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Muster Right Here© - May 08 2012
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!! Well, Troops, better get out the tar remover, 'cause I'm about to mess with a "Sacred Cow", so say a prayer for me. Un-COVER!!! Silent prayer/meditation. In Jesus' name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!! COVER!!! Take SEATS!!!

Bambi is a leftist (or Sgt. Mack goes WAAYYY un-P.C.)

I've always known that some of the leftist"est" people in the world reside in hollyweird and that truth is not one of their defining values, but I didn't remember how far back it went.

Recently, the Li'l Corporal & I ran across a VHS tape of "Bambi". Now don't get me wrong, I've nothing against Bambi, or any of the little critters of the forest. In fact, some of my closest neighbors are bats & bunnies, quail & squirrels.

What I can't stand is the prostitution of the forest critters, by the left, to brainwash innocent children with their anti-gun, anti-hunting, "the world would be wonderful, if not for the human infection" Bravo Sierra.

If they are sincere, maybe they should set the example & remove themselves as sources of pollution of both the environment and human discourse.

"Bambi" shows beautiful, pastoral scenes of frolicking animals and, then BANG!!! Bambi's mother gets shot.

O.K. I can live with that, although I still think it's pandering to anti-gunners & anti-hunters.

What comes next, though is so over the top that it qualifies for a propaganda award, under the "Tell A Big Enough Lie & Tell It Often Enough And You'll Brainwash The Public Into Buying It" banner.

Along comes a crowd of evil "hunters" that (indiscriminately) blasts any & everything that moves and the climax is that some cesspool sludge allows an un-tended fire to spread and run rampant through the forest, killing, maiming & rendering all of the cute critters homeless.

These cesspool sludge are mis-labeled, "man" thereby mis-LIABLING all of us.

I grew up in a small river town, where almost everyone had 1 or more firearms and almost everyone (young, old, male, female) hunted.

I can GUARONDAMNTEE you that this kind of conduct would not have been tolerated by the community of hunters. The mildest-mannered would have simply dredged up whatever epithets they knew, to express their disapproval and reported the offender to the proper authorities.

The more forceful would have been likely to disarm the cesspool sludge and (regretfully out of respect to an innocent firearm) break their weapon over their head.

There was a code, among the hunting community that you didn't shoot anything you didn't intend to eat, you ensured an adequate backstop for your shot, you didn't allow a wounded animal to suffer (or harm someone else) and you tended your fire until you put it out, usually just before cleaning up any trash in your campsite.

These, along with other safety and etiquette rules were taught in hunter safety classes and by our parents & other mentors, until they were firmly ingrained in our brains.

Hunters are among the most ardent conservationists and regulated hunting keeps overpopulation down, so that the animals don't wind up starving or sick.

Unfortunately, the purveyors of propaganda don't let truth get in the way of an opportunity to "mold (read WARP) the hearts & minds of a new generation".

It is this kind of leftist, radical STOOOPID mind (or what loosely passes for a mind) set that breeds people who proudly post signs like, "There are no firearms in this home!", thereby exposing themselves and their families to home-invasion robberies.

If they must do this, I wish they'd do it BEFORE they have families. Maybe they'd get their butts kicked by some neanderthal who'd tell them, "Gee, thanx for telling me you aren't armed. What a load off my mind & thanx for all of the stuff, too". Of course they'd have to be alive & conscious to hear all of that.

It might be beneficial to them, because I've seen a lot of crime victims become VERY supportive of the 2nd Amendment. Too bad they have to survive a crime to get their minds right.

Bottom line: Parents, if you are thinking about showing this film to your young children PLEASE! !!! see it first and decide if you want to expose them to this brainwashing. If not, edit out the Bravo Sierra, or "Just say (not NO, but HE77) NO!!!"

On your FEET!!!


Heavenly Father, thank You for Your unending blessings and mercy. We ask, again, for Your guidance, for our country, and Your protection for our guardians. In all things I thank and praise You and especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray & all of God's soldiers said, HOOOAAHHH!!!

God bless y'all & God bless AMERICA!!! HOOAAHHH!!!


Sgt. Mack, out. Closing station & leaving the air.

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