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Muster Right Here© - Apr 18, 2016
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Did I Hear right!!!??? Cruz and Kasich hinting that they might not support nominee Trump???

Stand at EASE!!!

I would like to think that the candidate hopefuls would be as magnanimous as so many of the major talk-show hosts, who don't favor trump, but vow to support ANY Republican nominee, for the benefit of the country. What kind of "pick up my marbles and go home" self-absorbed super-twit-ism is that? "I might not support my party's candidate and might allow the left to finish '...funadamentally transform(ing) America...' "?

Un-COVER!!! (Individual prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus' name I pray, HOOAHHH!!! COVER!!! SEATS!!!

The entire principle of elections is SUPPOSED to be to find the best people to administer the business of the country. It ISN'T to gratify the over-inflated egos of a bunch of immature idiots (and that is an insult to idiots) who have little or no concept of "service to the country".

In the past, elected office was something that was taken on at a sacrifice and they served with the intent of returning to private life, as did George Washington. Acccording to my reading about him, he REALLY didn't want to serve a 2nd term, as President. He wanted to go back to Mt. Vernon and work the land, doing his ag. experiments.

More recently, the poly-tickians have moved in, grifting and grafting and sucking up to moneyed people who they expect to line their pockets during and after their terms of office.

It is harder to find an "honest politician" than it is to find an "honest lawyer", mostly because so many of the lawyers have become poly-tickians to facilitate their blood-sucking ways.

Bottom line: I don't like trump. I find him to be arrogant and un-presidential, but not as much so as hitlery, BUT, If my stupid party people nominate him, I'll be dipped in doo-doo before I'll let hitlery have a chance to further degrade the country, without a fight!!!

I WILL vote for ANYONE who gets the Republican nomination (even if he happens to be a rino) because voting dim-o-cr-ass-ic is suicide for our country and not voting is de-facto voting for hitlery.


The 2nd Amendment, being PRETTY MUCH settled law ( since it IS part of the Constitution) and the left having been beaten up, for trying to pass laws that contravene it, is now under INDIRECT attack. Sunday, "Armed American Radio" KTIP radio, 1450 AM 5-8PM, detailed a plot in which the cdc ( supposedly the center for disease control, but ACTUALLY the communist disease [sprea- ding] cabal) is going to attempt to by-pass congress and REGULATE your self-defense rights, by enacting restrictive REGULATIONS, similar to o(WHATTA)bummer's "executive orders".

One thing they seem to want to ignore is that (unlike the 1st Amendment statement that "Congress shall make no law...") the 2nd Amendment prohibits ANY infringement on the "...right of THE PEOPLE to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS...", from ANY SOURCE!

The irs, cia, ice, sec, epa or any of the other alphabet soup bureau-rats are all PROHIBITED from ANY infringement thereupon. ANY of the cesspool sludge who would attempt it should be prosecuted for a felony and fired. I mean it IS ONLY the "LAW OF THE LAND"!!!

If you "follow the money", you will (undoubtably) find that the impetus and support for these unconscionable actions is coming from people (?) who HAVE no conscience, i.e. the left.

The only chance we have for a reasonable outcome is to have a political revolution, before it comes down to a shooting revolution.

A very large percentage of our population has been "brainwashed" (if you can find a brain among them) to believe that if the cesspool sludge criminals had no guns, they'd reform and change their "taking ways". Bravo Sierra!!!

I even saw a sign on a house (believe I mentioned it b-4), "There are no firearms in this house." I don't know if someone informed the residents about the stupidity of such an announcement or if some criminal gave them a graphic illustration, but it was taken down, after a couple of weeks. I hope it was the former, but it just shows what kind of brainwashed idiots are voting.

If you want to fix the problem, get back to BASICS!!! What we need is the Bible, backed up by the Constitution. A revival of those 2 documents would fix more problems than all of the "programs" of all of the bleeding hearts.

I know I'm MEGA politically incorrect but political correctness is one of the major problems facing our society. It has been OVERWHELMINGLY demonstrated that, "A gun in your hand beats a cop on the phone!" Warm & fuzzy don't stop crime!!!

Individual responsibility and REAL empowerment, by a government that recognizes individual, God-given rights over the corruption of the government bureau-rats and enables true freedom are the answer. Everything else is cesspool sludge, promulgated BY cesspool sludge!

If you hear any of these whiners saying that they won't vote for trump even if he's nominated, just remind them that the dim-o- cr-ASS-ic party brought them such classics as: "You have to vote FOR the bill, to find out what is IN the bill." "THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT!!!" "If I could get 51 votes, in the senate, it would be 'Turn them all in', Mr. & Mrs. America." (relative to loss of the right to keep & bear arms) & the ever popular litany of o(WHATTA)bummer doesn't care health care lies, "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor if you like your health plan you can keep your health plan and the average American family will save $3500 per year." They came so "fast & furious: that I couldn't separate them!!!

Bottom, bottom line: If you don't vote (and conservatively so) because you are too LAZY, too SELF-ABSORBED or TOO STUPID to see the communist manifesto on the wall, please do the rest of us (and any family with whom you have burdened us) a favor by earning a "Darwin Award", which is awarded to those far-thinking, considerate individuals who off themselves in a spectacularly stupid manner, thereby removing themselves from the gene pool and avoiding further pollution of the same.

[The preceeding statement is not discriminatory as it denigrates no one's race, religion, national origin or motorcycle club. It is simply my way of saying that I can tolerate ignorance and have compassion for the developmentally challenged BUT, people who represent themselves as thinking, functional adults, but come out with SUPER STUPID statements like, "I don't care (about all the facts you have presented) six cops on that guy was excessive force." and "You got all of the good points and we don't." (And still vote not guilty in direct opposition to the facts.) totally abuse the right to BE STUPID!!!]

I was there and heard these 1st-hand. It was an actual jury trial and these were real ( people?) "serving " as jurors.

IT AIN'T BRAIN SURGERY, FOLKS!!! Keep going down the lib/left/communist path and you can grab your left ankle with your right hand and your right ankle with your left hand and bend over and kiss your gluteous maximi (and your COUNTRY) GOOD- BYE!!!

WAKE UP AMERICA!!! In this case, I urge you to disseminate this info TO all lib/lefties, even if they have frail health. If it gives them apoplexy, they may be too incapacitated to pollute the election process with what would LIKELY be a stupid vote!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, I ask you to raise the intelligence and awareness in our country. The Editor and I are REALLY tired of playing Paul Revere. We ask you for a revival to bring us back to you and the wisdom you imparted to the Founders. In the meantime, please protect us from the folly of the "do gooders" and other leftists and protect our guardians, wherever and however they serve. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, in Whose Name I pray. HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt. Mack leaving the air and closing station.

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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