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Muster Right Here© - Apr 09, 2020
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

First of all, “democratic socialist” is an oxymoron! socialists are anything BUT democratic. They are all about controlling the population, HOWEVER that can be achieved, including (as a last resort) civil war.

Secondly, I am sick to death of hearing the lib/left crying about the plight of the “innocent asylum seekers”! The “innocent asylum seekers” are the ones who apply to come in LEGALLY!!! Not those who try to crash our borders or steal in, violating our laws.

Un-COVER!!! (Individual, silent, prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus’ Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!! COVER!!! SEATS!!!

In discussion of the illegals, I am reminded of the insecticide commercial, wherein the invasive pests chant, “We’re here and we’re hungry!” I am sorry that the invasive pest illegals are here, and if they are hungry but I didn’t invite them here and I feel no compulsion to grant them entry to the country my forefathers worked and died to leave to their “posterity”, which means their descendants.

“We are a welcoming country, but illegal entry is equivalent to breaking and entering.” ... Sergeant Mack

We are a welcoming country, but illegal entry is equivalent to breaking and entering. The person who knocks on my door and asks for help will get a much different reception than the one who kicks in my door or jimmies a window or door and demands or tries to steal something from me.

The latter 2 will be lucky to walk out. AND don’t call me a xenophobe or a Scrooge! We are charitable but won’t be intimidated, bullied or guilted! As I have said, before, 5/6th of my blood is from immigrants, but I know of none of them who came illegally. We, and many of our friends, contribute to charities who go to Mexico, to help them improve their conditions. If they have a corrupt government, they need to shovel out the cesspool sludge and fix their country.

There are so many people of Mexican descent here that I can’t believe they would not be able assist their countrymen in cleaning up the country. Our forefathers took on the strongest army, in the world, and created America. They did it by unconventional tactics, such as slitting the throats of soldiers, to obtain weapons and, generally, violating many accepted customs of “civilized warfare” (not “cricket” old boy) until they kicked england’s butt.

Now, let’s return to the UN-democratic socialists, who double and triple down on their worse than worthless agenda that increases crime so that they can scream for more draconian laws, which would take us FURTHER down the slippery slope AWAY from democracy and toward socialism/communism and other evil programs.

In, further, demonstration of who is better equipped to run the country, I just read or heard (or both) an entirely plausible report that Gov. Schwarzenegger had accumulated a large supply of beds and other equipment (that we SORELY need, in this crises) and moonbeam brownstain sold (probably to raise $$ for his high speed rail rip-off) &/or gave away the bulk of it, leaving us TOTALLY unprepared, for ANY emergency. Now ain’t that the mark of a kalifornia kommisar? brownstain and cuomo, working HARD against the interests of the American people!!!

And, speaking of “intolerable acts”, the idea that citizens need to pay for insurance, to protect their homes against “mortgage fraud”, is absurd to the “ nth degree”. In the first place, fraud that has such a devastating effect on people’s lives needs to have a category and a punishment that is equivalent to, if not included in that of violent crimes and be eligible for “3-strike” punishments.

The other change should be that business who loan money should be under stricter requirements to verify the identities of people who wish to establish or modify mortgages, placing the onus on the people who hope to make a profit on the transaction, to ensure that the homeowner is protected from loss.

In addition, foreclosures where there is a claim of fraudulent action should be held in abeyance until they can be investigated, with no cost to the owner. In fact, there should be a dedicated department of the FBI or Treasury for dealing with this crime and SEVERE MANDATORY PENALTIES, commensurate with the potential harm to the victims. Make it so severe that criminals would get “the shakes” if they were approached for or even THINK of becoming involved. I would even entertain the suggestion of making mortgage fraud and other forms of bilking innocent people a capital offense, because of the devastation it wreaks on the victim.


Apparently, there are some turncoat republic-rats that are conspiring with the demoncrats (AKA the dim-o-cr-ASS-ics) to FURTHER infringe your 2nd Amendment rights (God-given) by requiring registration for ammunition purchases (like the socialist republik of kalifornia) and making such purchases grounds for “red flag” 2nd Amendment violation, by confiscation of firearms without due process.


You MUST shovel out the cesspool sludge of anti-American, anti-Constitution perjurers among congress and the bureau-rat-ASS-y, that have falsely sworn allegiance to the Constitution, while having “…mental reservation or purpose of evasion…”, because they are ACTIVELY working AGAINST the Constitution and US, (U.S.) as a 5th column!

I would STRONGLY advocate trials for perjury and treason and applications of hot tar. No sense in wasting feathers. At the very least, find out the identities of these cesspool sludge and kick them out of office, forcing them to find more honest employment as muggers and other criminals, where they might be shot in the commission of honest criminal pursuits and not protected by their (totally bogus, “..phony-baloney jobs.” ) [Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles.].

Back to regularly scheduled class.

After 3 years of falsely accusing Pres. Trump of everything from “mopery and attempting to schlep” to “drunk crawling and attempting to walk” and things that THEY have actually committed, such as withholding funds from allies and blackmail and bribery (don’t forget that bundle of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, dumped on the tarmac, in iran) some of them are, NOW, attempting to kiss his tucus, so that they can bask in his reflected glory, when we overcome the corona virus emergency. And others are STILL trying to blame him for the corona deaths, when they opposed his travel ban and other common-sense actions, to safeguard our citizens. Can you say hypocritical scum-bags? I knew you could!

If the demoncratic party wants to remain a viable presence in this country, it needs to undergo a drastic house-cleaning and sanitization program, shoveling out the socialist cabal, including the squat, the pile of pelosi, schmuck schumer, quid pro joe bite me, commissar crazy bernie and anyone else that is actively working against the Constitution AS WRITTEN!

It needs to get back to its roots as the Democratic Party, in which I was reared, cutting out the cancers of communism, socialism, plutocracy, oligarchy and anything else that is opposed to ,”…government OF THE PEOPLE , BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE…” not as a democracy, but as a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC, which form of government the founders (inspired by God) created and has led to the United States of America being the “…shining city on the hill.” and the place to which SOOOO many people want to come, to enjoy “…the blessings of freedom…”

"It AIN’T BROKE and if it were, YOU couldn’t FIX IT!!!"

It AIN’T BROKE and if it were, YOU couldn’t FIX IT!!! Those of us (U.S.) who believe in what the founders did will take it from here, maintaining the integrity of their vision and fixing anything that people who are outside the community of patriots (such as YOU) try to break. As the bumper sticker says, “If you HEART ain’t in America, get your A$$ OUT!!!”

Getting back to the “corona virus”, considering the raft of bravo sierra that china has been dishing out, I just remembered that “chou (alternatively ‘chow’ ) down “ is not the extent of my asian phraseology.

I direct your attention to “wun (alternatively ‘one’) long lie”, which sums up the “diplomacy” of all of the communist countries and (recently) especially china. korea is a close 2nd, but I believe china holds the liar’s trophy, hands down.

Kudos to bernie sanders, for realizing that he’s too crazy to aspire to the office of president or just that there weren’t enough people who were crazy ( or stupid )enough to vote for him . Now if quid- pro- joe- bite me or his family would come to the same (rational) conclusion, we might have an un-opposed, election by acclimation. With all of our warts, this is, still, the best thing going. As the saying goes, “Democracy is the worst form of government in existence, except for all of the others.”

As I know I’ve said before, “We are only 1 or 2 demoncratic regimes from losing our democracy.” I say this even though we are not a pure democracy, because pure democracy, as a form of government, is unworkable. We have the closest system that can work, that of a democratic republic, a representative republic administered on democratic principles. Unfortunately, the demoncrats’ principles are inimical to OUR principles of freedom. One of the most intelligent maxims ever written is, “All power tends to corrupt. Absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely.”

That is the reason that the government NEEDS to be “…of the people, by the people and for the people…” It is only by strict scrutiny, of our representatives, BY the public, can we assist them in resisting the seductive influence of the lure of power. We MUST do this to protect THEM, from themselves and US (U.S.) from THEM.

"Anyone who has, ever, been in a position of authority and responsibility has been faced with the problem of reconciling the availability of power with the necessity of tempering it with caution and reason." ... Sergeant Mack

Anyone who has, ever, been in a position of authority and responsibility has been faced with the problem of reconciling the availability of power with the necessity of tempering it with caution and reason.

For 12 years, I held the reins of a community-active public service organization. Two of my methods of reconciliation were: Acquisition of the regulations under which I was required to perform my office, so I would know the limits of my authority and (at every opportunity) consulting the membership on decisions that would affect the organization.

Over the years, it became known that consultation was my rule, rather than the exception. When faced with the occasional, “You can’t do that!”, my response was, “Chapter xx, page xx says I can.” Far more often I would ask, ”What is the will of the membership?” and administer that, unless it conflicted with the regulations. That does make me some sort of paragon, it was the acceptance of human weakness and using what was at my disposal to resist it and the realization that 20 heads are better than 1.

I would, never, consider political office, as my entire make-up is too politically incorrect to “suffer fools” (or poltroons) and, therefore, could not function in the cesspools of government.

My function, as with some of my favorite radio personalities, is that of “loyal opposition”. Not opposed to Pres. Trump, but to the lot of the anti-Constitution cesspool sludge, but I am loyal to America.

Guess it’s time to put this class to bed & get it published, so be well. Be considerate. Be a unit of society that stands together, against all threats.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, thank You for all of our undeserved blessings. We ask Your continued blessings and guidance. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack leaving the air and closing station, HOOOAAAHHH!!!

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