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Muster Right Here© - Apr 13 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Take SEATS!!!

This may be a short class, depending upon how soon I have to leave. Got lots of fish to fry & not a lot of time. Then, again, if I get wound up, that other stuff may have to wait.

First off, I just heard a news story that said 60% of republicans favor higher taxes on the rich. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU IDIOTS?!!! THAT MAKES YOU RINOS!!! YOU NEED TO STICK YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR WINDOWS & SHOUT, "I'M A HYPOCRITE, A THIEF AND A BUCKET OF CESSPOOL SLUDGE!!!"


Once, again, I have been forced to defer an important subject to a later class, because some methane-breathers have demonstrated, unequivocally, that what they have for brains would be utilized MUCH more effectively in contributing to the growth of roses or some other beautiful plant, instead of contributing to the growth of ugliness, stupidity & corruption.

I can understand the idea of 89% of democrats (liberals) wanting to steal money from their neighbors, but I'm ashamed to be associated with any "republican" who supports this notion.

Let's say that I made $50,000, when I was employed & paid 15% income tax & my neighbor made $1,000,000 & paid 50%. I would have paid $7,500, in taxes & he would have paid $500,000.

In the first place it is EVIL, to take 1/2 of what he earned, essentially, under duress, at gunpoint.

Unless he is stealing that money, like the government and the poly-tickians (remember, many blood-sucking vermin?) do, he has a right to KEEP IT!!!

In the second place, it is enlightened self-interest for me to want him to be motivated to make those bucks, because poor people don't employ anyone.

He may be buying stuff that is made by my other neighbors & me & even, directly, employing some of us, which contributes to the health of the economy.

Think back to the founding of this country, when everyone was required to give their crops to the common storehouse & everyone drew, equally, from it.


No one had any incentive to excell & the whole outfit was going to pot. They had to divide up the land & allow the farmers to keep their produce. Then they traded with the craftsmen & the capitalist society came to America.

God bless it & them, as THAT is how we came to have the strongest country in the world & the highest standard of living & the most innovative society in history.

In more recent history, it wasn't our military that forced the Soviet Union out of business, although we kept them at bay while it was happening, & only the strength of our CAPITALIST SOCIETY allowed us to do that.

It WAS, IN FACT, that same CAPITALIST SOCIETY that did the Kremlin in. They didn't have the freedom to innovate & build strength, because the state controlled everything & was even more corrupt than OUR poly-tickians, strange, but true.

Remember that all power corrupts & absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

We need to get behind the flat tax or the consumption tax as the only fair methods of raising revenue. I, personally, favor the consumption tax. If my neighbor makes $1,000,000 & lives moderately, he should be able to leave his money to his heirs.

If he (or they) "live large" they would pay for the privilege. A consumption tax of 10% (as an example) would collect $3,000 on a yearly expenditure of $30,000 & $10,000 on $100,000.

The more you spend, the more you would pay. It would be up to you to determine your lifestyle & how much you would be taxed.

Now we come to the "holier-than-thou-don't-read-the-bible-I'LL-tell-you-what-god-wants-you-to-do-'cause-I'M-a-liberal-&-THEREFORE-HOLIER-than-you'll-ever-be." "Revival" & snake oil sales pitch.

A certain Robert V. Latour, a self-described "...ordained...Christian clergyman", lays out God's commandments for Christian charity &, then, says he has to oppose tax cuts for the wealthy and that he has a "..moral and Christian obligation to work to help the less fortunate in our society.Jesus gave all of us that obligation." To the LAST part, I'll say,AMEN!!!

I hope that he will (personally) work for these things and give of his own money & possessions & (if he does) I will praise him to the Father & pray for his body & soul.

I find, however, that many who exhort others to be charitable & "give 'til it hurts" spend more time in the "counting house", tallying the collection than they do in the "alms house" caring for those unfortunates whose plight they so loudly proclaim.

The only thing "Rev" Latour failed to quote is the part of the Bible in which Jesus said that the government shall relieve you of the individual obligation & choice (of whether to support druggies & other freeloaders) by taxing you at usurious rates so that they can create a dependency class that is beholden to the leftists in government and will vote for & with them.

Do you suppose that failure was an over sight? Maybe it was because it isn't there & Jesus meant for charity to be individual and NOT institutionally compulsory.

That would certainly comport with the divinely inspired language of the Unanimous Declaration & Constitution, where it says that, for these reasons, our hired administrators shall do these things and for the reason that we are a free people, they shall do no more.

Everything else shall be up to the states, or "...the PEOPLE" & just as Jesus did not empower the government to extort "charity" from "...the PEOPLE", in the bible, neither did He, in our founding documents.

O.K., everyone who has understood & accepted the truth of these words, CEASE PUSHUPS!!! On your FEET!!! Everyone else, CARRY ON!!! & COUNT LOUDLY!!!

Remaining class, on your FEET!!!

Heads bowed!

Heavenly Father, you know our concerns & our frailties. We ask your help & mercy for both. In Jesus' Name we pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

God bless y'all & God bless America, HOOAAHHH!!!

Section Chiefs, put 'em to work!

Sgt. Mack out, leaving the air & closing station. Dis-MISSED

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