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Muster Right Here - Apr 09 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!! For those who may have forgotten, that is a modified position of Parade Rest, whereby you direct your attention to the speaker & can move your head.

1) I want all Troops to stop whining about lack of transparency, from the administration. It AIN'T TRUE!!! I told you I could see thru him, from the start. He's a radical lefty socialist and he told us he was going to transform America. Get ready for the "New Amerika". The fact that he lied about putting the "health-care reform bill negotiations" (read 1st part of the socialist agenda, by bribery, threats & sweetheart deals against the interests and will of the American people) on television does equate to lack of transparency. It is just the nature of the beast. He's a liar. MOST POLITICIANS, WHO ARE NOT STATESPERSONS, ARE LIARS!!! GET OVER IT!!! FACT OF LIFE!!!

The articulate, personable commissar-in-chief, who can't speak to a grade-school class without a teleprompter and secret service agents, in the picture with him, and snubs & insults our allies & kisses the backsides of our enemies & others who do not wish us well is nothing more than a snake oil salesman whose stock-in-trade is "hope & change" & is sold to a gullible public who wouldn't know an honorable person if they stepped on one. WHICH THEY HAVE!!! Threat condition alert!!! We are at DELTA!!!, which is imminent danger!!! Things have progressed (or degenerated) from SNAFU, thru TARFU & rapidly approaching FUBAR!!!

The only things we have going for us is that SOME of the people who were duped by barak hussein "hopey-changey" obama are beginning to come out of their trances & see that, not only is the emperor nekkid, he's butt-ugly, too. Some of you may have to close your left eye, to see the ugliness, but (no pun intended) it's there. So, hang onto your hats, Troops. It's going to be a bumpy ride! 'Nuff said. 2) The "Tea Party" movement has been demonized by "people" who know a lot about demons. Unfortunately, most of these "people" are non-statesperson-politicians, which means LIARS and blood-sucking vermin (ref: past classes, in archives), or are their bootlicking toadies, such as the media who need a left-crutch to avoid falling over. At any rate, God bless the Tea Party organizers & help them in their mission as "Paul Reveres". This time it is THE CESSPOOL SLUDGE ARE COMING & THEY'RE SLIMING EVERYONE!!!. No need for 1 if by land. 2 if by sea. They are here, already, & more coming every day (by land, sea & air) & they are coming for YOU!!! Be VERY afraid!!! Just don't let fear immobilize you. Fear can be a strong motivator.

Our predecessors did what everyone said was impossible.They defeated the most respected & feared army & navy on earth, at that time. They did it by being willing to do what the enemy never conceived. They did it by staying "out in the rain", when wisdom said seek shelter. They did it because their backs were against the wall, just as ours are, over 200 years later. They did it because failure was not an option, just as it isn't, for us.

I am sure that the original "Tea Party" goers were demonized by their contemporaries,just as we are. If you don't respect their opinions any other time, DON'T START NOW!!! GET OUT THERE & WIN ONE FOR THE "GIPPER". Our civilization rises or falls on what we do, in the next couple of years, starting NOW!!! This November is prime time, to fire the bums & take the country back.DO IT!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE : 10APR,'10,Porterville Fairgrounds. Sgt.Mack approx. noon. I'll be there about 30-45 mikes, sing, spout off a bit about whatever new outrage has been committed by the district of criminals & takeoff for the Vet's Hall & the Spring Ball.

3) One of the bright spots in all of this gloom will take place in Porterville, Calif. Tulare County,on 10APR,'10. It is the Rotary of Porterville Spring Ball & is rapidly becoming one of the major events in the county. It features the Fabulous Studio Band, of Porterville High School, which has been mistaken for a college band & is of professional caliber.

There are, also, featured vocalists, including the producer & director of the show, Maurice Ecung and there have been featured (professional) instrumentalists, some of whom are alumni of the band & return to their roots. I said it b-4. I'll say it again, as long as the editor will publish it. If you are mobile, you need to get your donkey to this event. $12.50 per ticket for this much entertainment & extras (like free prom-style photos & food included & the chance to be selected as King or Queen & come back next year, in a limo (sitting up-right) & crown the next King or Queen, is a bargain. Like Sam the Sham said, "Don't be L7". Draw it & you can see it forms a square, & Elvis said, "...Don't you be no square..." & someone said "Be THERE, or BE SQUARE!!" 'Nuff said!

4) Now, this one is going to be a biggie, so "...listen & listen TIGHT!" obama, who hates this country & wants to make us (U.S.) over in the image of Europe, of whom he is a wannabe, has decided to give any non-nuke capable and nuke treaty observant country or rag-tag pseudo-country the ability to attack us & kill your family, as long as it isn't done with nukes, TOTALLY without threat of nuclear retaliation. Let's see, if I strap on a sidearm & walk down the street with a sign that says, "Anyone who wishes to attack me, with a knife, or club, or run over me with their car (etc.) as long as you don't shoot at me, I won't shoot you", how much of a deterrent is my sidearm? How STOOOPID, or intentionally disregarding of our safety & security, do you have to be to do this kind of thing? Well, it's coming from the FAAARR LEFT, so what do you expect, intelligence?, protection for our citizens?


On top of which, an agreement with Russia, to significantly disarm, from which Russia can withdraw, at any time. Anybody got a weasel guarding the hen house? Well, you have a weasel selling passes to the national hen house. Wonder what he's getting out of it, besides a chance to kiss the backsides of the "cosmopolitans" & (he thinks) get a chance to join their club. FAT CHANCE!!!

They're probably laughing at him (& us for being gullible enough to give him the chance to do all of this) & when he's destroyed the country, they'll kick him to the curb.

Now, the dream of all lefties. DISARM the U.S., without having to fight us!!! If commisar klintsky gets her way (& that of her [& obama's] cabal) the ability of the citizens to defend our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, is going to go the way of the dinosaur, the do-do bird & a whole lot of other extinct animals. The government (of the u.n.) will reign supreme & all but the ruling class (obama, pelosi, klintsky, etc) will be serfs, subject to the whim of our masters. Gee, didn't we fight a bloody war against some meglomaniacal mass-murderer who started out doing this exact thing?

5) One last thing b-4 I dismiss you. I, recently, answered a USA Today Gun Poll. I answered their question, whether or not the 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to keep & bear arms incorrectly, because the question was asked incorrectly. I, then, sent the following & ask that you use this as a model to correct future mis-statements about the Constitution.

I answered your poll ("yes") within the parameters of the question, but you need to begin asking the correct question. The correct answer to the question, as (incorrectly) phrased is no. The correct question is, "Does the 2nd Amendment protect the inalienable right of the individual citizen to self-defense through the keeping and bearing of arms?" In this context, the answer is "HELL YES!!!"

The Amendment GRANTS no RIGHTS. If it did, the repeal of the Amendment could remove those rights and, therefore, they would not BE rights, but privileges, enjoyed on sufferance of & subject to the whim of, the government. Instead, it (simply) protects EXISTING rights against the encroachment that many in (& out of) our government have been attempting, for years, only to be stopped by a (truly inconvenient) truth, that the 2nd Amendment prohibits their agenda. When you ask the wrong question, even with the best motive, you can cause people to view the larger question in a smaller context, which can allow the forces that are arrayed against us (U.S.) to twist meanings & mis-lead the unwary.

God bless Y'all, our Troops & all other righteous guardians & God bless America!!!, & all of Sgt.Mack's Troops said, in one LOUD VOICE, HOOOOAH!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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