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Muster Right Here - Mar 14 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Mission order, 14Mar2010:

Part 1) The Rotary of Porterville Spring Ball Committee has mis-placed the 2009 Queen. Several of the palace guards have been terminated (no,I didn't say fired) over this significant oversight.

The mission is: Locate and request that H.M. Linore Shuleto contact anyone from the Ball Committee. Info msgs. can be left at 559/329-7735. We need this info to send the Limo to convey Queen Linore to the 2010 Ball where she reigns until she crowns her successor.

Part 2A) The congress & mr.obama are about to pull yet ANOTHER fast one on their employers.

In response to the OVERWHELMING rejection of the obamanation of "health care 'reform' ", the house has (reportedly) written a rule (drafted by the democrassic majority) that a vote to formally discuss the senate version is a vote to enact it, thereby allowing these slime balls to return to their districts and have plausible deniability, in the face of the "lynch mobs of the unwashed masses", which would ACTUALLY be CITIZEN COURTS that should HANG THE S.O.B.s.

UNDERSTAND ME!!! I DO NOT refer to Democrats! If I capitalize it, it is a term of respect & HAS NOTHING to do with these misanthropes. Democrats may be mis-guided but are NOT EVIL!!! The employees to which I refer, herein, ARE EVIL. They are not connected with the legitimate functions of government, except accidentally, as a stopped clock is right twice every day, although the subjects, herein, aren't even that good.

The mission is: Look in your mirror and ask yourself, "How STUPID am I? Am I stupid enough (to include LAZY or PATHETIC, because if you stay plopped in front of the electronic pacifier & let them get away with this, you ARE PATHETIC) to let them get the camel's nose (although this time it's the ass's nose) under the tent? Do I REALLY want to have a lap full of stinking ass?

The ass (in it's proper place) is a noble animal & worthy of respect but do I want to have a whole bunch of FILTHY ASSES, into my business & personal life?"

If you ask & answer these questions and don't get busy & fight this obamanation, you might as well bend over & kiss your a-- goodbye. Additionally, don't EVER tell ANYONE that you were EVER one of my Troops.You'll be lying.

Part 2B) If you have passed the test in 2A, it's time to kick some butts. Call, write, e mail, text, take out ads, however you can, let your representatives know that you are onto their lying, cheating scheme &, if they persist, you will mount a recall effort to remove them from office NOW!!! Be polite, but plain-spoken. Some of these people are only there because they are too stupid or lazy to hold an honest job.This only applies to those who support obaminations like this.

Now, I realize that some of you are in districts that are MIS-REPRESENTED by "people" (and I use the term VERY loosely, as the editor would not print what I'm thinking, God forgive me) like the senators from the left coast, california. These people are unregenerate obaminations & are beyond any, Earthly, improvement. After, once, making your position clear to them, leave them to God, or satan & concentrate on helping others whose reps may be saved.

Now some of you may criticize my depiction of these "people" & the crime against their employers that they are attempting to perpetrate.That's O.K. I'm a sinner & subject to question. As you question me, remember the 3 tenets of Christian speech. (If you can find a fourth, let me know.)

"Is it true?" Every indication I can find says it is, & they're up to even more that we don't know. "Is it kind?" Ohhh,yeah! When you consider what I, with my extensive vocabulary of socially un-acceptable terms of "endearment", might have said, & had to erase, when I DID, it's MORE than kind.

"Is it necessary?" If you can (knowing the nature of these beasts & what they're capable of doing) even ask that, turn in your uniform. You aren't one of mine.

O.K., you have your assignments. Let's see some action!!! God bless y'all, our Troops in harm's way & the other guardians (Quiet shift or tour & go home safely) & God bless America!!! HOOOAH!!!

Sgt.Mack,out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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