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Muster Right Here© - Apr 29 2013
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

Where else, but in a socialist regime, could you hear a representative of the "government" make such a statement? The missing part is, of course, "...because your children belong to the state!"

If you haven't been praying, y'all better get started 'cause it's a'gittin' worse, all the time!!!

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.)

In Jesus' name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

COVER, take SEATS!!!

What have we been trying to get across for the past 4+ years, since we first realized that o(WHATTA)bummer was running for emperor?

He wants to be the first "halfrican" emperor of a "democratic socialist" country and guess who will have the "honor" of being his subjects?

That's right, "bunkie", it's us (U.S.) we'uns.

(Sgt. Mack's disclaimer: I wouldn't care (as I've previously stated) about his race. religion or motorcycle club (nat'l origin only as it relates to qualification [or LACK of] to hold the office of Pres.) but I have HEARD him speak as a college graduate, to white audiences and as from "the deep South to black audiences, thereby establishing HIMSELF as a racist, con[man?] and playing the "race card" for all it's worth, which seems to be a lot. Get "Condi" Rice or any of several other qualified black people on the ballot & I'm MORE than willing to give them a chance to fix the mess he's created.)

Outrageous, graduated taxes, no private property, no control over your lives or those of your children, MANDATORY government "health care", mass transit (instead of those un-amarikan, individual [how un-patriotic] automobiles) restrictions on where, how & when you can travel, eat drink, think and live.and everyone who agrees with this (or is too cowardly to object) raise your right arm, straight out, at an 80 degree angle, palm facing down and shout "HEIL, Emperor Obama!!!"

If you aren't too stupid, brainwashed or cowardly, you'd better start DOING SOMETHING!!!

We are ALREADY sliding down the slippery slope, into the cesspool, with all of the cesspool sludge, in washington, the district of criminals and sacraMENTAL(institution) the district of criminals, left coast.

Speaking of cesspool sludge and DOING SOMETHING about it, colorado (center of cesspool sludge in the rockies) is beginning to feel the weight of public disapproval of their socialist anti-gun agenda.

Pro-2nd Amendment businesses have begun to Exodus their (politically) polluted environs, just as they have been doing to kalifornication and (just as with kalif.) I hope that individual taxpayers (the producers who are being oppressed by the regime) will follow suit, seeking a kinder, gentler political and legal climate, for their families and pocketbooks.

Maybe when the flood reaches the level of ex-kalifornia-itis, colorado will be smarter than kalifornia and see the error of their ways.

So far, the leftists in kalifornia figure that if a little bit of socialism hurts, what we need is TOTAL totalitarianism.

On a personal note, I just sent an e mail to the governor, informing him of the cancellation of a large family gathering and that the colorado contingent is van pooling out of state (to avoid spending money, there) and prospecting for residences, in better states.

Too bad!!! Just as it always seems to happen, the libs move in (as with kalif.) they enable the left to take over and (as the song says) "...you paved paradise and you put up a parking lot."

California (pre-kalifornication) was a beautiful place and (just as did the Indian tribes) the friendly people welcomed in the libs, who brought the disease of leftism and before we knew it, the whole place is polluted and has been turned into a cesspool, the natural habitat of the cesspool sludge.

Citizens of colorado, you should have learned from kalifornia. Maybe it isn't too late, for you. Before the mass Exodus, of your producers, shovel out the cesspool sludge!!!

Put in a government '...of, by and FOR the people...' before you are inextricably mired in manure!!!

They (supposedly) work for YOU!!! FIRE THEM !!!! Ride them out of town on a rail!!! I'm not going to suggest tar and feathers but, if you do, I recommend a low-temp liquid tar.

Otherwise, some leftist "judge" will probably railroad you for a criminal act, ignoring the justice of it.

Good luck colorado!!! Follow my plan and you can earn a capital "C".

Now, Troops, I encourage you to follow my example. If you have dealings with colorado, send your regrets and tell them why you won't be doing business there.

Help your friends and family seek a better place to live. Granted, it will hurt, for a while but swallowing a bitter pill is better than the death of the body.

Now, to his "excellency" eric holder err apparent (what? 4 or 5 times removed?) to their lownesses the "imperial" o(WHATTA)bummers.

To err is human but what is it when the "government" lies cheats and [very likely] kills?

The simple fact is that the lib/left cabal contains the most facile liars and con(persons?) who have ever climbed out of the cesspool sludge (on the backs of "WE, THE PEOPLE...") and it is shameful that there are so many stupid, ignorant and/or lazy people who allow them to continue ripping us (U.S.) off, for their exorbitant, un-earned salaries and "perqs" and anything else they can weasel, scam or otherwise steal.

The reasons the "government" doesn't support homeschooling are, basically 2: Home schooled youngsters are brought up with the values of their parents and if the parents are independent enough to refuse to subject their kids to the brainwashing of the public school their values will, likely, not be those that are approved by the "government."

Second, The "government" is so incestuously involved with the unions (and especially with the teacher's unions) that anyone or anything that threatens their joint control of the minds of the next generation is to be STRONGLY opposed, ESPECIALLY when it involves parental rights.

This particular case involves some German immigrants who want to home school their kids, but it seems that germany will only allow certain people the PRIVILEGE to do that.

Don't know their criteria but it seems as if it should be universally allowed. The o(WHATTA)bummer regime seems to support restrictions on it and is denying these parents political asylum.

If they can give special consideration (re: immigration status) to b.o.'s aunt(?) and the "undocumented democrats", then I think these folks qualify.

Now a word from our sponsors, the patriots (living and dead) who have made us (U.S.) possible.

I have discussed this b-4 but guess we'll have to revisit, periodically.

I refer to the flat (not as in flat on a table, as that is only permitted on an appropriately designated coffin, but hanging against a flat surface) display of the flag.

Most people know that the blue field is to be on your left, as you face the affixed flag, whether the flag is vertically or horizontally displayed.

The EXCEPTION is when the flag is displayed on anything that may move, car, truck, aircraft or SLEEVE, etc.

THEN the blue field is ALWAYS oriented is such manner that it is to the FRONT, when the background is moving FORWARD. The flag does NOT move backwards, unless the vehicle, etc. is in reverse.

Anyone having questions about this or any other matter, related to the proper display of the flag, please feel free to contact me, c/o the Post and I'll do my best to assist you.

Back to the inveterate (and /or invertebrate) liars of the lib/left, when a conservative is caught in a compromising situation, the lib/left media screams it and condemns it, while the conservatives frog-march the offender OUT!

When a lib/lefty is caught (on camera) stuffing files into his pants, it is just "sloppy" or committing perjury, "It was just about adultery, so who cares?" "So, lets circle the wagons and protect (the offender)." (As the lib/left shows its true colors.)

Is it any wonder that we are going to HE77 in a bucket and the rest of the world either hates us or derides us?

The hate part I can take, with no problem. Back when we were still (mostly) good there were those who hated us, but they took us seriously and many laughed WITH us, at our own foibles.

There just weren't that many who laughed AT us, because they knew that, when the chips were down, we'd come through and those who disrespected us were likely to experience that new country song that needs to be our un-official anthem: "We'll put a boot in your A$$, it's the American way."

Our friends and enemies, alike, KNEW that about us and acted accordingly.

We need to return our country to the status of "Shining City On The Hill", the beacon of freedom and an example of God's People, to the world.

We'll never be perfect, without divine intervention, but we can be a HE77 of a lot BETTER and it starts with you and me holding the feet of our elected employees to the fire and firing those who fail to measure up.

It starts with us (U.S., we'uns) adopting the words of JFK (who wasn't perfect, but he WAS BETTER) "...And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country."

Those who have gone before us have done more than we can ever repay, so it is the LEAST we can do, to preserve what they have gained, for us and keep it from sinking in the mire of cesspool sludge that seems to be encroaching, at a rapid pace.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, having heard all of the preceding and seen what it is about, You know the problem. I ask your mercy and guidance for our country. I ask your protection for our guardians, wherever and however they serve. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the gift and sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray. HOOAAHHH!!!



Sgt Mack, out. Leaving the air and closing station.

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