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Print | The Demoncratic Party Revealed + Selected Short Subjects
Muster Right Here© - Mar 12, 2020
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Against the sage advice of The Chosen One, barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer, the demoncrats have come out of the closet and revealed that they ARE, in fact, a part of the world-wide socialist/communist conspiracy, to destroy the United States of America. AGAIN, no insult, to the rank and file party members, only to the power elite.

Un-COVER!!! (Individual prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!! COVER! SEATS!

It isnt surprising that the uber liar-in-chief would advise his followers to conceal their true identities, until it was time for the glorious revolution, when the workers of the world unite and throw of the oppression of freedom, with its burdens of making choices and risks of failure. How much easier to surrender your free will, to the control of socialist/communist cabal, who will relieve you of the burden of money, by taking it from you ( for your own good, of course) and ordering your entire life, if youll just be smart enough to give them ultimate power.

Crazy bernie, quid-pro-joe-bite-me, the squat, the pile of pelosi, etc. are all fellow travelers of the movement (of the bowels of the earth) and working (actively) against our interests. The only person in the whole donnybrook of the Presidential election who has a proven track record of doing things to advance the condition of our citizens and those of the rest of humanity is President Donald J. Trump, who was not my first choice for President. I still dont approve of all he says, but facts are inescapable, for those of us who possess any semblance of sanity.

President Trump has fulfilled promises that MANY presidents, from both parties didnt and has done it in record time, despite resistance from both sides.

As I heard someone say on radio, he has fulfilled promises he didnt even make, specifically, just generally, when he took the oath to represent us (U.S.) as President of the most powerful nation on earth. He has fulfilled promises that MANY presidents, from both parties didnt and has done it in record time, despite resistance from both sides.

We were 1 demoncratic regime away from being totally transformed into something I would NEVER have believed possible and it will require his next term and someone in his footsteps, before I will believe that we have dodged the bullet that has been fired at us by the international cabal.

And, speaking of international cabals, what 2 former enemies are cozying up and being abetted by the pope? According to the Philadelphia Trumpet, just read, germany and france are the new lovers and being blessed by the pope, who uses the freedom of speech, purchased by our blood and treasure, to criticize the nation that has done more to improve the human condition than any 10 other nations, in the world.

Now, I have no objection to freedom of speech. I couldnt express my super politically incorrect opinions without it. To the best of my knowledge and belief Ive not (yet) been assassinated for them or even censored, although the wrong regime in power could certainly change that.

I DO, however, feel that there is something of biting the hand that feeds you, when people who are dependent on us (U.S.) for the world stability that allows them to conduct their everyday lives and (even) spout their ridiculous blather, feel free to criticize us (U.S.) with the expectation that we will continue to protect them.

It is similar to a situation I saw, at my job, wherein a non-union employee was critical of the union. After listening to his blather, for an interminable time, the guys around him (rather forcefully) reminded him that the conditions under which he worked, as well as the salary he received were because of the efforts of those union people he was bad-mouthing . Surprisingly enough, he shut up.

Too bad that the world leaders who have benefitted from the support of the U.S. havent the class to communicate their criticisms to us, while not GOSSIPING about us. So why dont I follow my own advice? Simple. Unlike them, I owe nothing to anyone outside my country. WE have more than repaid any efforts by anyone else that benefitted us (U.S.).

And, as long as Im exercising my 1st Amendment F.O.S. (Freedom Of Speech) it is long past time that someone attacked that sacred cow of the left, over-protection of the rights of juvenile offenders. It has been decided that the suspects in the Porterville Library fire CANNOT be (as they should be) prosecuted as adults, even for murder, because of a legislative travesty called s.b.1391, which prohibits society from dealing, justly, with little monsters, who commit monstrous crimes.

This ill-considered, left-begotten, product of the cess-pool sludge has made our citizenry (INCLUDING THE NON-CRIMINAL CHIIIILDREN) potential victims of misanthropic monsters whose only connection with humanity is the accident of their birth!!! AND, it institutionalizes the ability of the criminal organizations to continue to corrupt kids who MIGHT have turned out normally without their evil influence.

It has long been known that organized crime uses under-age minions to commit crimes that would take adults out of circulation, because the bleeding heart liberals will bleat, But theyre chiiiildren!!! and block proper application of justice. Now it has been codified into law, that chiiildren can be little monsters, with the protection of the state of californication.

The fact that the bleeding hearts have managed to achieve this, ACTUALLY, has placed more chiiildren at risk, because they can be seduced into crime by adults who use the slap-on-the-wrist juvenile policies to persuade nave kids that they arent risking much for big rewards AND, they become victims of the monster chiiildren who are protected from consequences, by the broken legal (but not moral) system.

We ALREADY had sodom and gomorrah (l.a. and san francisco, more accurately described as la la land and san franfecesco) so, now the left wants to declare open season on the citizenry, by unleashing a protected class of criminals on us.

With this trend, I can foresee a law that a citizen must ascertain the age of an attacker, BEFORE defending ones self or family, because youd BETTER NOT harm an under-age assailant or YOU will incur the full wrath of the (warped and basterdized) LAW!!!

We have seen special laws passed, as the result of heinous crimes against individuals, such as Megans Law. Now we need one named for Figueroa and Jones, the Figueroa/Jones Juvenile Accountability Law that will make young people aware that they ARE accountable to society and we either need to use it to overturn s.b. 1391, or get it done by the new 9th Circuit (no longer circus) Court.

Not Nuff said, but something else is sticking in my craw & Id better get it out!

I keep hearing the demoncrats calling Pres. Trump incompetent. Now THAT burns my butt as badly as a fire, with a 4ft flame!!! Lets review the recent history of incompetence (and incompeTENTS) in the demoncratic party. Lets start with lyndon the bane of the military johnson, who was taking money under false pretenses (as commander-in chief) while I was an Army grunt. He (infamously) bragged that the Air Force couldnt bomb an outhouse, without his permission, then his secretary of defense (according to my information) announced that we were going to bomb some anti-aircraft(SAM) missile sites, giving the north viets an opportunity to replace the missiles with painted telephone poles and ambush our aircraft, causing extensive loss of life. Can you say criminal incompetence and stupidity or treason? I knew you could.

Then how about the jimmy carter iran hostage crises, where he dithered around and launched a totally criminally stupid rescue attempt getting more of our people killed, when the Israelis (who had a history of successful hostage rescue, as I recall) had offered their help? Fortunately, the Cowboy was elected and the iranians chose not to futz around, with Uncle Sam and released the hostages. Do we even need to (cuss or) discuss the beelzabubba regime and how he diminished the prestige of the U.S., around the world? Or his NASTY wife?

Or the fundamentally transforming barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer regime, with myriad lies and predictions of doom and gloom about lost jobs not coming back, embrace the suck and You have to pass the (o[WHATTA]bummer [DOESNT] care) bill, to find out whats in it. I KNEW what was in it. From cesspool sludge, you get MORE cesspool sludge!!!

So, Pres. Trump has brought a buttload of jobs back, improved the lot of just about all of the citizenry, and fulfilled promises of demoncrat and republican presidents. So, when the demoncrats point the accusatory finger of incompetence at Pres. Trump, they LITERALLY have AT LEAST 3 fingers pointing back at them.

  From his lips to Gods ears ...
This will NEVER be a socialist country!!!

From his lips to Gods ears, This will NEVER be a socialist country!!! at least while there are patriots like Donald Trump and thousands upon thousands of military and veterans who are ready to STAND TO!!! and repel enemies, foreign and domestic, who would threaten our homes, families and God-given freedoms.

I heard a russian general make the statement that they NEVER intended to invade us (U.S.) because were just too violent. Good call, comrade, just hope that the present-day cesspool sludge realize that a WHOLE LOTTA combat-trained and a bunch of combat-vet people have bullets with YOUR NAMES on them, should you attempt to violate our borders or the sanctity of our freedom AND we have a WHOLE LOTTA crack-shots, to deal with you crack pots, so be smart. Stay away and stay ALIVE!!!

AND GOOD ONYA, Pres. Trump, for refusing to legitimize the (pile of) pelosis anti-social, anti-American behavior, by attending her(?) phony St. Pats party and giving her another opportunity, to spout her cesspool sludge. If I were to give her(?) anything, it would be the hairy knuckled middle digit or (as the Irish say) The back o me hand!, which I would, immediately, disinfect, followed by the rest of my body, for everyone knows cesspool sludge splatters!

And YES, these statements fulfill the tenets of Christian Speech, because I know them to be TRUE! They are KIND, compared to what I COULD say. And they are NECESSARY, to try to educate the thousands of our countrymen (and women) who are still blindly swallowing the kool-aide of the lib/left/socialist/communists and other anti-Americans.

Now, b-4 I sign off, KUDOS, to the county road crew, who filled the pot-holes I spent my 73rd birthday paint-marking, up around Hot Springs and if the Building Inspector who stopped & said Hi. had anything to do with the rapid response, Thank You, Sir!!! Id like to invite the public to join the PMP, The Pot-hole Marking Patrol.

Not that I want Yall out there physically marking them. I am blessed to have been able to afford a paint-marking stick, at Lowes (about $25) and up-side-down marking paint (Wal-Mart, about $7) and am spry enough to do the marking & 5 11 & 180#, so the critters dont bother me, but ANYONE can carry a note pad & pen/pencil and make note of the location (proximity to a mile marker is good, even miles on the uphill travel & miles on the downhill trip) and call the road crew.

(782-4794 is the book # , or county Supervisors 636-5000 and give them kudos on a job well-done. Everyone likes to feel appreciated.) They are neither omniscient or omnipresent , neither here, nor all-knowing, so they cant fix what they dont know is broken. Be their eyes! Enlightened self-interest says your ride will be smoother AND you may avoid alignment charges or broken wheel bearings, which we have had.

IF you can, physically mark them, I recommend at least a 2-3 apron b-4 the hole and the vertical edge on the opposite side. Hopefully it will show up, when the hole is filled with water. How ever you can help, thanks. Just be careful, out there.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, thank You for the discernment You have granted to those of us who can see, clearly, the PITfalls that line our paths and the freedom You have given us (U.S.) to try to reach and teach those who are still blind. We ask that You continue to give us the words to speak and them the ears to hear and eyes to see. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!

Sgt Mack Leaving the air and closing station, HOOAAHHH!!!!

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