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Muster Right Here© - Mar 30, 2020
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

Im reading a book, The Death of Liberty. It is a very astute look at the damage that continued influence of the satanic cabal, known as the lib/left, represented by the demoncratic party, would wreak on our society. I highly recommend it for content, but give it very low marks for delivery, as the author (Keith Hickman) ignored all normal requirements of good writing .

Un-COVER!!! (Individual, silent prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!

Mr. Hickman assaults and insults his readers with abominations, such as: ill-regularities instead of irregularities, a gapping hole, instead of a gaping hole, interned instead of interred, rap instead of wrap and your instead of youre. I counted 12 errors, between pages 139 and 205 and that was after I started counting, having observed MANY errors, b-4 starting to count.

Even though I have been proof-reading since elementary school, starting with my Mothers college papers and though I won several spelling bees, in school and successfully corrected one of my high school English teachers, my spell check is always on. Sometimes I have to teach it words, but it guards me against typos, especially when I am rushed. Just now, I typed suucessfully, although I could spell it in my sleep.

Writers need to admit that we are fallible and make use of anything that will assist us in turning out a better product. IF you wish to write, for you own consumption, feel free to follow his lead. If, however, you wish to be read, by the public, PLEASE, learn the English language.

BELIEVE ME, the cabal is ACTIVELY working against the interests of America. ... Sergeant Mack

All of that said, the content is exceptional and I recommend it, for that. It is a Paul Revere-style alert, minus horse. BELIEVE ME, the cabal is ACTIVELY working against the interests of America.

The corona virus aid bill is, apparently, another example of give the demoncrats an inch and theyll take the whole football field, full of add-on pork ( and the demoncrats are full of beans, or worse) and they are STILL trying to besmirch Pres. Trump in any way they can.

fauxcahont-ass (AKA phocahont-ass) and the rest of the cabal are in full demoncr-ass-ic mode and need to be stopped, b-4 they do any MORE damage to the best country in the world that exists, now, has ever existed or WILL ever exist. Our ancestors listened to God and He blessed them and their posterity, us, U.S.

When I see and hear what they are plotting, it gives me an (a violent guy ONLY in self-defense or defense of another) an over-whelming desire to install my boot so far into their methane regions that it would kick any brains they might have into orbit and my foot would require AMPUTATION!!!

I realize that if they are involuntarily demon in-dwelt, they may not be responsible for all of their actions, but I HAVE to believe that no one could be that evil, without volition. So, get out and vote for conservative candidates, so the lives and efforts of the founders will not have been in vain. Support those who support the Constitution, not those who would abolish it.

AND, I never tire of observing the hypocrisy of the left. They criticize Pres. Trump for his uncouth speech, while members of their party are foul-mouthed, to the extreme, including sacred cows, like hitlery klintsky, quid-pro-joe-bite-me and members of the squat . In addition to which, they scream bloody murder, if anyone says anything (which I do, regularly) that is the slightest bit negative about them, which I exceed, regularly, while they make false accusations about any and all of OUR people and waste millions of OUR $$$ on a phony impeachment based on perjured testimony.

The only people who seem to be outraged about this are the people who cant do anything about it. The republirats dont seem to have either the will or the cojones to go after these cesspool sludges. The verbal assaults, on conservatives, have led to physical attacks and cancellation of conservative speaking events, when cowardly or lib/left college regimes wont stand up for CONSERVATIVE free speech.

Getting back to The Death of Freedom, book one, the oppressive anti-Christian leftist regime, eventually, created a situation where in the Christian led non-leftists sought a drastic solution. Id recommend you read the book and call the publisher, with complaints about the mistakes. Maybe the publisher will relay the complaints to the author.

Now, lets look at the demoncrats reaction to the corona virus and its origin. The demoncrats have reacted true-to-form, criticizing the totally reasonable actions Pres. Trump has taken, calling him a xenophobe and other false epithets. schmuck shumer was on radio, recently, saying that the corona virus bill, totally crafted by Republicans, is not good enough.

Of course the o(WHATTA)bummer DOESNT care bill the congress passed so they could, find out whats in itwas a sterling example of statesmanship (according to the demoncrats) even though it cost a WHOLE LOTTA MONEY and caused a WHOLE LOTTA problems for a WHOLE LOTTA people.

Now, lets look at the origin of the wuhan virus. Is there anyone who is so nave to believe that the chicoms would be above creating a biological weapon, infecting their own people with it and sending them out to infect the world? If so, DROP!!! Push em out til I get tired!!!

Remember, in Korea, which side sent wave after wave of banzai attacks, while our troops were melting machine gun barrels and stacking up dead enemy soldiers. I have spoken with Korean War Vets, who were appalled at the inhumane tactics of the chicoms wasting their soldiers, in this manner. Sometimes, our people even had to pull their foxholes in around themselves and call bombardments in on their own positions.

This seems to be a characteristic of asian cultures, a lack of caring about their citizens and (especially) soldiers, which led to the Japanese losing many of their best pilots by sending them up in kites that emphasized performance , and minimized pilot protection, while our pilots could have multiple aircraft shot out from under them and live to score more victories. It was, also, demonstrated in their kamikaze, divine wind program.

So, with that type of attitude emanating from asia, is there any reason to doubt the possibility of the chicoms sacrificing their people to unleash a plague on the world, that they would expect to survive and emerge as the superpower. When you see a history of evil-doing and lies, it should be no stretch to entertain suspicions of MORE evil-doing. Nuff said.

Now a word for those individuals who have made the decision to go armed into the world, like the pistol packing pastor, who took down the scum-bag at Wal-Mart. I heard the Smith & Wesson commercial, wherein they said, Get a 15 round model 58 and leave your x-tra magazines at home. Bravo Sierra!!!

I never saw combat, but always planned that my standard combat load would be every round I could carry and still move well. The last thing you want to hear, in a serious social encounter (and the last thing you are likely to hear) is CLICK! As your weapon goes dry. I have never seen any evidence of pot growth or any other illegal activity on our acreage or been attacked by any wild beast, but (should it happen) CLICK! Is not something I plan to hear.

Especially those who venture into bad areas consider: IF you ever have to defend yourself or family or choose to protect someone else, chances are you will not be able to re-stock, with any rapidity. SO, you should carry as much as you can, and be able to move well.

In our present societal mode, with the demoncrats fomenting unrest, you could be involved in a riot, as was Reginald Denney, whose only offense was to be white, in a race riot.

"Be not eager to use deadly force, but be WILLING to do so, in defense of life or limb." ... Sergeant Mack

Be not eager to use deadly force, but be WILLING to do so, in defense of life or limb. AND NEVER let a good lull in action go to waste. Re-load and save the partial magazine or any spare revolver loads. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. In the former case, you can still defend yourself. In the latter, TOO LATE!!! Youve been MOONED!!! ALSO, remember that the quickest re-load is a back-up weapon, with which you may protect yourself, as you re-load your main battery .

Last, but not least, REMEMBER! Strings of multiple shots are Hollywood, unless: covering fire, for someone to change position or if being charged, by multiple attackers. Otherwise, aim your shots and conserve ammo.

Always remember: the demoncratic hierarchy is, by definition, one of the vilest, most evil forces on earth and everything they do or say should be viewed in that light.

On your FEET!!! UnCOVER!!!

Heavenly Father, thank You for all of the blessings You have showered upon us, totally undeserved. We ask Your continued blessings and guidance. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!!

Sgt Mack Leaving the air and closing station, HOOAAHHH!!!!

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