendment, on which the existence of all of the rest depends. It is only a piece of paper, unless YOU make it strong enough to resist the repeated attacks, by the left, that HATES it, as it gives YOU the power to resist. An armed (person) is a citizen. A dis-armed (person) is a slave.

What is necessary, now, is for the never Trump-ers to be reconciled that he IS a good President, in spite of his mannerisms, that irritate them, get behind what he is DOING, that can restore our society to the greatness we had achieved, under his guidance, and resume our place of world leadership.

"In the meantime, all of the traitorous poliy-tick-ians need to be identified, arrested and charged with various high crimes and mis-demeanors, including perjury," ... Sergeant Mack

In the meantime, all of the traitorous poliy-tick-ians need to be identified, arrested and charged with various high crimes and mis-demeanors, including perjury, re: their falsely sworn oaths of office, removed from office and imprisoned, unless you want to heed MY advice and, HANGEM HIGH, so high that the only ground they will touch is what is shoveled OVER them!!! Oh, hitlery, got a nice tie for you, in keeping with your espoused green- ness, HEMP !!! HOWEVER, as Sean Hannity opined, re: a recent ARMED protest, against continuing the lockdown, Just because you have a RIGHT to do it, doesnt mean you SHOULD!!!

Unnecessary display of force, in the face of authorities is as stupid as my Southern ancestors firing on Ft. Sumpter. Far better to peacefully protest and (if fired upon by the goon squad, military mis-fits, whose allegiance is NOT to the Constitution) THEN and ONLY then should weapons be revealed and used, but have support troops there, ready to film and disseminate knowledge of the event. Openly carried firearms could cause a disastrous escalation of tensions and the proof of Murphys Law, If anything can go wrong, it will.


Just when I think I have seen the lowest depths of human (?) depravity and stupidity, some lefty says, Hold it, kid, you aint seen nuthin, yet!!!! This one is about stupidity, as fredo cuomo does his best fredo corleone, Mike, I aint stupid. Im smart, Mike. Well, right there, you know that fredo is dumb as a post! If he has to be telling his brother that he isnt stupid, it is obvious that he is and so much so that he endangers the family & Mike has him offed. fredo cuomo endangers all of new york state and has the gall to tell volunteers that they have to pay new york income tax. Makes you want to sign up & go right there, right? I mean, as a volunteering person, hearing that, as I risked my life to help those idiots would cause their last sight of me to be an obscene gesture, as I didnt let the door hit my rear, on the way OUT!!!

O.K. Doesnt sound very Christian of me, but, you have to compare new york to the grasshopper who, when rescued by the hard-working ants and fed & sheltered thru the harsh winter IMMEDIATELY, upon the arrival of spring, went back to his old habits of fiddling & dancing around, while the ants got back to work. Sorry about that, but those people havent enough sense to live & better that they stop breathing air that is needed by people who are WORTHY of BREATHING IT!!!

Not that Id lift a finger to do them harm, but neither would I waste my time trying to prolong their worthless existence. fredo cuomo, et al, are pollution that needs to be shoveled out of new york, so that the place can be started over, clean.

Only, if the voters demonstrate that much sense, would I consider any kind of assistance to them & the socialist republik of kalifornia is teetering on the brink of being as bad. Ive said, repeatedly, that any politickians that conspire to circumvent U.S. immigration laws should be prosecuted, to the fullest extent and the idiot lib/left that elected them should be denied ANY federal assistance.

Whoop!!! This just in!!! Supreme Court (US) or SCOTUS, smacks down 9th circus by reversal of its illegal alien-enabling and sanctuary city,state, whatever bravo-sierra. SCOTUS w/Ruth ( Buzzy) Ginsberg writing the opinion has affirmed that conspiring to violate our immigration laws, or encouraging someone else to do so, IS a felony. HOOOAAAHH!!!

So, another cesspool sludge raises its ugly head.

I never heard of keith ellison b-4. Didnt know or care about his (?) race, religion, motorcycle club, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Now, that his(?) mouth has revealed his(?) cesspool sludgism , I am forced to acknowledge his(?) miserable existence. A (muslim, anti-American) attorney general that wishes to support muslim rights over the Constitutional rights of Americans, whooda thunk it?

The story goes that a lady was concerned about all of the traffic, going to and from a mosque. Someone (apparently, from the mosque) complained about pictures or video (taken in public, where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy and keith ellison supported the repression of constitutional rights. Sounds like a typical leftist anti-American bucket of cesspool sludge. Theres a good reason for that. If it walks like a duck & quacks like a duck chances are, the smart money says, it IS a duck!!!


Seems we have some traitorous rhino republicans that are turning their coats, to support anti-gun legislation (h.r. 838?) and need to be reminded that they are supposed to work FOR (not against) us (U.S.). The 2nd Amendment is the one that protects all others and our unalienable rights that the leftist cabal (can you say demoncrats? I knew you could) has been infringing for as long as I can remember.

The 2nd Amendment is the one that protects all others ... Sergeant Mack

PLEASE find out if your Republican representatives are perjuring themselves in their oath to the Constitution and, if so kick their lying A$$E$ out of office. Lying cesspool sludge has NO business polluting our country.

OH, BOY!!! Another one of the squat heard from! amy clovenhoof threatens Republicans if the demoncrats pet issue, vote by mail, is not funded, in the next wuhan virus emergency funding. I only hope that the Republicans have the stones to tell the squat and the rest of the domestic enemies to stuff their programs and their threats where sunlight will never find them.

By the way, the politically correct name for this pandemic is corona virus or covid 19 but you know me better than that. wuhan, china virus, wuhan, china virus, wuhan , china virus!!! As the recognized most politically incorrect columnist, for the Post, I couldnt do any less! The left-wing urinalist demoncratic party tools (extremely redundant) wont call it by its true name, but we exist to call a spade a dirty, da##ed shovel!!! You know, even the devil realized hed been beaten by the young fiddler, Johnny.

The demoncrats (demons in power) have wasted millions of our tax dollars because they cant accept that D. Johnnie Trump BEAT THEM!!! That is SOME EVIL!!! Be still my heart! Is it possible that (occasionally conscious but never cognizant) cortez may be ousted? I know, the saying is Better the devil you Know but it would take a WHOLE LOTTA evil, to be worse than her (?).

Just saw a headline that the GOP is siding w/ the pile of Pelosi on the insane wuhan, china virus relief bill. If that proves true, we need to demote them to the gop and shovel them out, with the rest of the cesspool sludge!!!

If you love America, work for Pres. Trumps re-election!!! Much more to discuss, but a lot to do, so,


Heavenly Father, we are sorely beset by enemies, foreign and domestic. We ask Your guidance, protection and blessing. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, for the gift and sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHHH!!!


Sgt Mack Leaving the air and closing station. HOOAAAHH!!!

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