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Print | Supercilious Super Twit Angers Arizonans
Muster Right Here© - Mar 10 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Take SEATS!!!

I regret the circumstances that required me to call you back to class, so soon.

Sometimes the epitomization (is that a word? well it is now) of "You cain't FIX STOOPID" or "Intelligence is limited, stupidity is endless", calls for sacrifices.

Maybe I should have made that "Super-silly-a$$ Super Twit". I am hoping that what I heard was (at best) the result of ignorance & (at worst) the result of stupidity & I hope the citizens of Arizona ARE angry & retaliate.

In response to the campus shooting, in Arizona, and a suggestion that over (age) 21 concealed carry permittee students and faculty be allowed to carry firearms on campus, this super silly-a$$ twit (anne mariucci) from the Arizona board of regents said she would hope that, in a college setting, people could resolve problems by debate, rather than violence. WELL, DUHHH!!!

Gee, I would HOPE that everyone could get together, join hands & sing hymns, but if I see someone committing acts of violence, I want some thing more than good wishes & thoughts, to deal with them.

I want this super twit to carry a police scanner & keep a jet chopper on standby &, the next time there is violence taking place, I want her to go there & find the perpetrator(s) & say, "Yoohoo, Mister/Ms. Terrorist/Thug/Psychotic/or whatever special name you call yourself, would you PULEEZE put down your AK/shotgun/machete/butcher knife/club/pistol/lead pipe or hammer & let me have discourse with you? Come on, put it down. Let me have it!!!"

I, especially, want her to use the phrase,"Let me have it!!!" I think she'll GET it & THAT will contribute to intelligent discourse on the subject.

She said she doesn't think you fight fire with fire. She could have stopped with "I don't think..." because anyone who proposes any other way to stop someone who is firing AT PEOPLE, DOESN'T THINK!!!!

"I DON'T THINK (no,you don't think, Sgt. Mack said that) that bringing guns on campuses is the image of the peaceful, civil discourse that universities are supposed to be about."

Maybe not, but contrast THESE IMAGES: Students & faculty, discreetly armed, going about the business of teaching & learning, in good order. NOW picture that same campus littered with dead & dying teachers & students (AS HAS HAPPENED) whose lives have been ended by a combination of a psycho or terrorist, etc. and a CRIMINALLY STUPID administration who are so blindly dedicated to their own flower-child agenda that they refuse the evidence of THEIR OWN EYES & keep their people vulnerable!!!

Actually, the ONLY INTELLIGENT RESPONSE, to someone who is trying to kill people is BANG!!!!

Arizona Citizens, CARRY (no pun intended) ON!!!

The only (legitimate) people who carry weapons, with the avowed intent of killing people are military people who are sent out (as a last resort, when all else fails) on a "search & destroy" mission.

I have known people who have been sent & not ONE of them looked for ward to or looked back on, the taking of human life with any joy. They may have looked forward to eliminating a force that was killing their own or civilians or taken satisfaction in the successful mission, but not in killing for killing's sake.

I am fairly sure that the Troops who took out uday & qusay exchanged "high-fives", when their identities were established, not because they had killed them, but because the gruesome two-some was out of the business of killing & maiming innocents. Had they surrendered, as did their father, I believe they would have been transported to the stockade, in the same condition as when they surrendered.

The vast majority of our Troops only carry weapons for EMERGENCY USE, if attacked, preferring (and under orders) to use force as the last resort.

So it is with the millions of peaceful, law-abiding citizens who carry FOR EMERGENCY PROTECTION. They ain't lookin' for trouble, but trouble shouldn't look for THEM.

I'm blessed that none of my firearms has ever been used against any person. God grant it is always so, but I understand the concept behind EMERGENCY PROTECTION & I'd bet that ANYONE who has EVER had their life or lives of loved ones threatened, wished AT THAT MOMENT they had been carrying. I know I did.

In an ideal world, Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, 9/11, the sinking of the Lusitania, the Armenian Genocide & any number of horrific happenings wouldn't have happened, but until Jesus returns & establishes His Kingdom On Earth, IT AIN'T AN IDEAL WORLD!!!

There will STILL be murders, rapes, robberies, kidnappings, etc, & " the authorities" are powerless to stop it, short of mind-control & I ain't goin' there.

The stats are available, for anyone who wishes to be informed. The greatest, single deterrent to crime is the individual, armed citizen, as detailed by John Lott in "More Guns,Less Crime",etc. & by Professor Gary Kleck, Democrat professor of criminology, whose many research publications confirm John Lott's findings.

With all due respect to the police, you can't ( & shouldn't) have a cop on every corner, looking over your shoulder, but the citizenry are every where & THAT'S where crime happens, whenever & wherever the cops AREN'T!!! Criminals, psychos & fanatics AIN'T THAT STUPID!!!

So, the bottom line is that, while the "intelligentsia", in their "ivory towers" & "ivied halls" spout their leftist agendas & utopian idiocy, those of us who are TRUTH TELLERS are going to continue to expose their cesspool sludge.

Anyone who, IN FEAR OF THEIR LIFE OR THE LIFE OF ANOTHER, takes out some miscreant has done a service to humanity and I applaud them. They WILL have saved a future victim. HOOAHH!!!

I applaud their willingness to take on the responsibility of life & death decisions & pray that they will always be right & successful. The additional bottom line is that ALL people, THROUGHOUT the COUNTRY need to stand up & say, "NO MORE!!! IF YOU DON'T CARE ENOUGH TO MAKE THE NECESSARY CHANGES SO OUR PEOPLE AREN'T SLAUGHTERED, WE WILL!!!"

Either vote these people out of office or boycott their institutions. If people drop out & tell them why, they WILL be smart enough, or greedy enough, to see their income declining & DO WHAT NEEDS DOING!!!

In states where the initiative/referendum process exists, get it on the ballot.

If all else fails, start private academies or do correspondence courses. SHUT THEM DOWN!!!

There is, already sufficient data to prove a severe left-wing bias in "higher education" (maybe they are TOO HIGH to educate) so let this be the beginning of the end, for the socialist-agenda'd "educational" elite.

O.K. I've taken enough of your time, for one class session & I have a life.

Assignment: Verify any info you wish. If you find me factually wrong, TELL ME!!! Otherwise, implement the plans I have set out.

ON your FEET!!!

Heads bowed or, otherwise, respectfully silent.

Heavenly Father, we come b-4 You to ask Your help in protecting the helpless & in changing the hearts of those who we have hired to do our business. If we are wrong, please tell us & help us to submit to Your will. Otherwise, please give us the strength & wisdom to do what is necessary. We ask Your blessings on our country & our guardians, a safe shift/tour for them. In all things we thank & praise You &, especially, I thank You for the gift & sacrifice of Your Son. Jesus Christ, in whose name I pray, & all of my Troops said, HOOAHHH!!!

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