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Print | Cesspool sludge - That Voted To Impeach President Trump - Is Not Worthy To Be A Doormat To Wipe His Feet
Muster Right Here© - Apr 06, 2021
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

The “congress persons” that participated in the 1st (sham) “impeachment”, along with the absolutely UNCONSTITUTIONAL 2ND attempt are TRULY EVIL, foul beings not even worthy of being called swamp creatures. Swamp creatures have a certain dignity that denizens of the d.c. (district of criminals’) cesspool lack. If he were to wipe his shoes on them, he would have to burn the shoes, for fear of contaminating everything they would touch.

Un-COVER!!! (Individual, silent, prayer or contemplation.)
In Jesus’ Name I pray, HOOOAAAHHH!!! COVER!! SEATS!!!

It is to be hoped that all of the useful idiots who voted for quid-pro-quo-joebama-bite-me & caca-mala will suffer enough harm (such as loss of jobs or their entire industries) so that they are shocked out of their cranial rectosis and begin to breathe oxygen. If so, maybe enough of them will be converted to conservatism that they will overwhelm the illegal machinations of the evil left.

“Now for an encouraging word, from some Constitutionalists.” ... Sergeant Mack

Now for an encouraging word, from some Constitutionalists. A couple (?) of states have (essentially) declared themselves to be Constitutional sanctuary states, that will not bow to king quid-pro-quo-joebama-bite-me’s unconstitutional “executive orders”, which he has acknowledged (as did o[WHATTAbummer, b-4 he signed them) to be beyond the scope of his authority, but (hypocritically, and illegally) he signed them, anyway.

What we need, now, is for more states and counties to declare themselves to be Constitutional sanctuary zones, where the enforcement of such non-laws (which are ALREADY illegal) is prohibited by LOCAL laws.

You should expect the left, which is ALREADY in a state of open rebellion, against the duly constituted government of the United States (the Constitution and “WE, THE PEOPLE…”) to throw a hissy fit and even attempt to be in ARMED rebellion, if they think that there are sufficient, brainwashed, troops to succeed. Any such attempt should be met with swift and OVERWHELMING resistance, by the citizenry and any troops who are loyal to the Constitution.

In the meantime, how do you kool-aide drinkers like him, so far? Has he wounded or killed your sacred cow, yet, whether it be your career, or pet project, or maybe you’re a closet gun owner (I’ve heard about some of you democrat hypocrites, who think (?) joebama will give you special dispensation, I don’t THINK so) or WHATEVER you value.

“Remember: Absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely. He who will betray a solemn oath, taken before God (in Whom I am not sure he even believes) WILL betray YOU, without a thought.” ... Sergeant Mack

Remember: Absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely. He who will betray a solemn oath, taken before God (in Whom I am not sure he even believes) WILL betray YOU, without a thought.

The pile o’pelosi, having loonnng ago come out against the 2ND Amendment, is NOW revealing her(?)self to be anti-1st Amendment and pro-censorship of all opinionated, conservatives.

And SPEAKING of illegal activities, I STILL haven’t seen an explanation as to the possibility of this new identity-theft boondoggle, namely mortgage fraud. Why is it OUR burden to hire people to guard against this, instead of the LENDER’S burden to do the due diligence that ensures that they are lending to the legitimate owner?

Is it because the lender-class people have the legislators in their pockets & have paid them off to keep it simple, stupid, so that they can make loads of money making (sometimes fraudulent) loans?

Where are (and were) the “watchdogs” who are (and were) supposed to ensure ethical practices, on the part of people who have so much power over our economy? Are they taking fishing trips on OUR dime? How about junkets to the Riviera, to examine the migratory habits of OUR money.

The more I see of “society” the more happy I am that we have, pretty much, withdrawn from it, choosing only to conduct brief forays into the “asphalt jungle”, but (mostly) preferring the company of honest predators who will only kill you to survive and are very up-front about it.

There is a kind of truce, that exists during the day. The animals tend to avoid areas of habitation and if we humans have to venture into their territory, we make noise so that we don’t come upon them suddenly. We make noise and so do they and avoid contact, most of the time. Of course a prudent traveler prepares for the accidental or hunger-driven encounter or the animal that just doesn’t feel like honoring the truce, by carrying “the difference” (between life and death) and survives the encounter. Part of “ the difference” being carried between their ears.

“Anyone who walks around, even on their own land, unarmed, is either stupid or ignorant and either situation is likely to be remedied, at any time.”

At night, all bets are off and the animals have the “right of way”, so “the difference” is even MORE mandatory. Anyone who walks around, even on their own land, unarmed, is either stupid or ignorant and either situation is likely to be remedied, at any time.

Our most recent visitor has been a bear that pounded on our wall. When I went out I spooked it and it ran, not very far, though. It circled back and came toward me, so I shot at it. Fortunately, since my light was inadequate, I missed it , cleanly, relieving me of the obligation to pursue and kill. It did, however, give evidence of a serious scare, as it yelped, jumped up about a foot and boogied. If that is enough to keep it away, peace is restored. If not, I have installed a laser sight and will endeavor to make its demise as painless as possible, as required by the code of the sportsman.

Whoops! The cabal, again, rears its ugly head. Something caca mala has done, apparently, might make her eligible for the “purge” within the (former) White House, now the seat of demonic activities and machinations, since the o(WHATTA)bummer regime.

Be careful what you wish for, Troops! I’m not sure which would be worse, a heartbeat away from the presidency, caca mala or the pile of pelosi. caca mala, being part black, is a “sacred cow”, to the demoncrats, but seems to be to stooopid to come in from the rain and (as like [as I’ve been told] domestic turkeys) might stand there with her mouth open and drown, which would make la’ pelosivich next in line, anyway.

If someone could just find the legal grounds to kick out the entire cabal, from jobama-bite-me (at least) thru upchuck (aka schmuck) schumer, I would vote that person a “WE, THE PEOPLE…” MEDAL of FREEDOM and a lifetime appointment to the Presidential Cabinet for dealing with anti-American cesspool sludge.

The more information that is revealed about the illegal activities, during the ’20 “election”, the more clear it becomes that the demoncrat party is a criminal enterprise and wherever its criminal activity can be proven, it should be disbanded under the RICO laws, or whatever applicable statutes can be used, to protect us from their predations.

joebama-bite-me has already made a “Freudian slip” and admitted that they had created the best election fraud organization, ever and we need to take his word for it and act on that information!!!

AND here’s ANOTHER example of the stupidity of the bowel liquid movement, blm.

How about shutting down Wegman’s Grocery, menacing the customers and THEN having the unmitigated GALL to demand that they return their stores to the urban areas from which they had to move because of the kind of lawlessness that was being demonstrated by these cesspool sludge.

AND crying racism because the chain had to hire off-duty cops to protect lives and property. If the residents of the area want to have god businesses, they need to band together and resist the lawlessness that has become characteristic o the urban areas and prove that they DESERVE to have these businesses in their midst.

“Tell the thugs NO MORE!!!”

Tell the thugs NO MORE!!! You get out of line here and we won’t call the cops, WE’LL kick your butts outta here.

Organize “Baseball Teams”, the main requirements being the possession (on your person) of a bat, ball, helmet and glove and participation in “batting practice”, wherein you learn how to use a bat in constructive and INstructive ways. Each team to be “fielded” with a minimum of 9-2o players on the street at any time and with communication network so that, if an opposing “team” fields a heavy “team”, such as 100 blm, at the grocery store, the home team’s “bench” can be expanded, to meet the need.

The “rules of engagement” being : Show up, in sufficient force, w/ reserve players to discourage an actual game. Do not be the first to Play Ball, but once engaged by the other team, “swing for the fence”, on any opposing “player” that is standing.

“Brevity is the soul of wit,” Many enduring truths are written by people who are far wiser than we and should be oft repeated and followed. In writing my classes, I have always attempted to bring a fresh perspective to the art of revealing, ridiculing and parodying the failings of the poly-tickian (lack of) class that seeks to rule us, U.S.

For instance, I have referred to her (?) Dis-honor, the wind-breaker of the house as the pile of pelosi. BUTT, I must give credit to a former Pastor of ours whose epithet for her(?) was “pollution” AND in his honor , given the 3 tenets of Christian speech, :True, Kind and Necessary and in keeping with the counsel of the Bard, I have decided that (unless there is strong opposition, from the Troops) she (?) will hereinafter be called pollutsi. I invite comment from those who favor “pile of pelosi” and those who favor the all new “pollutsi”.


WHAT NEXT??? The olympic committee is prostituting international sports by permitting kneeling for the National Anthem and other political protests? THROW THE BUMS OUTTA THERE!!!!

EVERYONE should withdraw their support for the olympics, until they either reverse this idiocy or resign, IN DISGRACE!!! As long as blm (bowel liquid movement) participates in, and /or supports violent protests, they, or anyone like them should not be allowed access to any, legitimate venue. They should not be legitimized. As soon as they turn violent, they need to be met with water cannons and tear gas.

If the mid-sixties race-riots, in Washington, the district of criminals, had not cooled off, they would have found themselves facing an emergency-trained contingent of the Army engineer school, from Ft. Belvoir, complete with “bully-boy” squads, to seize agitators and (excellent) snipers, to take out any shooters or other threats and we would have rolled over the mob like professional riot police, taking prisoners but taking no guff, from anyone, which was our stated mission.

We were “locked and loaded “and authorized to use deadly force. THAT is the way all of these scumbags should have been treated, in these recent uprisings.

When the jobama/caca mala regime does employ force, it will be against peaceful, Constitutional protesters and (hopefully, if it happens) it will be the final, “intolerable act” that causes the populace to rise up (hopefully peacefully) against their oppressors and overthrow the leftist regime and return the country to Constitutional rule. That may depend on how far the oppressors have pushed the patriots. Sometimes the zeal of the evil left causes patriots to being pushed too far and react, which (although regrettable) will be no more than they deserve.

I keep seeing where this and that group want to remove all mention of God from public view and discourse. Hey, let’s get this straight! The Constitution guarantees you the right to advertise your OPPO SITION to God, but it does NOT give you the right to infringe on my right to advertise my SUPPORT of God.

“I am not a Biblical scholar but the Constitution is in plain language that even I can understand.” ... Sgt Mack

I can state that unequivocally, as someone who has read it forward, backward, upside down & sideways & I am prepared to debate that question any time, any place and in any, legitimate, forum. I am not a Biblical scholar but the Constitution is in plain language that even I can understand.

So WHADDAYA THINK? Do you trust the jobama-bite-me-caca-mala-pollutsi-upchuck-filthyharry regime NOT to put something vile into the wuhan china vaccine, that will create addicts, so they can control our populace?

I mean, face it jobama is in bed with the chicoms & both regimes (chicom & demoncrap) have the ultimate goal of world domination, which Uncle Sam has been blocking, so how fortuitous is the wuhan virus, putting us all at the mercy of the cabal, demoncraps/chicoms? PLUS all of the pressure to take the shots or be pariahs. Personally, I don’t care if I never kiss anyone but my wife ever, again. AND I’m O.K. with getting take-out food, to sit in the comfort of my car, listening to MY radio, as I eat. So don’t tell ME I need a vaccine passport!!! jobama-bite-me, ad-infinitum-ad-nauseum can STUFF IT!!!

By the way, be alert if people like Hannity and Beck and Prager and I start disappearing, or seem to be moderating our positions. Chances are good that they’ve grabbed us or tried to bring in a ringer. You know the deal, when they came for the Catholics I said nothing, for I wasn’t one, then all thru the other groups I said nothing, until they came for me and there was the sound of crickets, for there was no one left to speak out.

“I am only one Man. I cannot do everything, but I can do SOMETHING!!!”... Sgt Mack

Start NOW organizing the resistance to the leftist tyranny that is replacing our Constitution. Remember: “I am only 1 Man. I cannot do everything but I can do SOMETHING!!!”

DO IT!!! NOW!!! Sorry, this class has been long and rambling, as “stuff” keeps happnin’.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!

GOD bless America and a pox on our enemies, foreign and domestic. COVER!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt Mack Out. leaving the air and closing station. HOOAAAHHH!!!!

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