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Muster Right Here© - Apr 25 2012
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

This will be a short formation, today, as I have a bunch of irons heating & got to "Gitt'er done!"

I'd like you to be praying for Lady Justice to be alert for miscarriages, in the Martin/Zimmerman murder trial, as I can already see the train (on the "Sunshine State" railroad) taking on a passenger.

Un- COVER!!! Silent prayer or contemplation.

In Jesus' Name I pray. HOOAAHHH!!! COVER!!!

I don't know if someone beat me to it, in the creation of the TIARA acronym, so anyone who has such knowledge, plz advise me.

Until such time, I'll claim it. It just seemed to me that it was becoming SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) so it should have an acronym.

One of the most recent examples is the florida special persecutor's idiotic statement that she was there to get "...justice for Trayvon Martin."

No, you're NOT, you silly twit!!! If you are DOING YOUR JOB, you are there to IMPARTIALLY assess the FACTS and act according to them.

In most places, it is my understanding that the D.A. has the obligation to turn over "exculpatory evidence" which would assist the defense. Does anyone, hearing that idiotic babble, have the SLIGHTEST trust that she would, in a diligent manner, fulfill that requirement?

I DON'T!!! She sounds like an agenda-driven "hired gun", who is there to railroad Zimmerman, to the nearest tree!!!

A REASONABLE, IMPARTIAL representative of "WE, THE PEOPLE..." would say that they are there to get justice for "WE, THE PEOPLE..." and that they would follow the EVIDENCE, WHEREVER it leads and, thereby, achieve TRUE justice, for Martin, Zimmerman AND "WE, THE PEOPLE..." Too late, you twit. You BLEW IT!!!

The media and the gurus of racial hatred, like the "reverand" al dullton (of tawanda brawley fame [or infamy]) and other such atrocities have already incited riots such as the elderly man who was beaten on his own porch, after an exchange over a basketball and I have YET to hear these hatemongers say a SINGLE word of criticism over THAT.

They need to start reining in the rhetoric and acting more responsibly or they should be charged for any blood that is spilled because of their agitation.

If a bunch of cowards, of ANY ethnicity, attacks innocents, in this manner, don't be surprised if some combat-trained Vet out there decides that it is an unequal fight & EQUALIZES IT!!! And I know some minority Vets who would shoot a thug who looked like them just as fast as someone who looked different, maybe faster, because "thuggism" demeans their people.

It isn't Viva La Raza, in those cases, it's Viva Justice and Defense of the Defenseless!!! So, bottom line: If you decide to do something that is REPREHENSIBLE AND STUPID, make sure your life insurance is paid up.

If you are going to be cesspool sludge, you might find that YOU are a "SHOVEL READY PROJECT".

Now, for a brief look at some FACTS in the case :

1) Last I heard, Martin WASN'T the "child" he was portrayed to be, but fully grown.
2) At least 1 and (possibly) 2 witnesses saw him on top of Zimmerman, bashing his head into the pavement.
3) The media distorted the reporting, by editing out the 911operator's question (to Zimmerman) about the description of the subject, preferring to focus on the reply that he looked black.
4) I have heard a description, by un-involved people, of visible injuries to Zimmerman's face and the back of his head, all of which was down-played by the sensationalist, manipulative media, who dupe people into committing MORE violence because "If it bleeds, it LEADS!"

You DUMMIES!!! You're helping them make MONEY off of your STUPIDITY!!! Not MY Troops, but some of your acquaintances & (I hope not) relatives.

O.K. Your assignment: Get out there & help these people see that they are being USED!!! See if you can get them to engage brain before putting ANYTHING in motion.

Now, when you see a TIARA situation, say it & look around to see your fellow Troops, whom you don't know, yet, react. Then, you can get together & plot the downfall of the cesspool sludge, in and out of government.


Heavenly Father, again, we dump our load of cares and concerns in Your lap, confident of Your concern and ability to handle them. We ask Your guidance for our country and that You bring us back into Your will. In all things, I thank You and (especially) I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, HOOAAAHHH!!!

God bless y'all and God bless AMERICA!!! HOOAAHHH!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt. Mack, out. Closing station & leaving the air.

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