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Muster Right Here© - Apr 12 2013
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

Prepare for the continuing story of the o(WHATTA)bummer regime and its agenda to transform America to conform to leftism, under emperor o(WHATTA)bummer.

Is it just me or does the idea of an emperor, in a supposed leftist culture seem hypocritical? Anyway,

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.)

COVER!!! Take SEATS!!!

Before we embark on our usual class on what's right with America, in spite of the current regime,I want to remind y'all that just because "It's a rule", it doesn't mean it's not valid, as some people seem to think.

Case in point: Recently, I experienced 2 incidents that made me glad of the rules I absorbed during my civilian and military firearms training.

In one incident, I heard something in the brush, close to me. Knowing that there are things up here that might kill me (even if they didn't eat me) I drew my .45. As I did so (with trigger finger [habitually] extended along the frame) I discovered that the safety was disengaged.

How it happened, I don't know. The safety action is crisp and positive.

Fortunately the rule of "Never touch the trigger until you are about to shoot." is an ingrained part of my procedures, so nothing happened.

In the other incident, I picked it up (on my way outside) with finger along the frame and (habitually) checked the safety b-4 holstering (hey, that's ANOTHER rule) which turned out to be off. Again, don't know how because I ALWAYS check the safety b-4 placing it under my pillow or anywhere else.

Once again, adherence to the rules kept me safe and nothing happened.

There's an old saying that when you need to, you'll revert to your training. That applies to everyday safety decisions, as well as those that come up during an emergency.

O.K. Off of my "Gun Safety" soapbox and back on my "o(WHATTA)bummer Gun-Society-Speech-(im)morality-Thought-Action-[and-every-facet-of -our-lives]-control" soapbox.

In case you have been asleep, drugged, drunk, crazy or stupid you should have noticed that the 0(WHATTA)bummer regime is tightening the screws and making it hard to impossible to exercise many of our god-given rights. Among these is our right to self-defense, as protected by the 2nd Amendment.

I would suggest that anyone who has a rifle that can (legally) utilize a bayonet HAVE one because if they make ammunition scarce, or impossible to get, you will have to save ammo.

There may be times when you will have to result to more primitive means. When your weapon is empty, it becomes a club. If you have a knife on the end, it becomes a lance and much more useful than a club.

If you have a rifle that cannot (legally) have bayonet mounting lugs you need to make a bayonet that has its own mounting. If you "go dry" in your weapon, you will probably die, but you may at least take one or more with you.

Now let's take a minute (or so) to examine the Ganjigal, Afghanistan firefight that was the subject of the book, "Into the Fire" hereinafter referred to as "ITF", which chronicled the heroism of Congressional Medal of Honor, hereinafter referred to as CMH, recipient Corporal Dakota Meyer, USMC.

It, also, detailed the equal heroism of Capt. William Swenson, U.S. Army, hereinafter USA, who did NOT receive the CMH, despite being recommended for it, having a review of the recommendation by the succeeding commander (after the paperwork was "LOST") and receiving a letter of apology, from the succeeding commander, for the "paperwork SNAFU" and a renewal of the recommendation.

WHY the "SNAFU" you might ask? Let's just say that the cesspool sludge in "command" who don't like being criticized for getting people killed, unnecessarily, also killed Capt. Swensen's CMH. Now I am NOT lumping ALL senior military people into the "cesspool sludge" category.

I have known some GREAT senior military, but these are the ones to whom I can say, "Sir (Ma'am or Sgt Major) FYI, you committed a faux pas, there . You should have done (whatever)." If they take my word for it, they'll say, "Thanx, Mack, I'll watch that." If not, we may discuss it, but they'll give me my due respect.

Granted, in this case, Capt. Swenson was voluble, on the radio (and disrespectful) but that doesn't diminish what he did and he was under extreme conditions. They should have given him his CMH, slapped his wrist (at the worst) for the disrespect and soldiered on.

I'm not going to take class time to detail all of their exploits or the FUBAR actions (and lack of action) by the military area, theater and high command but I URGE you Troops to read the book, "Into The Fire". I found it to be a "page turner" (unless you have high blood pressure or heart trouble, as I found my blood pressure rising at the descriptions of the actions of the cesspool sludge "command" slime) and I would put it on the "MUST READ" list for anyone who values the contributions of our military who are in harm's way, justice and DOING THE RIGHT THING!!!

By way of explanation, when someone enlists (or is drafted) into our military there is a partly written (& partly unwritten, but real) contract that the individuals will (for a period of time) surrender control over their lives and destinies, trusting to the "Command" to attend to their health, welfare and any other needs, in return for the individuals (sometimes blind) obedience to orders but always their best efforts to accomplish the assigned mission.

In return, the "Command" promises to give them V.A. Health benefits, but even more important, when their butts are on the line and (especially when) taking fire, the "Command" promises to: 1st off, not have (unnecessarily) risked their lives, by PPPP (the last 3 "P"s are Poor Prior Planning. You figure out the 1st one.) which means the "Command" will 2ndly, have a plan and a back-up plan and a last-ditch contingency plan AT THE VERY LEAST!!!


In addition, there is implicit an understanding that (should you accomplish something that is particularly noteworthy) your "above and beyond the call..." actions will be recognized, without the condition that you haven't ticked off some rear-echelon cesspool sludge.

The other thing (as verified by some Commanders who are worthy of the name) is when your troops are in peril, you rely on them to tell YOU what they need to get out. Some chair-warming cesspool sludge who is miles removed from where the fit is hitting the shan is CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT, CRIMINALLY INCOMPETENT and CRIMINALLY STUPID, if he tries to second-guess an urgent call for support.

Gen. Colin Powell, former Chair of the Joint Chiefs, said, "The commander in the field is always right and the rear echelon is wrong, unless proved otherwise."

I remember one winter, when we had snow in the valley, an unusual circumstance, and my postmaster called her boss about suspending delivery, for safety reasons. She told us he'd said that we wouldn't have any problems.

As it turned out, WE didn't but there were around 80 accidents, in and around our town. I wasn't concerned about OUR drivers hitting someone else. I was concerned about one of those OTHER drivers, hitting US!!!

Guess (if one of us had been killed) the cesspool sludge in San Jose would have said, "Oopsey!!!. my bad."

No amount of "intelligence" (what the military, erroneously call information) can be better than the assessment of the "boots on ground" grunts, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE BULLETS START FLYING.

There should be a requirement that any cesspool sludge rear echelon slime who refuses a support call, from troops in peril has to get off his brain and GO to where the ACTION IS. Then he MAY be competent to assess the needs of the troops.

Either provide the support or go dodge bullets & tell the troops why they don't need the support.

After you read the book, please contact your "house reps" & "senators" who are OBVIOUSLY taking money under false pretenses, when they (knowingly) allow this type of travesty to be perpetrated, and respectfully request (& if that doesn't work DEMAND) that they launch a full-scale investigation into the FUBAR that got our people and our allies killed, by INACTION on the part of those who should have "had their backs".

The reference is the the Ganjigal, Afghanistan firefight.

If I suddenly expire (given that my V.A. Docs say I'm, basically, healthy as a winning racehorse) please send for the CSI people. Somebody just might not take kindly to my (heartfelt and considered) criticism of their hypocrisy, incompetence and self-protecting lies.

Last, for your consideration. the o(WHATTA)bummer regime continues its relentless pursuit of totalitarianism by duping the public into supporting total disarmament of civilians, in the name of "keeping THE CHILDREN" safe.

Tell a big enough lie (banning private ownership of firearms [done in increments like turning up the flame, slowly, to boil a frog, alive] will end violence) and telling it often enough (constant media barrage) will overwhelm the common sense of the public (which is tenuous, at best) and enable the REGIME to establish a BIG BROTHER society, in which the state is supreme and we are nothing.

I STILL think that a "socialist state", ruled by an emperor is an oxymoron but being evil and leftist means that YOU define EVERYTHING and anyone who disagrees just disappears.

But, no one is going to pay me much mind. When common sense is in the minority (which FREQUENTLY happens) it tends to be dismissed (by the regime, their toadies and the public, at large) as "conspiracy theory" and "crackpotism".

It is easier, for many people, to dismiss the voice of alarm because if they listened, their conscience might force them to leave their television, comic book or whatever they use to occupy themselves, get off their enormous gluteous maximi and DO something.

Far better to ignore the encroaching evil, until it falls on the next generation.

Some of us just can't be that lazy, slovenly or dishonorable.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, it's getting worse, all the time. If it be Your will, just come and get us but, otherwise, we ask for the strength to endure the bad times we have now and the worse times we see coming. Further we ask for the strength to resist the evil that is rampant in the world.

In all things I thank and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the gift and sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!


Sgt. Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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