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Muster Right Here© - Mar 26 2012
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

Once, again, I see that the inmates are running then asylum.

Let us pray that our elected employees (whom "WE THE PEOPLE..." [who are anointed by God, to rule this country] hired, to do the day-to-day business) begin to remember that they (are SUPPOSED TO) work for US!!!, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!

UNCOVER!!!! (silent prayer or contemplation/meditation)

In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

COVER!!! Take SEATS!!!

Before we begin, I have a pearl of wisdom I'd like to impart. Don't know if it is original, but I don't recall having heard it b-4. At this time (& unless advised otherwise) I claim copyright to it and give permission (subject to confirmation of my claim) for anyone to use it, without charge, as long as the use is not for profit.

Anyone wishing to use it for profit must first check for existing copyright (predating 26Mar2012) and I will accept reasonable and customary royalties. It would be great for bumper stickers.

Never trust the LEFT to do what is RIGHT!!!

Now, let's get into unraveling the "tangled web" THEY'VE been weaving, as they've been trying to deceive us, FOR YEARS!!!

As a member of a recognized minority, Sons & Daughters o' Erin (Ireland) I feel discriminated against (and dis-advantaged) by the fact that there are curfews on serving booze.

Everyone knows that we "Micks" are more likely to be hard drinkers than the Hispanics are to not possess a valid I.D. So, if we can't have voter I.D. because the Hispanics would be dis-enfranchised, DOWN WITH BOOZE CURFEWS, because we "Micks" will bloody well sure be THIRSTY!!!

Funny thing, about that I.D. thing, though, my WIFE and (I believe) EVERY other Hispanic I know, who is here LEGALLY!!!, has a bloody I.D. and would be PROUD TO SHOW IT!!!!

So, who are these poor, downtrodden Hispanics for whom it would be such a monumental undertaking, to GET an I.D.?

I WANT TO KNOW!!!, so that I and my THOUSANDS (if not millions) of public spirited, Christian, patriotic citizens can assist them. I will make it a PERSONAL MISSION, to seek out and assist every LEGALLY ENTITLED potential voter, in my area, to come out of the darkness and despair of disenfranchisement (because, without a valid I.D. they are denied so much more than voting, such as renting movies, buying liquor & cigarettes & having a library card) & join their fellow citizens in the full exercise of citizenship, in this great country.

Can I get a HOOAAHHH!!!????

O.K., settle down, the Field 1ST SGT will have a sign-up list, for y'all to show your GENUINE concern for the less fortunate by helping them GET I.D.s

You troops, from other areas, start your own drives. NOW, you people who started all of this Bravo Sierra, put your efforts where your big mouths are & start IDENTIFYING these needy folks, so we can HELP them.

If not, you are LIARS, CHEATS & FRAUDS!!!

I figure it THIS way. If your aim is to DISARM the populace, you must want to do something TO them that can't be done, if they are ARMED!

If you don't want to enforce our immigration laws & make it harder for non-citizens to vote, or for anyone to vote fraudulently, you must want more undocumented democr-ASSES and want to STEAL ELECTIONS, under the motto of, "Vote early, vote OFTEN!!!"

I WANT to be asked for my I.D., when I vote. I'll show my Driver's License, V.A. card, Military I.D. or any combination, thereof.

Then, I want to see everyone else given the same requirement. If it isn't important enough to be able to prove you have the RIGHT to vote (legitimately) then it isn't important enough (to you) to be ABLE to vote.

AND I WANT ALL CANDIDATES who want me to HIRE THEM, by voting them into positions of public trust to be REQUIRED TO PROVE THEY ARE QUALIFIED, by age, citizenship, residency AND ANY OTHER REQUIREMENTS!!!


(Extended pandemonium, including HOOAAHHH!!!s)


Now let's look at the actions of the naacp (AKA, North American assembly (of) confidence (persons) (and) pickpockets, AKA, narcissistic anti-American carping prevaricators, AKA, no-goodnicks anti-all constuctive progress) in this matter.

This bunch of super-twits has chosen to file charges against the Fortress of Freedom, to which oppressed people form all over the WORLD flee for sanctuary and are DAMNED GLAD TO GET HERE!!!

In what forum have they chosen to air their vitriol and spew their cesspool sludge? How about the u.n. commission on "human rights", which (last time I looked) included (past & present) such bastions of human rights as "...People's Republic of China, Zimbabwe, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan...", "...and the past memberships of Algeria, Syria, Libya, Uganda and Vietnam..." "These countries had extensive records of human rights violations, and one concern was that by working against resolutions on the commission condemning human rights violations, they indirectly promoted despotism and domestic repression."

"On May 4, 2004, United States ambassador Sichan Siv walked out of the Commission following the uncontested election of Sudan to the commission, calling it an "absurdity" in light of Sudan's ethnic cleansing in the Darfur region." Quotes from Wikipedia.

Now, EQUALLY ABSURD, is the naacp taking the issue of legitimizing elections by the requirement of a picture I.D. to this "commission" which UNDOUBTEDLY includes (past & present) some of the most corrupt, evil regimes ever to VIOLATE human rights.

Many of them make the imperial barack hussein o(whatta)bummer regime seem tame,according to past history, but REMEMBER, Troops, the chosen one got a nobel prize based on what he was GOING TO DO, most likely including reshaping the United States of America into some sort of socialist cesspool that would make his socialist buddies PROUD!!!

Now, looking at that "honor" role, my question is, "Is that a hand to draw to? Do YOU want these 'upstanding ladies and gentlemen' deciding ANYTHING having to do with the United States?"

If your answer is , "Yes!" DROP!!! PUSH 'EM OUT 'TIL I GET TIRED!!!!

If, on the other hand, you breathe oxygen, & said, "Not NO, but HE77 NO!!!", then you go stand on the backs of those dysfunctional, mis-aligned, mal-adjusted misanthropes, so that they either get their minds right or get REALLY strong.

They'll need it, for some of the details I have in mind for them. While they are sweating out those details y'all & I will attend a "Stand To" (some place comfortable) after duty hours, of course.

(UNDERSTAND THIS!!! My opinion of the naacp & their present inexcusable action is IN NO WAY RACIALLY MOTIVATED!!!)

I have just seen too many things and people they have supported that are anti- just about everything God and the founders intended for this country to have ANY faith in them and ESPECIALLY when their actions are so blatantly WRONG!!!

Martin Luther King (may he rest in peace) was, allegedly, a serial adulterer and may have not been a good example of a minister but, from what I have seen, his civil rights agenda was pretty pure.

Since his death, I believe there has been a definite decline in the leadership of the naacp, to the point at which I cannot accord them "Caps" for their name. Nuff said!

HOLD ON!!! This just in, from the Political Insanity Division!!! rick santorum (to whom I accorded capital letters, until now) is reported to have endorsed o(whatta)bummer, over mitt romney (whom I dislike, but for whom I may have to hold my nose and vote).

The endorsement was (allegedly) a kind of left-handed shot, in which he (allegedly) said that it wouldn't be good to vote for someone who wouldn't be much different from the incumbent and made his repeated reference to romney's "etch a sketch" likeness.

ANY "conservative" who compares any other professed conservative (negatively) to a proven socialist, is deserving of contempt and I MUST withdraw my support for them.

Jeb Bush, your country is calling you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If mitt romney wins the conservative nomination, he will become Mitt Romney, by acclaim and I WILL support him for President, because another 4 years of the barack hussein o(whatta)bummer regime might be the end of this country. Heaven forbid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If romney begins to spout things that belong in science fiction (as I have heard the book of mormon described) we'll have to deal with that, but the continuing encroachment on and wearing away of our God given rights has to STOP!!! And he seems to be the best alternative.

The only solution is to sweep & shovel the cesspool sludge out of the district of criminals and start over. Maybe we can get it right, THIS time.

We' better pray so, because I think HE is losing patience with us.

I have other work to do, so that covers it, for this class.

Your assignments haven't changed: Recruit more members to the class, spread the word and The Word (remember this IS "One nation under God...") remembering that we are a Constitutional, Representative Republic and only by faithful adherence to the Unanimous Declaration and the Constitution (READ them OFTEN & ask questions as needed. We're HERE for you.) can we remain free.

Section Chiefs, prepare to take charge, after dismissal.

On your FEET!!!


Heavenly Father, I come with my brothers and sisters to, again, rest our concerns on You. pWe ask that You strengthen us for the coming battles and enlighten the unbelievers. Help us to serve as examples of your people to the world & let our country shine as the "City on the Hill." In all things I thank and praise You and, especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

God bless y'all & God bless AMERICA!!!


Sgt. Mack, out. Closing station & leaving the air.

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