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Print | Nations Founders Spinning In Graves, As On High Speed Rotisserie
Muster Right Here© - May 12, 2021
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

The more pervasive the evil becomes that is spread by the current cabal that controls this country, the faster the founders must spin, in dismay and disappointment at the miserable job WE, THE PEOPLE have done with what they fought and died to leave us. The evidence is as clear as supreme kommissar uncle joebama(stalin)-biteme(emperor for as long as the demoncrats let him reign or live) cutting a slick figure, with his nubs of horns covered by his white hair and his cloven hooves tucked out of sight in his shiny custom-built shoes and caca mala and maxine (stagnant) waters and the rest of the coven dancing around the cauldron chanting Double ,double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble!

Un-COVER!!! Individual, silent, prayer or contemplation. In Jesus Name I pray, HOOOAAHHH!!! COVER, SEATS!!!

What else could they be doing as they relegate the Constitution to a roll in the capitol privy? WHICH THEY OBVIOUSLY ARE DOING (EXPLETIVES DELETED) !!!

HE has given us clear instructions for our lives and the successful governance of our country, in the bible and our Constitution. They aint broke, so dont try to fix them. ... Sgt Mack

AND WHAT DID WE, THE PEOPLE ... do to prevent it or are we doing to correct it? Both answers: NOT NEARLY ENOUGH !!! HE has given us clear instructions for our lives and the successful governance of our country, in the bible and our Constitution. They aint broke, so dont try to fix them.

1st thing is to get right with GOD, then get back within the rules HE gave us and see that our elected employees stop creating exceptions, to the rules He inspired the founders to create, that allow them to be deviant, because thats what they are. WE, THE PEOPLE need to be an integral part of the daily working of our government so that there are no shadows in which corruption can hide. Evil hates the cleansing light of day so it must be exposed to it, constantly. That starts with the basic, local, boards and committees that might have the power to affect freedoms, at a local level, such as telling people that they cant park a boat in their own driveway, which was done in a local jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, back at the trial, maxine (stagnant) waters should be held in contempt of court for her outrageous outburst that was an offence to the court and the congress and anyone who does not support her expulsion from congress has lost the right to be termed Honorable. In fact, several times ago (when she opened her fat mouth to say something about taking out President Trump) she should have been arrested. Instead of trying another phony impeachment of Pres, Trump, real law enforcement would have been arresting those cesspool sludge who have been inciting and giving aid and support to rioters.

O.K. Heres ANOTHER example of the left putting mouths in motion when there is no brain TO engage. All of the fellow un-guided masses of protoplasm who believe (?) that the shooting of the knife-wielding 16-yr-old (black girl) in protection of an un-armed 16-yr-old (black girl) by a white cop was racist, get your sign that says Kick me! Im an IDIOT! and gather on the corner in san fran-fecesco, where there is a block and a building in the shape of a (slim) slice of cheese. I picked that block because I REALLY dont believe that there are that many Americans (recent election not withstanding) are that STOOOPID!!!

The first word in the Police motto is Protect.

If I had been assigned patrol duties, during a martial law situation, that would have been my first duty, protect the innocent and maintain order. Upon arriving at that sort of scene, wherein there was an active assailant, in the process of killing or injuring a clearly un-armed victim, the arm cocked above the head (holding a knife) and (especially) reinforced by the statement: Im gonna stab the s..t outta you, bh!, would have prompted an immediate, lethal response.

So, one of the brainless denizens of broadcast t.v.dumb said that even if it was necessary, it was wrong. DUIH!!! YEAH!! YAH THINK??? It was wrong for the ASSailant to attack the victim, wrong for whatever rhubarb they were doing to have happened, to begin with and wrong for the race-baiters to accuse the cop of wrongdoing ESPECIALLY when we KNOW that, had he done NOTHING and allowed the black victim to be killed, the same cesspool sludge would have screamed racism bloody murder!!!

Time for a BIG Sgt Mack THANK YOU!!!

And an ATTABOY (& GIRL, equal time) for the Road Maintenance Crew, of Tulare County, that maintains the roads that carry us in and out of Hot Springs. The roads are subjected to extremes of temperatures and sprout pot-holes in family groups, from grandparents down to grand-kids.

Over a year ago, I started marking them, with paint & the maintenance people have responded by filling then, to the eternal gratitude all of the residents, so heres a big HOOAAAHHH!!!, from all of us Mountain Williams. Also wish to invite my friends and neighbors to participate in the Pothole Elimination Program. You can get a marker stick at Lowes (I believe) for about $26 and WalMart has the fluorescent paint for (maybe) $3. Just be careful of traffic & dont expose yourself to any wild critters.


If you love good, if (naturally) follows that you MUST HATE EVIL!!! It, also follows that, if you love wisdom, you must hate stupidity- not ignorance because that is simply lack of knowledge, which can be alleviated by enlightenment. But stoopidity is possessing knowledge and refusing to act on it, such as refusing to prosecute a criminal with 12 convictions, after he tortured and murdered an innocent Jewish woman.

THEN the E.U. announces that American tourists who have been vaccinated against the wuhan china virus can visit europe. Let me see, Id rather stay where there is real (and the ONLY) COMMON SENSE GUN LEGISLATION, namely the 2nd Amendment, which tells the federal bureau-rats to keep their sticky fingers off our guns, so that when mr. or ms. terrorist goes berserk, we have the protected right to blow them out of their socks, with VIGAH!!!

So, the answer to the question is: right now, a bit more stooped than America, last election notwithstanding, unless uncle joebama(stalin)-bite-me and his coven of satanists are allowed to continue to rule by executive fiat, completely in violation of the Constitution and their oaths of office.

Now, the next question IS, America, do YOU want to be as STOOPID as FRANCE???!!! ... Sergeant Mack

Now, the next question IS, America, do YOU want to be as STOOPID as FRANCE???!!!

Now, lets see. What other SOOPER STOOPIDITY can we uncover? How about uncle joebama(stalin)bite-me removing the (legitimate) designation alien from the terminology of the border patrol? So, now , he wants them called undocumented-guest-future-democrat-citizen-voters? I like the (alleged) reply from the border patrol chief; Pound sand! Works for me! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and call border crashing illegal aliens illegal aliens and evil, stupid cesspool sludge demoncratic poly-tickians exactly what THEY are, now and have always been, from the beginning of time!!!!!

Yhear me uncle joebama(stalin)bite-me, caca mala, pollutsi, up-chuck, (not)aok and the rest of the squat? By the way, I suspect that the reason they call themselves woke is that they cant make enough letters to write awake. Kind of like a lazy persons ebonics.

Anyway, a FURTHER example of why you have to laugh so as not to cry is this super silly-ass college professor who professed her left-wing idiocy very eloquently, when she said that she would be more afraid of a policeman responding to a home invasion than she would be of the invader AND she would NOT own a firearm but would ask the invader to leave.

Given true statistics, on police shooting good guys ,as opposed to bad guys and my own interactions with them, Ill take the cops over the crooks, calling them to help with the clean up AFTER I dispatch the bad guy, with my handy-dandy 45.

Years ago, I caught a trespasser, in my back yard.

I am a rather persuasive speaker but am thoroughly convinced that my smile, while persuasive, was less of a factor in his willingness to LEAVE than the .45 in my hand. A very notorious outlaw is reported to have said that, while he had great success with a smile, he had even MORE success with a gun AND a smile. It has even been demonstrated that the suggestion of the presence of a firearm, by someone with a resolute attitude, may be sufficient to ward off an attack, but should only be done if you have a back-up plan.

So what is the rhetorical question that so many lib/lefties have so much trouble answering? Does the Satanist regime in the White House lie, and if so, when? The answer is YES!!! As I have, repeatedly, said: You can always tell when the left is lying, their lips are moving or theyre not. Most recently, to my knowledge, it was the bald-faced lie that the covid (wuhan china) virus vaccine is safe. If it is SAFE, why have, otherwise, healthy people died, after taking it?

AND speaking of the FATHER of LIES and his spawn, isnt it a VAST co-incidence that who is blaming the police for ALL the ills of society & wanting to disband them???? THE LEFT!!! AND WHO is in charge of the country and just ITCHING to replace the civilian police with a federal jack-booted police force, answerable only to Washington, the district of criminals???


YES, young Grasshopper, the LEFTIST CABAL, IN THE WHITE HOUSE, that stole the 2020 election and is, even now, plotting ways to solidify its power so that there can NEVER be another election that they dont win!!!!! Can you say, Crooked as a dogs hind leg? Can you say, Evil is as evil does and HAS DONE? Can you say. RISE UP, PEOPLE AND SHOVEL OUT THE CESSPOOL SLUDGE???

The Nations Capitol is disgraced every day these people (?) are in power. There has to be a Convention of States, to put an end to this OBSCENITY and return this country to ...GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while the irs is doing all it seemingly can do to give the lie to the service in its name, by failing to provide same, to the millions of its victims, Tulare County (and I dont know if it goes up into some state office that has escaped the corruption of the gaggin nuisance regime) has managed to offer a service that I hope some pencil-necked pencil-pusher doesnt find a way to cancel, but (in the meantime) a wonderful lady named Paula and her co-worker (whose name escapes me [thats what happens when you get old, but I forget why]) cut through all of the NO,WE CANT HELP YOUS. of the infernal revenooers and got our taxes filed!!!


So, if you are in a similar pickle, Times AWASTIN. Get in touch with C-SET or VITA. In Porterville they are behind what used to be Perkos, now The Generals at 1061 W. Henderson. Maybe theres no free lunch, but its a free SERVICE!! HOOAAAHHH!!!


uncle joebama(stalin)-bite-me said, Its a 3-letter word, J-O-B-S, JOBS!!! Im sure glad they dont have his keeper on him all of the time. Gives me a LOT more materiel. Come on, man, we need to take back the government, B-4 they COMPLETELY WRECK IT!!! We are enduring another un-presidented era. We have had a few of these, such as the johnson, carter and klintsky regimes, but never have our times been as un-presidented as during the o(WHATTA)BUMMER and uncle joebama(stalin)-bite-me regimes.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father , what can we say but HELP!!! In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior in Whose Name I pray, HOOOAAAHHHH!!!!

Sgt Mack, out closing station and leaving the air HOOAAAHHH!!!

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