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Muster Right Here - Mar 21 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Think about it,Troops!!! What (rational, thinking) person would go so blatantly against their solemn oath, the constitution and their employers, creating one of the most divisive controversies of our time? Who would profit from such an upheaval in our society.

I can only see 2 categories: 1) Those Earthly foes who want to weaken us (U.S.) in preparation for a take-over of our country & 2) Someone who is under the influence of a foul demon from hell (or IS, personally, such a demon) and doing everything within their power to weaken the main force for good, on this planet, as well as the best friend of Israel.

It is my, considered, opinion that (if this obamanation passes) it WILL be the work of demons from hell and I, therefore, propose that the sleazy, slime ball, lying, backstabbing, corrupt method of the sleazy, slime ball, lying, backstabbing, corrupt POLI (poly, meaning many) TICIANS (tick-ians, meaning having the characteristics of a blood-sucking vermin) shall, in this one instance be called The DEMON Pass Rule & that exorcisms be performed on the persons & offices of all of the minions of the dark side who are committing this obamanation.

If a religious exorcism is not successful in consigning them to hell, them we need a secular exorcism, in November. For those involved, hell would be losing their phony-baloney jobs, with all of the "perqs" & privileges &, actually, having to work for a living.

Spread THE WORD (& the word) & educate your neighbors. God bless y'all, our Troops in harm's way & all other guardians & God bless America!!! HOOAH!!!

Sgt.Mack out closing station & leaving the air.

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